Oral Sex(1)


Adult Theater

Sexy woman's first night at the adult theater and glory holes

Adult theater I have a great female friend who is mid-50 and sexy as hell. We have been playing together for a while now. I have never met a woman before who has the sex drive of Kat. She is an out of this world fuck and knows how to do wonderful things with her tongue when sucking cock, she is better than women half her age. Not only is Kat willing to do most any slutty thing I ask her to...Read On

Wife Lovers(4)


Being a Fantasy Slut

Wife steps out of her normal personality to be a slut at swingers party

Being a Fantasy Slut   Lisa and I had been together about three and a half years when we attended our first Lifestyle Party together, this is what happened after the third party she attended.   Lisa enjoyed me introducing her to the Lifestyle and we had gone to a couple parties the past few months. The third party was fun, lots of sexy dressed women, flashing and teasing...Read On


A Bar Fantasy

Wife and husband fulfill a fantasy

My wife Lisa and I, often share our fantasies with each other. There was one in particular we agreed we would like to make a reality should the opportunity come up. Let me begin by telling you that Lisa is 40 and very sexy, 5' 2" 130# with hot red hair and very seductive green eyes. She has a full firm 36C chest with nipples that stand out almost an inch when erect. Lisa is always the lady...Read On


Florida Trip: His Story

Wife has fun while on vacation

If you have read our stories from before you will know that my wife Lisa loves to perform fellatio and I enjoy watching her doing it almost as much as when she does it to me. Also you might remember that when she has been drinking she gets extremely horny. You might also remember Lisa is a hot redhead, 5’2” with firm 36C breasts, seductive green eyes and strong toned legs. This story...Read On


So Many Dicks

Wife has fun at a party

My wonderful husband Chris and I have been involved in the "Lifestyle" for several years. The "Lifestyle" is the buzzword for "Swinging". Socials are weekend parties where "Lifestyle" couples can get together in a party atmosphere and explore common interests in sex. We had not been able to attend a lot of socials because they occurred in a city several hours away from our home, but did...Read On