Fairway Bet

I watched with a startled look on my face as Amy sank the putt from the edge of the green. Amy did not boast, but strutted to the hole and picked up her ball. She had won our little bet. As a result, I had to own up to the loser's punishment. Amy and I drove off in our golf cart and parked behind a large shrub. The sky above was dark, rain was about to fall. Humid air surrounded us. Amy...Read On


Red Light, Green Light

It was getting dark out as my wife and I drove down the highway. The weather was nice so we had the roof down on our car. Both me and my wife were dressed nicely because we had just left a wedding reception. The sky was purple. Part of the sun could be seen still. I had just turned on the headlights. I still had on most of my attire from the wedding. Except for the tie and jacket which I...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Getting Comfortable at the Spa

Garret and Kyle left the mens locker room naked with their towels in hand. The last thing they saw was a sign that read, "Co-Ed Section: Cover at your own risk." It was their first time at a spa of any kind. Both Garret and Kyle are sophomores in college at the age of twenty. The two roommates were looking to converse with some half-nude to nude women while relaxing. Nudity was permitted at...Read On


Went Too Far

A walk on the beach went too far.

Natalie and I were walking in the shallow waters of the ocean. It felt great to be out in the sun wearing nothing but sunglasses. It was our first trip to a clothing optional beach. Natalie and I were getting a lot of looks from the few people here. Who wouldn't stare at the hot fit brunettes baring it all at the beach. The atmosphere was quite relaxing. Only a few people, mostly...Read On



Camp Counselor Michelle

It was the favorite part of her day. The camp was empty except for the few counselors and staff. The campers would arrive later that day. Michelle would wake up in her empty cabin and stretch to the cool Summer breeze. Her long straight brown hair whipped and blew along with the breeze. Her skin was sun kissed from all the time spent out doors working at the camp. Each day she would always...Read On




It was a great surprise to find out the hotel I was staying at had a little spa. I had just gotten back from a day of meeting. It had been a long stressful day for me and some time in the spa sounded relaxing. I was twenty-one and new to the concept of a business trip. It felt great to remove my tie. Instead of heading to my room I went to a men's changing room. The clock read ten at night....Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Late Night Mix- Up

Our apartment was silent a lot earlier than usual. I thought something might be up since my roommate was in bed by ten at night. He averages passing out a little after midnight each night. It was around eleven at night and I had just crawled into bed. Normally, my roommate was a heavy snorer, but I could not hear anything coming from his room right next to mine. Occasionally, I could her...Read On