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Topic favourite guitar solos
Posted 24 May 2014 20:14

for me,i have a hard time deciding between the studio solo by Slash on November Rain or the solo by Richie Sambora from a live concert (Dry County) by Bon Jovi at Madison Square Garden on May 3rd 2011

Topic Rockin' Covers! Cover songs of course.
Posted 15 May 2014 14:29

Topic for any wrestling fans who might be around,this might come as a big shock
Posted 08 Apr 2014 21:16

the Ultimate Warrior was found dead earlier today

Topic Alive or dead, who is your favorite guitarist?
Posted 25 Feb 2014 17:30

for me,its a tie between Richie Sambora (Dry County solo) and Slash (Novemer Rain solo)

Topic Who is your favorite female comedian?
Posted 30 Jan 2014 21:46

it has to be Lisa Lampanelli,she doesnt care who's toes she steps on,case in point,Lisa's ripping of George Hamilton on the David Hasselhoff roast lol

Topic What actor(s) do you dislike so much, that you won't even bother watching their movies/shows?
Posted 23 Jan 2014 23:08

for me it has to be that fraud Shia Lebouf,who was an absolute joke in that horrid last Indiana Jones film,and in Transformers,he may as well have been sitting alongside Bieber in his car last night because he looked like he was as high as a kite in that film

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 22 Jan 2014 12:21

Topic Do you want a Ghostbusters 3 produced?
Posted 28 Dec 2013 12:44

from what i understand,Akroyd and Ramis came up with a script that had Murray dying,and them having Oscar become a Ghostbuster to try and save Murray from "going to hell",when they sent Murray the script,he sent it back to them in shreads and said he wanted nothing to do with it,it was supposed to have been filmed over the summer of '13 so it wouldve been in theatres a few days ago,but when Murray shit on the idea,the filming/script was pushed back until they could come up with something more concrete,i also heard Rick Moranis is a holdout in terms of the original cast,but the rest are all on board with the idea

Topic If you could have one show come back for one more season, what would it be?
Posted 25 Dec 2013 10:39

for me it absolutely has to be West Wing,although it would feel somewhat empty with the deaths of John Spencer and Ron Silver

Topic question for all the lush veterans out there
Posted 20 Dec 2013 18:42

for me Jason,this fits this place to a T lol :

Topic question for all the lush veterans out there
Posted 20 Dec 2013 17:28

just for the hell of it,a thought popped into my head a little while ago,and i thought it might be a good idea to ask,but if u could choose a theme song that fits Lush,what would u choose and why?

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 14 Dec 2013 21:10

Topic What do you think about Brian dying on Family Guy?
Posted 28 Nov 2013 19:22

I think this was Seth's way to give family guy a slow death,he said in an interview not long ago that tv shows get stale after 7 years and he didn't want family guy to suffer that fate.but in my eyes he made a very stupid fucking move by killing off the most popular character on the show

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 27 Nov 2013 09:03

Tick Tock from the Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows movie soundtrack

Topic Any good books???
Posted 09 Nov 2013 06:00

Been reading john grisham's the litigators recently

Topic Fantasy Football talk. Anyone interested?
Posted 17 Oct 2013 08:16

Here's a question for u Roy,among tight ends,who would u consider to be a few sleepers,I've got Gresham as my starter but my bench is deep enough to cut someone for a week to cover my ass when cincy is on its bye week

Topic what is your favorite movie quote
Posted 28 Sep 2013 21:37

I'm a lawyer,and an officer in the United States Navy,and you're under arrest you son of a bitch

Tom cruise from A Few Good Men

Topic What turns you off immediately?
Posted 22 Aug 2013 17:44

Men with no confidence
Sissy boys
Boring people
People who can't take a joke
Being a Spurs fan

Thank god I'm a bulls fan lol

Topic Guess the date we reach 200,000 members, and win...
Posted 09 Aug 2013 15:32

October 17th

Topic Excellent Work with the Servers Gav!
Posted 07 Jul 2013 14:35 server's running slow again for everyone