Love Stories(2)

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Brawler Ch.2

Tatum Gold was from Buena Vista, a quaint little city on the California coast. A city where people held doors open and supported local high schools with funding raised by a baked goods sale. She and her sister never belonged in a town like that, neither of them wanted to spend their Saturday nights riding bikes and shopping on piers. They wanted the nightlife, they wanted to drink, and...Read On



Tatum had not one clue how she ended up here, in the midst of organized havoc. The dimly lit room reeked of cheap beer and rich kids with poor morals. Portland wasn’t notorious for family friendly neighborhoods, but she had the faintest idea that underground fighting rings were simply a myth.  She found a stool along the bar and hugged her arms to her body, inhaling the aroma of hard liquor...Read On