Skateboarding Sis

Brother and sister strike a bargain which leads to some hot anal sex.

by Anal King© No toilet paper. And just when I needed to take a dump. Whatever happened to that unspoken rule? The one where the last person who uses up the toilet paper has to replace it. Obviously, that rule didn’t apply to my family, because that would be asking too much of them. But that’s to be expected when you consider that we’re your typical suburban screw-ups that look normal on...Read On


No Friend of Mine

It was 2:17 in the morning when I awoke to the sound of my parents returning from a party. Based on the racket they were making downstairs, it was obvious they had partied hard. I could hear my mom giggle as she struggled to climb the stairs. When I heard my parents' bedroom door close, I turned over and checked on my friend Kevin; he was snoozing away on top of his sleeping bag, unaffected...Read On


Short Tail

I had just finished another argument with my mother concerning my inability to find a wife, which naturally led to my inability to provide her with grandchildren. We've been having these arguments once a week now for three months. Before, it wasn't so bad; but now, I was getting sick and tired of listening to the same bullshit over and over again. She just wouldn't get off my back. I think...Read On


Trailer Park Lovin’

People around these parts know me as Bo, but my real name is Charlie Henderson. I live with my momma, Audrey, in what she likes to call a “mobile home.” That’s fancy talk for a traveling box situated in a “trailer park.” Momma don’t like me sayin’ them words ‘cause it ain’t proper. Says folk will end up callin’ us “trash.” Maybe we is trash but that don’t mean we ain’t happy. Sure, times can...Read On


Almost Gone Forever

A son saves his mother from sexual slavery

It's been three years since my mother disappeared from our lives. I was the last person who spoke to her before she left the house for her appointment at the nail salon. She was getting a manicure and pedicure in preparation for the annual Christmas party thrown by the company where my dad worked. My mom, as always, wanted to look her best. After she got her nails done, she was supposed to...Read On