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Topic high heels
Posted 27 Jul 2014 20:16

They make good handles, and they look great walking into the bedroom. Other than that it's something that I could easily do without. If a woman is more comfortable being barefoot - great.

Topic a question for guys about 3-sums...
Posted 27 Jul 2014 20:05

I've only been offered a threesome once. It was just after I became engaged. It was not offered by my fiancee. I refused.

I still wonder what it would have been like.

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 26 Jul 2014 19:12

Frogs and crickets singing in my backyard.

Topic Do you get aroused looking at yourself naked in a mirror?
Posted 22 Jul 2014 22:12

I love playing with mirrors, but only with a partner.

Topic How many sexual partners does it make a girl a slut..?
Posted 12 Jul 2014 22:11

hello1 Well said!

A bitch is someone who won't fuck you.
A slut is someone who will fuck everyone BUT you ;)

Topic Where is the riskiest or oddest place you've had sex?
Posted 11 Jul 2014 18:54

On the grid deck on a theatre fly system about 5 stories over a stage.

Topic What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you see my tits
Posted 11 Jul 2014 18:51

I've still got that "hiking the appalachian trail" thing on my bucket list.

Topic Can you recall the best blowjob you ever received?
Posted 11 Jul 2014 09:57

I was working in Northwestern Louisiana. She had a night job answering phones for an emergency line for a gas company. She asked me to come by and keep her company. She was gorgeous, enthusiastic, and extremely talented. I sat in a rolling chair as she knelt between my legs. I will always remember her unzipping my pants and working my cock down her throat. We hadn't really talked that much, so I warned her that I was about to cum - expecting her to pull it out and jack me off. Instead she only got more passionate, taking it as far as she could as I gushed what I'm sure was a huge load inside her mouth. She had done all the work, but I think I was much more out of breath. I'll never forget her smiling face as she looked up at me while holding my cock.

Topic Business Trips with sex dates or just normal dates?
Posted 30 Jun 2014 08:24

You will have to go by sea!


Topic Business Trips with sex dates or just normal dates?
Posted 29 Jun 2014 22:45

Si. C. See?

Topic Cum shot accuracy
Posted 28 Jun 2014 22:42

Accuracy may be a bit over rated. Personally, I'm into trick shooting.

Ready? Pull!

Topic Overexposure
Posted 26 Jun 2014 20:49

Um, not sure I have an exhibitionist streak ... well, maybe ... but yes. But let's put "public" in quotation marks. Sure it was a public park, but it was closed, and no one was around but us.

Let's just say that I was nominated spokesperson, and that police spotlights are very bright.

Topic Review: Fleshlight
Posted 26 Jun 2014 20:06

Thanks! I missed it in the post above. I must have been distracted by the great pictures.
Great review. Thanks for in depth reporting.

Topic Review: Fleshlight
Posted 23 Jun 2014 20:42

How do you clean them? I noticed you rated them differently for cleaning and I'm assuming it's more difficult with more ridges.

Topic How much does looks factor into dating?
Posted 20 Jun 2014 16:50

Wait ... You mean there's ANOTHER factor?

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 20 Jun 2014 16:40

Getting ready to ride out and meet a friend.

Topic What's the craziest thing you've done to a girl?
Posted 19 Jun 2014 21:19

I still cannot believe I did this! And what's more - she went along with it!

We were in Michigan in a hot tub when I got out to set a camera with a timer on my shoe. I made sure the shot lined up so we could get a photo together. Just as it was about to go off, I pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me.
Crazy - I know.

Topic Cumming on a woman...?
Posted 16 Jun 2014 21:47

I take requests.

I don't get enough requests, but I certainly take them.

Topic Showed your wife's pics or home movies off to friends?
Posted 14 Jun 2014 06:56

No. My wife has rarely consented to me taking revealing pics of her at all. She's the introvert in our relationship.

Topic Neck pain while giving a woman oral
Posted 11 Jun 2014 15:07

Topic Tattoos:yes or no?
Posted 09 Jun 2014 21:41

Tats don't do it for me. It will always come back to the person inside the skin. If that part is attractive then body art is simply a way to add to the dimension.

Topic Penis enlargement
Posted 23 May 2014 13:03

Why do you ask? Has someone been talking to you? I think you should know those sheep are LIARS!

Topic Ever had something said during 'dirty talk' that offended you?
Posted 21 May 2014 21:36

Offended? No.
I have lost desire, laughed, made excuses, forgot to call, got turned off ... but not been offended. They didn't upset me, wrong me, or insult me in any way.
I have, however, heard a lover say some pretty stupid things ... Calling me by an ex's name, roleplaying in a way that I found hilarious, scaring me by a request to go much further than I imagined, and mentioning "daddy"

Wow, that brought back some strange moments. I need a drink.

Topic Does it turn you on when a woman lucks your nipples duribg sex?
Posted 21 May 2014 21:27

Just doesn't do anything for me.

Topic Guys~ Do You Like To Watch?
Posted 12 May 2014 22:05

Where's the "all of the above" choice? I don't think I can pick just one ... or two ... or six ...

Topic What things make good sex "great"?
Posted 10 May 2014 21:57

Communication, sense of humor, and passion.
Shake well and serve with a twist.

Topic Whats best a quickie or long all night
Posted 09 May 2014 17:18

It's my unbroken policy to only have long lovemaking sessions during months with vowels in the names.
Quickies are reserved for days that end in the letter "y."

Topic What is your favourite kind of sex toy?
Posted 09 May 2014 16:56

We've got a drawer full and we enjoy them all, except for the cheap suction cup one that we shouldn't have bought in the first place but we were drunk and horny and ... But I digress.

The one that is our "go to" isn't even marketed as a sex toy. We've had a lot of great times with a simple, plastic back massage toy.
Hmm, go figure.

Topic Who is the one Celeb that instantly turns you on everytime you see her?
Posted 09 May 2014 16:44

Martha is nice and thick! Plus she makes a mean eggs benny. That's a good thing.

And don't forget - she knows her way around a women's prison. I've seen movies. That's a really good thing.


But Martha is not the answer for me.
I've got to go with Lauren Bacall. Bogie had it good.

Topic Star date - public or private ?
Posted 09 May 2014 08:31

Private. If I want to be an exhibitionist I don't want it mixing into other fantasies. I only have so many brain cells that will be active at one time.