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About me? Well, as you can see, I'm getting a bit creaky now, but thankfully still have all my marbles. Well, most of them. Left school at 14 and went straight into the Post Office as a telegram lad. (Ask your Grandad)
Served in the RAF and the Navy in WW2, came back to the Post Office and served in various departments and retired as a junior manager.
Now a widower with two daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
And if you ask what I'm doing on here at my age, I'll tell you, - having the time of my life discovering new things, and new friends.

I came into computering quite late. I bought my first computer about five years ago, just before my wife died, since then it has been a continuing source of information and pleasure, opening up a world of which I was completely ignorant. Of course the inevitable porn, which shocked and amazed me, and eventually led me to sites like this, but also the sheer amount of information available. So much to discover, if you want it. I'm an absolute amateur in the ways of the computer, but I'm learning slowly, with the invaluable help of my friends. One very dear friend in particular.

Friends. PLEASE, - LADIES ONLY. I like having friends but I'm not into collecting them just to build the numbers up. I want just a few to whom I can talk and have a few laughs with, so if you are interested, please lets have a few chats and get to know each other before requesting me for a friend.
One very special friend I must mention is Littleluce. Lucy is a very dear friend whom I've known from the start of my ventures into cyber space. She is kind, caring and has always been a very special girl. Bless you Lucy, you're a gem.

Frank G
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South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Used to be a great DIYer Used to do it myself, before there were any DIYers. Also have a wood lathe and do a bit of wood turning, - mushrooms, candlesticks, tubs, vases, anything round from drumsticks to baseball bats!
Not so active now. Now it's more reading, Sudoku, logic puzzles, television and computer.

Sexual interests.
I've got to admit I like to watch porn, now I've found it. Love to talk to sexy ladies of any age about anything to do with sex. Except scat.
I can get down and dirty with the best. Anything you want to tell me. Don't be shy.
Favorite Books:
Favourite books? A fairly wide range of reading. Nelsons navy, - Hornblower and his contemporaries; historical and pre-historical, adventure, science fiction. Not all that keen on detective novels but like TV 'tecs.
One series of books I would recommend to anyone, - the 'Earths Children'. Five books set at the dawn of mankind, starting with The Clan of the Cave bear.
Favorite Authors:
The author of the above mentioned books. Jean M Auel. The amount of research gone into is fantastic.
Science fiction; The master,- Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clark
Naval fiction; C S Forrester, Alexander Kent, Patrick O'Brian, Dudley Pope.
Favorite Movies:
Don't go to the movies now, but used to like musicals, - Oklahoma, Calamity Jane, Carousel, etc.
Favourite TV Shows:
Morse, Endeavour, Poirot, Sherlock, Casualty. Some of the old ones they keep repeating, - Sharpe, Cadfael, Lovejoy. Just taken up Big Bang Theory, - love it!
Favorite Music:
Light/popular classics, ballads, brass or military bands. Can't stand most modern music. Can't understand why young people need to go around wearing earphones all the time having music thumped into their heads. OK, so I'm an old fuddy duddy!
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31 Jul 2014
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10 10 10 10 10 10 +++++++ ad infinitum Big Hugs Big Hugs

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My wonderful man....
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