mothrerly love 3

this is fictional.

"So how’s my baby doing?" Jason asked as he walked in the front door. "I’m fine and you?" iya replied. "Not you, my baby." He said as he lowered down and kissed her stomach. Its been 3 months since iya got pregnant and its starting to show, but even with that she still manages to be as beautiful as ever. " Well I got some good news for you iya." Said Jason. "What is it, you gonna...Read On


motherly love 1

this is fictional, if you don't like it dont read it or comment on it.

Jason came home around the usual time he does, walked to his room and threw himself on his bed in exhaustion. He rolled over in his bed looking up at the ceiling, thinking bout this girl in school that he really likes. Lying there he thought about how her body was perfect and how she had awesome curves, beautiful dark skin, nice perky tits, a round thick ass, and those plump lips. He...Read On


motherly love 2

brother fucks sister with a twist at the end. comments welcomed.

Jason got home about 7 from his friend’s house and went up stairs to his room. Soon as he got into his room and noticed his screen saver was different. He sat down on his computer chair and watched. It was a video of him and mother in lounge room talking. There was no audio so he couldn’t hear but it oddly seemed familiar to him. He kept watching and then it struck him, it was last week when...Read On