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Topic The sexiest part of a woman's body
Posted 26 Aug 2012 14:56

I really don't have an answer. It depends so much, but I suppose I have a thing for a really nice neck. Maybe that's weird, but I love to give a good massage and I love the tactile experience of moving my hands from the shoulders to the neck to the back of her head.

Topic Do piercings cause tbl at metal detectors?
Posted 26 Aug 2012 14:53

Metal detectors are pretty much always going to detect them, and the new ones pick up most of the kinds of metal they didn't before. X-rays are a little different, but if there's metal detectors involved you want to take everything out beforehand, because they usually won't let you through until there's no metallic reaction.

Topic What super power would you have?
Posted 26 Aug 2012 14:47

Maybe the ability to breathe anywhere, or withstand any environment.

Topic Sister-in-Law - Need a woman's perspective
Posted 26 Aug 2012 14:45

It is hard to know without more information.

To amend my original statement, or rather boil it down... don't over-think things. This is a place where projecting your own ideas onto the scenario is likely the biggest problem you're going to have.

Topic How many Lush users have you revealed your real identity to? How did it go?
Posted 26 Aug 2012 14:41

None, thus far.

I'm still very new here, and have yet to develop a strong connection with anybody. I don't know that I ever would, but it's not outside the realm of possibility. I have no facebook or other social networking profiles. Not even for professional purposes. The anonymity of Lush holds a lot of appeal for me. There's nothing wrong with my pen name or her life. She's as much a part of me as the name given me by my family. I don't hold a lot back from Lush when asked, so I'm not sure my legal name matters tremendously.

Topic If you could be an animal
Posted 26 Aug 2012 14:37

I consider my two primary spirit animals to be spiders and cats. I'm not sure I would want to be either one of them, though. I just feel connected to their ways of life. I think something that lives in a tree maybe. Though the appeal of a spider's life is that they expend great effort building and maintaining a home, but are more than capable of traveling or rebuilding simply when that home is destroyed by foe or environment and building anew very quickly. They are also considered by many cultures to be connected to the balance of the earth, and able to draw creativity, wisdom and peace from it, which is certainly something I aspire to, if nothing else.

Topic Does it count that you never told a woman you loved her just to fuck her?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 23:45

Agreed. I think.

Topic Sister-in-Law - Need a woman's perspective
Posted 25 Aug 2012 23:42

You gave us some good info. It was missing certain things, though, so my advice is meant to be used under the following assumptions.

Assumption #1: You are not in an open relationship.

Assumption #2: You are not interested in her, or at least not interested in cheating on your wife.

Assumption #3: You are a good guy with positive intent in this scenario.

It's probably best to not avoid her. You could be wrong about her intentions. She's probably just happy to have somebody to talk to who isn't her sister. Also important to remember, she could well not know what her intentions are at the moment. I say try and stay relaxed, and don't do anything you don't want to or think shouldn't happen. If it gets too weird for you, tell her that outright, but don't just make an excuse and leave. Just remember that you're in control of what you do, and that's enough in this scenario. I speak from experience, at least if you reduce the number of years on the relationships. It's probably nothing, but I'm sure that all of Lush is waiting to hear about it.

Topic What is average?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 21:16

Alright. Let's steer it toward what's average in girth.

The interwebs seem to be much less agreed on that. Please remember to differentiate between circumference and width. The more friends I ask in person about this as they pass through town, the more it seems like we've all had similar impressions on length, but thickness is a more varied answer.

Topic Sex Toys
Posted 25 Aug 2012 21:07

Anybody know how waterproof the Lelo products are? I'm talking measured in atmospheres, if anybody has the info. Meters will certainly do, though. I'm looking for something that can be used at the bottom of a swimming pool. A little odd, I know, but it's quite the experience for those of you who have never tried it. Just make sure you have somebody on dry land and clear safety procedures in place.

Topic Sensuality
Posted 25 Aug 2012 20:53

Wow. Thanks for everybody who's contributed to this thread. I'll try and hunt something down after I look through it some more to make sure i don't repeat anything.

Topic Vaginal Orgasms
Posted 25 Aug 2012 18:13

Is it a myth that "90% of women will never cum from anything but clitoral stimulation"?

I've heard this from dozens of people, mostly women. I feel like that must be at least an exaggeration. This is obviously for everyone to answer, but my target demographic for this question is women who had infrequent vaginal orgasms or never had them, but then discovered what does it for them.

I (and I'm sure many of us) would greatly appreciate any enlightenment that might be offered on the subject.

Topic World around you in two words
Posted 25 Aug 2012 18:09

unidentifiable fantasy

Topic Sexual words association
Posted 25 Aug 2012 18:08


Topic Powerful urges
Posted 25 Aug 2012 18:05

That's fine, Prism.

I wasn't really offended, I just couldn't figure what you meant. I think this worked out fine anyway, because in your posts responding to us, we were able to really understand what you meant.

To elaborate on my actual answer to your question, I'm pretty much with Dancing_Doll. I have a solid inclination to do something for someone, not necessarily to an object or a body part. I sometimes have an urge to either suck a cock, but it's either an abstract "damn. I don't get to suck cock now that I have a girlfriend..." or a fantasy about a specific person and the reactions I could provoke from them. Same with going down on a woman, be it my girlfriend, or somebody else I may be thinking about.

Topic Do I stay on Lush?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 17:54

I'd stay. I'm on here most days at the moment and for me it's mostly a place to talk on the forums in sex-related threads and not, and a place to publish my work. The whole time I've been here, I haven't done any chatting or directly e-sexed it up with anybody. I think it's great for a lot of things.

Topic Rimming, yes or no?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 17:47

not wild about receiving it, so I'm not wild about doing it. Never been a problem for me, though.

Topic What's the most forbidden sexual relationship you've ever had?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 17:46

I guess you'd have to say it was the time I fucked a marine on active duty.

Topic Have you ever had your heart broken but still needed them?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 17:42

Yep. I lost all interest in dating, and even sex for about a year and a half. Pined off and on, but made an active effort to not date at all. It wasn't very hard since I never left my house except to go to work or school. There was a period of time when there were people coming and going from the house/commune I lived at so frequently I couldn't help but have the occasional fling, but my heart was never really in it, and I knew I was just the replacement boyfriend/road boyfriend/out-of-town boyfriend (no, I was never with people who were in committed or monogamous relationships) and that was fine. Then another long period of solitude, and then I met a girl who swept me off my feet, lured me into her chambers and I never left. Been together for months, totally in love. Sometimes giving up works out, though I never really endorse the plan.

Topic Never Chatted and new to the site
Posted 25 Aug 2012 17:36

Glad to have you here. I don't really hang out in the chats, but there's a lot of other stuff the site has to offer if you find that aspect intimidating at first. Lush is mostly devoid of jerks, so you shouldn't have a hard time assimilating.

Topic Older or younger?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 17:33

I'm really open about the age of whomever I might choose to date or go home with, but I'm decidedly NOT into ageplay. It's nothing against those who are, it's just not my thing. I dated a girl five years younger than me for a while, and when I was nineteen my girlfriend was thirty-one. Once you get outside a certain bracket, I tend to think it adds a certain amount of stress to the relationship, but if it's what both of you are into then it may well be worth it.

Topic Birth Control is it worth it
Posted 25 Aug 2012 17:25

Don't have a female reproductive system, so I'm not diving in too much on this one, but I thought it bore mentioning that condoms are somewhat effective birth-control, but they're really meant more for preventing STI's. That said, please everybody take whatever precautions work for you.

Topic What is average?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 17:20

Wow. That map is interesting. Not at all what I expected.

Topic Guys, what if ...
Posted 25 Aug 2012 17:08

...that's a complex one.

My girlfriend is pretty damn straight, and we're pretty much monogamous. There's just enough wiggle room on both of those things though that this post got me thinking a little more than I thought it was going to. I would probably be okay with it, as long as we talked it out later. I would have a harder time if she was with a guy, only because we aren't technically open at all, but if she were exploring something I would take it a little better. Since my pansexuality is well established though, I'm not sure I would get the same leeway if she found me making out with a guy. I doubt any of it would be relationship ending, but that's why communication is good. We're supposed to discuss it before we play with others and only do it together, but does a drunk kiss count? Yeah, but it's the difference between slapping somebody in the face because your pissed, and breaking their kneecaps with a sledgehammer. It's bad, but not by comparison.

Regardless, I think that people should adhere to the agreements and arrangements they have with their partners, and probably assume that they're monogamous until there's a good reason not to anymore. As for what I think of "lesbos", my response is "Why was that part of the question?" This has little if anything to do with sexual orientation, and much more to to with the nature of monogamy and trust and double standards in relationships. To answer though, many of my friends are lesbians and I have no problem whatsoever with them, but I'm quite certain my girlfriend is not one.

Topic What is average?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 16:57

Hey. Guys are posting. Fancy that. I never even thought to ask them. Good on you, mates!

Topic Does it count that you never told a woman you loved her just to fuck her?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 16:55

Yeah. I don't understand this post. Can we get some clarification?

Topic How do men feel about red headed women?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 16:53

Had a thing for redheads since before I knew about romantic or sexual inclinations. I blossomed early.

Topic Name you Paradise
Posted 25 Aug 2012 16:52

There are lots of good answers for me. Tree village of my own construction - maybe one day for real! Less likely: Boat in the sky. Castle. Castle in the sky. Right now though, I'd love to be back on the road for a few months.

Topic lesbian a turn on?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 16:48

I don't really believe that anybody - male or female - is Kinsey 0 or Kinsey 6 (100% straight/gay), so maybe. Assuming there were somebody I was attracted to and was lesbian identified, I might be down. If she was either attracted to me personally, or wanted to do some experimentation, yeah, I would definitely be into that. I think it would be a nice ego-stroke if she picked me, and that's where the extra turn-on would come from, not the fact that she was 'unattainable'.

Topic Dick size
Posted 25 Aug 2012 16:43

I'm happy.

I'm as big as I can be and still fuck most dudes comfortably , and my girlfriend gives me all the positive feedback I need. There are lots of threads asking more or less this same question, though. No worries since you have a kind of specific flair to the question, I'm just sayin'.