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Call me Brave, I'm twenty three years old and I'm a LESBIAN.
Just because I'm a lesbian doesn't mean that I hate men so if you are a good man and know how to respect a woman then feel free to send me a friend request.
I'm not here for dating or relationship things, I'm here just to share my stories. I always try to reply all my messages but if you are sending me stupid dirty messages talking about your cock then don't expect me to reply you. I might not block you but I will totally ignore you if you talk dirty to me. I'm not here for sex chat or something.

███████████▶ ⓦⓡⓘⓣⓔⓡ ◀███████████


I Joined Lush in October 2012 but my stories got rejected because of my bad English so I left lush. After a year I came back and my first story got published in November 2013. After that I got 50+ stories published and earned my ★ AUTHOR 50 ★ Badge.
In past five months I got millions of read and earned my ★ Millionaire's Club ★ badge which made me really happy and I thank all my readers.

IMPORTANT ▶ My most read erotica is "THE DIRTY DAUGHTER" with 400,000+ reads, you can find it on google as 'the dirty daughter - booksiesilk'

I have been writing from past four to five years and have written over 600 stories, novels and poems. I write about almost everything like incest, teachers, office sex, husband-wife, prostitute, cam girls, MILF, lesbian, sex slaves, seduction, reluctance, bondage, threesome, solo, drama, crime, horror, suspense, romance and so many other tags.

My writing are mostly based on a plot than just sex, I like to write details but details about the environment/scene not just sex. My vocabulary is not good so sometimes I lack in explaining what I really have in my mind.

███████████▶ CRITICISM ◀███████████

Because of my bad English I have faced a lot of criticism. I'm not really trying to be a professional write but if I end up being one than it would be good too. I try hard to learn and write good but as no body is paying me and we are not paying anybody to get our stories published so may be I don't try as hard as I should.
I'm here to just tell a story and if you get it even with a little bit grammatical errors then it's good but I'm also not denying that good English would make my stories a little better.
I know my English is bad, in fact very bad so you don't need to tell it on my every story. If you have anything else to say about my stories feel free to comment.

████████████▶ TWITTER ◀███████████

You can follow me on twitter @BraveBitch_

▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▶ LIKES ◀▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒

I like writing, watching Adult themed movies, and lots of porn.
My favorite movies are
Room in Rome
The girlfriend experience
9 to 5 days in porn
The dreamers
nine and half weeks
nine songs
All movies of 'Tinto Brass'
and many more.

My favorite color is BLACK and... well that's enough LOL!
Enjoy my writings and don't forget to Score and comment on them.

Brave Bitch
Date Joined:
16 Oct 2012
Last Visit:
23 Apr 2014
Relationship Status:
Writing Erotica, listening to music, watching porn, tweeting
Favorite Books:
I love my own work "THE DIRTY DAUGHTER" is my favorite you can google it to read for FREE
Favorite Authors:
There are a couple of people whose writings I liked, they all were non-erotica writer, and now they don't write anymore.
Favorite Movies:
any erotic drama/thriller/love story and good if it's about lesbians or affairs.
Favorite Music:
I love Britney spears, 50 cent and Taylor swift. no need to tell I fucking love EMINEM
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Topic: The Incest Category is going to be removed
Posted: 19 Apr 2014 13:56

-If I go to > My stories > edit > and along with the story, if I change the title of the story, too, then will it show as a new story or will it be same -but with a different title- and won't loose its read counts and score?

-Writing a story about role play incest like, a girl calling her man 'daddy', does it also count under INCEST?

-Stories under different categories but they have mild INCEST contents (getting caught/spying), would they be removed too?

Topic: The Incest Category is going to be removed
Posted: 19 Apr 2014 07:48

I just hope that I don't loose my badges because I have earned them as a writer. Now that LUSH is removing incest stories, it shouldn't affect what I have earned here. I have earned those badges because of the people who read my stories. If LUSH has taken a decision of removing this category then it's totally fine, but I would be really disappointed if I loose my achievements here.

Topic: The Incest Category is going to be removed
Posted: 19 Apr 2014 07:23

Most of my stories are written under the 'Incest' category because I felt that people like to read them more.
Well anyways, my questions is when you will delete/hide the stories then will I loose my badges of 'famous story' Millionaires club' and 'Author 50' ?

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Secret Affairs: with my friend's son - Part 14

Having phone sex with my friend’s son made my night. I came very hard and had hot dreams about him. In the morning, Adam called me and this time I didn’t avoid his call. “Hey,” I said in my soft seductive voice. “Hi, how was your night?” Adam asked. I wanted to tell him that I had hot dreams about him, but then I just said, “Amazing.” “Yeah, It was an amazing night,” Adam agreed with...

Added 22 Apr 2014 | Category MILF | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,041 | 4 Comments

MILF stories: my toy boy and the young maid

After cumming in my pussy, seventeen and half years old, Ronald, lay down next to me. In the beginning, he was shy and didn’t know much about sex, but in past six months I had taught him everything. I was old enough to be his mother; I was thirty-nine years old, but now he fucked me hard like a street whore. “What are you doing this Saturday?” I asked, as I caught my breath after a...

Added 20 Apr 2014 | Category MILF | Votes 26 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 6,195 | 14 Comments

Secret Affairs: with my friend's son - Part 13

“Hello,” Annie said looking at Adam. “Hi,” Adam replied and he looked at me. “He is my friend Rachel’s son, Adam,” I introduced them. “And she is my niece, Annie.” Annie smiled looking at Adam and they shook hands. Annie had no idea that this young guy was fucking me hard a few minutes before her arrival. “I should leave now,” Adam said getting up. “Yeah, let me get my keys,” I...

Added 12 Apr 2014 | Category MILF | Votes 27 | Avg Score 5 | Views 10,037 | 9 Comments

Secret Affairs: with my friend's son - Part 12

Adam’s words started making me wet. I could already imagine myself standing in front of him, waiting for him to fuck me. “And then what happened?” I asked, as I leaned back on the couch and spread my legs a little. My hand reached down under my skirt and I was still looking at Adam, who was looking outside the window. He had no idea that I had started rubbing my pussy hearing his dirty...

Added 05 Apr 2014 | Category MILF | Votes 28 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 10,513 | 11 Comments

Secret Affairs: with my friend's son (part-11)

“Hey, Rachel,” I said picking up the phone. “Hi, Jennifer,” she replied but sounded worried. “What happened?” I asked. “Adam went to see his friends but haven’t come back, and you see the weather is getting worse, too,” Rachel said. I was thinking about what to tell Rachel. Should I tell her that her son was with me in my bed or should I tell her that I also didn’t have any idea...

Added 28 Mar 2014 | Category MILF | Votes 26 | Avg Score 5 | Views 15,455 | 7 Comments

Secret Affairs: with my friend's son (part-10)

Adam woke up and asked, “What?” “Your mom is coming home in an hour. Get up,” I said getting out of the bed. “Go to your room, and get ready to welcome your mom,” I said, mentioning that he couldn’t have a shower with me because then we would be having sex again and his mom might caught us too. I went into the bathroom. After taking shower I came out of the bathroom and didn’t find Adam...

Added 22 Mar 2014 | Category MILF | Votes 18 | Avg Score 5 | Views 10,199 | 5 Comments

I’m a slut : A dare to fuck a stranger on the highway

“Would you like to fuck me?” I asked bending over the car’s window and looking into the eyes of the man sitting in driver’s seat. He was in his mid thirties and dressed in formal black suit with white shirt. “Sorry, I don’t have sex with prostitutes,” he said looking at my tits inside my top through the neck line. “I’m not a prostitute,” I said. “You see those people over there,” I...

Added 19 Mar 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.63 | Views 7,753 | 3 Comments

My friend’s hot dad fucked me

Anna and I had been friends for over a year. I met her parents a few months ago when she threw a surprise birthday party on my eighteenth birthday at her house and her parents were there too. They gave me a nice dress as my birthday present. From day one I felt like Anna’s dad, Mr. Wright, was attracted to me but I couldn’t do anything about it and talking about this to Anna was very awkward. ...

Added 17 Mar 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 30 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 21,698 | 13 Comments

Cum and Cookies

I saw him again, with his books spreading over a small table and himself sitting in a chair he was studying in his backyard. I went to the wall that separated our backyards and I bent over it. I called his name. He looked at me, starred at my cleavage and I smiled looking at him. He was eighteen, a little shy with lots of dirty thoughts in his mind. My cleavage was enough to make his...

Added 11 Mar 2014 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 28 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 5,929 | 7 Comments

I'm your fantasy woman

You sit next to me Because you find me hot You don’t pay attention to the teacher And wonder if I’m a virgin or not You want to fuck me You like me in skirt You wish you could be alone with me And rip off my shirt. I’m your class mate and your fantasy woman. *** You find me slutty And always offer me a ride You wonder about my thongs And want me spread my legs wide ...

Added 08 Mar 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 1,083 | 16 Comments

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