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I'm Buz, a southerner and UGA graduate, now married to the girl that used to break my heart over and over again. She now has my name tattooed on her ass. I'm an outdoor activity freak who works in the corporate world. I believe in helping those less fortunate and building a better community. My hobbies are physical fitness, sports, motorcycles, music, and cooking. I love drinking ice cold beer out of long neck bottles and eating messy hot dogs at ball games. I love attending the ballet and the symphony as well as mudding in my Jeep. I am a huge Georgia Bulldog fan and will be for life. I love to dance and in fact have learned how to ballroom dance. I love hot sweaty physical loud sex and writing stories about it. I love reading stories about it. You will find that I love to make friends on Lush and I make a very good friend, but I do not cyber sex as I am married to the sexiest woman I've ever seen, the love of my life.

Buz Bono
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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Traveling, reading, clubbing, motorcycles, triathlons, water skiing, windsurfing, bodybuilding, camping, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, boating, canoe/kayaking, bungee jumping, hunting, football, basketball, baseball, cooking/grilling, music concerts, watching MMA fights, attending the ballet, dancing with my wife, and rowdy loud wet sweaty physical sex!
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Catch 22, Farenheit 500, Prince of Tides, Pigskin Dreams, The Firm, Cannery Row, The Lord of the Flies, Slaughterhouse Five, 1984, To Kill A Mockingbird, A Clockwork Orange.
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Lewis Grizzard, John Grisham, Joseph Heller, John Steinbeck, Robert Ludlum, Ken Follet, Tom Clancy, James Michener, George Orwell, Voltaire...
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The Departed, Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Gladiator, Skyfall, Casino Royale, Sin City, National Lampoon's Animal House, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Kingdom of Heaven, True Grit (with John Wayne), 3:10 to Yuma, Blackhawk Down, U-571, The Unforgiven, Highlander, The Usual Suspects, Dumb and Dumber, Time Bandits.
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I have a very eclectic taste in music. I especially love the music of the deep south. Country music, rock, classic rock, metal grunge rock, blues, classical music, and progressive jazz. The Zac Brown Band, Colt Ford, Sugarland, R.E.M., Collective Soul, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, The Black Crows, The Georgia Satellites, The Counting Crows, Widespread Panic, Rascal Flats, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakum, Merle Haggard, The Allman Brothers Band, The Clash, Jason Aldean, and The Normaltown Flyers.
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Topic: Why are civilians being killed in Gaza?
Posted: 23 Jul 2014 20:11

he's right, actually. Hamas represents it's own agenda, not the palestinian peoples. and isael is a country founded by the jewish people that now is made up of, not only jews, but many others; not all israelies are jewish, nor are all jews isralies.

It is not that simple though, it's an entangling mess with numerous outside forces funding and promoting either side. Hamas does have enormous support amongst the Palestinian people and Arab & Muslim countries, as does Israel with both Jews and Christians worldwide. So it really is not just Israel and Hamas, its much more.

The first thing is to get a workable cease fire and then attempt a real peace talks process. To do so, all those entangling outside forces have to be considered. How to deal with them.

It is true, the Israelis put the powder in that keg and lit a slow fuse when they upended Palestinians from their homeland. How to snuff out that fuse? I have no fucking clue.

Topic: Does the latest Lush contest feel a bit forced, or is it just me?
Posted: 23 Jul 2014 20:01

Marketing and self promotion is just smart business. I like the concept for the contest. It promotes this site and the Lush store offered by this site. Bravo!

Topic: Why are civilians being killed in Gaza?
Posted: 23 Jul 2014 19:50

That is pretty much the same as playing the race card and proving you have no real valid point. "They treated Jews badly before, so I'm sure they're doing it again". Guess that means that the US can't criticise anything a black man does, can it? Your argument is at best stupid, and that's what Israel has been doing for the last two decades. Instead of accepting that it's criticism against the Israeli POLITICS and not criticism against Jews as an ethnicity and religion, they decide to guilt trip Europe by calling any criticism of their politics for anti-semitism. It really proves that Israel, and in this case you, are grasping at straws when faced with the facts that they are pushing propaganda out to the world to make themselves seem a little bit less of a bad guy. Like DD's post said; the people of Gaza has nowhere to go. The "safe" areas are already stuffed full and they're not always that safe. Israel has bombed markets that had no Hamas activity before. Stop watching Faux News and the rest of the pro-Israel news and you might learn a thing or two.

I think my points are very valid. Hamas continues to use human shields. There was a cease for and they are the ones that broke it.

I do not disagree with DD at all about the Palestinians not having anywhere to go. I feel sorry for them that they have Hamas in their midst shooting rockets at someone who will shoot back. AND LIKE I SAID, if Israel had handled that right a long time ago there might not be a problem now.

Why do you always bring up Faux News? Who the hell watches that?

Elit, you can disagree with someone without calling their argument 'stupid'. I think you should adhere to a more civil policy.

When someone takes s stance not like yours you like to call them pro-Israeli. Why do you do that? That might make someone think your stance is anti-Israeli? I'm sure that's not your intention, is it?

Quite frankly, I don't feel like I am pro-either side. I am pro-Peace! I'd love to see them mutually quit shooting at one another. But I have enough common sense to know that when one shoots at the other, the other will defend themselves.

Topic: Why are civilians being killed in Gaza?
Posted: 23 Jul 2014 19:16

Just a reminder: Israel and Jewish people are not one and the same thing. Neither are Hamas and Palestinian people the same thing. This is about Isreal and Hamas.

I don't even think you believe that.

Topic: Why are civilians being killed in Gaza?
Posted: 23 Jul 2014 19:03

You know Elit. Europe doesn't have a great history for treating Jewish people so well, so their slant on Israel loses a lot of credibility with me.

Hamas uses human shields, so of course the numbers will be skewed.

Israel does have the right to defend themselves with deadly force. Of course if they had worked out a better solution with the native Palestinian population decades ago they might not have this problem now.

There is blame to go around for sure, but Hamas started this current bout of violence. They have no right to cry and whine 'foul' when the Israelis give it back to them. To start a fight and then go hide behind women and children seems pretty damn cowardly to me.

I do hope a credible cease fire can be worked out and serious peace talks begin. The hatred between those two groups runs so deep I wonder if it can ever happen. I hope so.

Topic: What did you have for lunch today?
Posted: 22 Jul 2014 19:00

A Philly-cheese-steak sandwich, potato chips and sweet tea.

Topic: Foodies ~ Sentiments ~ Quotes ~ Saying
Posted: 22 Jul 2014 18:58


Topic: Picky about boobs?
Posted: 22 Jul 2014 18:54

No. Not too baggy or saggy.

Whether they are small or large, they should look well kept, smooth, firm as possible, and pampered.

Topic: Possible interracial story/stories
Posted: 22 Jul 2014 18:45

I know of nothing where one character is tricked into it.

Topic: Where do you like to source story/poem ideas from?
Posted: 22 Jul 2014 18:40

From experience, things that happened to friends, television/newspaper/internet news, mix and matching ideas from movies-TV-books, or from the Poem/Story Fairy herself, DanielleX. She comes flying in and drops her magical panties on my head and shazam – I have a story idea!

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Posted: 29 Jul 2014 07:22
Great Story Buz!
Posted: 29 Jul 2014 00:18

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 19:42
Smiles Sugar!

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 18:28

Thank you for reading, scoring and commenting on my story "Shower Game." I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I appreciate your continued support very much.

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 16:01
Hi Buz - Thanks for reading my newest poem "Kisses and Licks on Your Dick." Thanks for the score and the lovely comment. xo

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 12:49
Buzz, thank you for reading my latest scribbles "A Call For Love". I really appreciate you taking the time to score and comment.

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 07:25

Posted: 28 Jul 2014 07:10
Hope you had a fucking good weekend Hugs x

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 20:28

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 18:51
Posted: 27 Jul 2014 10:04

Thank you seems inadequate for all you have done for me. You really are incredibly supportive, and I'm very pleased to call you my friend.

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 09:29
Thanks for reading my first attempt at poetry, "Until Next Time", and for leaving an encouraging comment!

Posted: 27 Jul 2014 09:17
Buz - Thanks for reading my poem "A Slut Undresses in the window." Thanks for scoring and leaving the lovely comment. xo

Posted: 26 Jul 2014 05:34

Posted: 25 Jul 2014 23:20
Posted: 25 Jul 2014 12:19

Posted: 25 Jul 2014 05:22
Buz - Thanks so much for reading my latest story "Chelsea what are you doing?" Thanks for scoring and leaving the lovely comment. xo

Posted: 24 Jul 2014 19:52

Thank you for reading, scoring and commenting on my story "The Restaurant and a Surprise." I appreciate you taking time to do so. I appreciate your continued support very much.

Posted: 24 Jul 2014 09:12
Thank you for your wonderful comment on Dangerous Games!

Posted: 24 Jul 2014 00:06
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