Straight Sex(3)


In My Truck

Once again it was Saturday night and i needed to see my lady friend, discreetly of course

Once again it was Saturday night, 8pm and as usual I was on my computer, not to mention I was horny as hell and really needed to taste some cunt. There was no point in trying to get the wife to fuck, it was just not going to happen. So I opened up my Hotmail to see if my lady friend was online and see if she was alone and wanted some company. I sent my message : Hi, how are you? How are...Read On


I Sneak Out To See Her

I have met this woman a few times before and now we try to meet again

I have known this woman for a few years, we have been emailing each other discreetly for some time. There have been a few Saturday nights where we will find each other on our computers, with her hubby being in their house and my wife in our house while we talk to each other of how we are going to meet secretly again. If you have ever done this, you will know how hot this can be. This...Read On


My First Call Girl

This is a story about my first experience with a call girl

I had never fucked any other woman besides my wife and our sex life wasn’t the greatest. I was really getting to the point where I needed to be with a woman that I could touch. Then the opportunity finally came, my wife was going away for the weekend with her friends. My mind started to think, what can I do, so then I browsed the net and came upon a site of a local Agency. I then got...Read On