Jack and His Nan, Ch 4

Jack and his grandmother finally get together

Jack tried to keep his mind off Nan and off the thrill of his upcoming visit. But his aroused state and his hard cock made that difficult. She had asked him not to masturbate tonight. He didn’t know why. But he sure wanted too. Between “her” panties that lay at arm’s length, the panties he had sent her, their very erotic conversation, and the very real prospect of being with her, he was ready...Read On


At The Beach With Mom

A short vacation to the beach

This story was inspired by a series of erotic email exchanges between myself and albertagirl (Teresa). She and I have often fantasized about her being my mother and us making searing, passionate love to each other. This with the complete approval of my real mother, ricksmomliz, who, BTW, also gets involved. We were headed to the beach for a much needed vacation. I had been working way too...Read On


Jack and His Nan, Ch 3

Jack's grandmother, Nan receives his gift of panties. He also tells her he will be with her soon

Reading the first two chapters would be most beneficial. Dee's orgasm was strong as it washed over her. Her fingers were still between her lips lightly stroking her clit when she came again. "OH GOD, BABY. YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN!" After she came down from her climax, she looked at the sheer panties and thought, "I can't wait for Jack to see me in these. But I really wonder what...Read On


Jack and His Nan, Ch 2

Jack sends the panties to his grandmother

This story was inspired by another Lush reader who has an "interest" in her grandson. Jack's orgasm was so powerful, it wiped him out. He folded up "Nan's" cum filled panties and laid them on the other pillow in the bed. He realized that he would have to wash them everyday. In order to keep the fantasy going, they couldn't have his scent in them. Better to have no scent at all. He didn't...Read On


Jack and His Nan, Ch 1

Jack and his grandmother don't know the lust each has for the other.

This story was inspired by another Lush member who is "interested" in her grandson. Jack woke up and looked over at the beauty lying next to him. Parts of her white hair covered her face. He moved the hair out of the way and touched her cheek gently with his fingertips. He moved his fingers down to her jaw line to her chin then slowly up to her lips. He caressed them. These were the lips...Read On


Rick's Mom's Story

Rick's mom tells her story and how she met Laura

As promised, here is mom's story. I just read it for the first time. You can imagine what I did after reading it. Rick Hi. I'm Liz, Rick's mother, from the Teaching Mom series. In the last chapter, I had left a note under my panties that I had a story to tell. I had Rick sign on to his account so I could use it. I wanted to maintain continuity with his other stories since this one is...Read On


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Epilogue

A final note and a response to a request.

I decided to write this epilogue because I had received a few requests for the address to the site where mom's pictures were posted. Unfortunately, the site has since closed. That's too bad because the pictures were exquisitely arousing. Not only because they were pictures of a beautiful pussy, but because it was my mother's beautiful pussy. It was the first time seeing her cunt. And as any...Read On


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Final Chapter

Mom and I experience the exquisite pleasure of completion.

As I drove to mom's house, I'm not sure if I saw the road. All I could picture was her in those see-through panties. I already knew what her pussy looked like. I don't know what the allure was to seeing it in those panties. Whatever it was, my mind was a lust-filled fog and my cock was painfully hard. I got to her house, turned off the engine (I think) and almost ran to the front door. I...Read On


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Ch 4

Mom and I touch each other.

These are the last 2 paragraphs of chapter 3: "Well, how about a plain dildo?" I suggested and pulled up a page of penis-shaped dongs. That got her interest. We went through several pages of dildos in all shapes and sizes. She was getting visibly turned on. Frankly, so was I. My cock was hard inside my shorts. I felt her hand slowly creep up my thigh. She looked at me and said,...Read On


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Ch 3

Mom and I masturbate together

"I know you're tired, especially after that great orgasm. I'm going to stay up. I have GOT to watch your video. I can't wait to see all you did after hearing it. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Sleep sweet, darling. I love you." "Good night, mom. I love you too." Tired as I was, I thought about staying on the phone so I could listen to her as she watched my video. I was sure she would...Read On


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Ch 2

Mom and I have phone sex

With Mom's panties safely tucked away in my pocket, I drove home. This was all so weird, yet wonderfully arousing. Since I was tired from the jet lag, I began to think it was a dream. But it wasn't. The bulge in my pocket proved that. I pulled them out. Pale blue, I love that color panties on a woman. This time not just a woman, my own mother. She had actually given them to me ... to sniff....Read On


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Ch 1

Mom learns about masturbation and orgasm

It was a warm July afternoon. Mom and I were lounging by the pool sipping unsweet tea. She was unusually quiet. Something seemed to be weighing on her mind. I knew better than to press it. After a while she spoke. "Rick, are you happy?" I thought for a moment. Even though I was 10 years divorced. My 2 girls were grown and moved away with families of their own. I had 3 grandchildren who I...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Making Love to Teresa

Teresa and I make love ... with mom's approval

This was inspired by a wonderfully sexy, sensuous Lush member who brought me and mom many wonderful hours of tremendous pleasure. We sat across from each other at Pauli's, a very nice restaurant on the outskirts of town. We sipped on house Merlot as we chatted. I wanted to know all about her. I ordered filet, baked potato and Caesar salad. We were going to share it in a most interesting...Read On