Lucid Lilac

Some dreams can be too powerful to dictate reality.

A low growl from the heavens permeated through the walls. A mild glow of torn light screamed its repression through our milieu. Rain drops were tapping against the vast pane. Peeking, trying to capture and refract a glimpse of your body. Your body, a magnificent collage of poetic articulations, a canvas of inconceivable colors and a representation of untouched beauty pressed against the...Read On

Love Poems(6)


Burning Rose

For you, only you.

Sunset casts its crimson mist Caging us, flesh skin and pulse Shadows slithering, a sultry kiss You on me, I in you, we indulge Arms wrapped, tongues collide Trickling sweat, a gentle bite Gripped to feel your love, so tight “You're mine,” Was, now, till end of time Silence now buried, dreams now realized Fingers locked, in divine union, “It’s so clear, was always”...Read On


You Now Forever

A distant shadow flickered A lucid thought with no gain Ignorance was just a pinch Your love was the real pain Eyes bountiful of hope Lips haunted by dreams Skin untouched by desire Heart caged in screams This silence grows on This gape blares its depth This time drops and drips This cry paints my death Seasons shall pass away Stars shall burn to dust Words shall...Read On


The Devil's Thirst: Ordeal

Two mythological lovers unite in an attempt to consummate their forbidden love.

Her Garden Broiled, her tree charred, her lechery scorched  Her sights froze, her sounds benumbed, her taste congealed  For her devil, the beast, the demon, she longed for "Take me"  The angel commanded, she wished, she coveted  The Devil stood, body still, wings silent, breathing violent "Take me now"  The angel sighed, she allayed, she quivered  The Devil stared,...Read On


The Devil's Thirst: Arrival

Lost in the thoughts of her devil, this angel plays in her garden remembering her forbidden love.

The Devil’s Thirst: Arrival Bathed in the brilliance of divine glitter, her garden cradles her Laced with sheaths of cotton mist, fluffed clouds blanket her canvas Jovial rays knifing their path through foliage, playfully crowning her shelter Her shelter, the Tree of Tranquility, set in the midst of her garden The angel leans, the angel rests, the angel dreams “My devil” ...Read On


The Devil's Thirst: Escape

A devil imprisoned for treason, for desiring intimacy with an angel, He must escape to find her.

Perched on the rugged peaks of his eternally damned condemnation Eyes affixed on the portrait of his agonizing avidity, his sinful desire, his forbidden dream This devil grows restless, lustful, enraged due to inhibition for his angel Her portrait carved into the confines of his secluded establishment Her memories etched to perfection Her gleaming face, her sacred eyes, her cherry lips ...Read On


I Remember

As I lie down awaiting my dreams to envelope my reality, my last thoughts about you before departing

I remember, I remember The first time, the last time The only time my beats froze for a stranger. I remember, I remember Those starry beads, those gleaming locks The first time you held me under your spell I remember, always will The first touch, the first kiss The frozen moment, the fiery bath Of love, life and desire I remember, Vivid The echoes of ecstasy, the union...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Tyndall Tides

his last night, her last fear, their last union.

Water gushed down from the faucet of the bath tub with a monotonous force filling it up rapidly. Light from the ceiling scattered and danced across the violent surface that reflected the broken streams on to the walls of the bathroom. Like being surrounded my hundreds of dancing silver butterflies, Abner avoided looking at the reflections as he carefully shaved off the last scruffy patch on...Read On