First Time(1)


Office Sex

Office sex with boss

Office Sex I wake up and start getting ready for work. I work as an office receptionist for this big office complex downtown. I hop in the shower feeling the hot water splashing down on me. I take the soap and wash my body. I am feeling every part of my body and wishing someone was with me. My hands rubbing my breasts but again wishing they were his. He is this very sexy man who works at...Read On

Love Poems(1)


A First Broken Heart

We all have our first broken heart.

Everyone will have a sad point in their lives, and the experience of it will be different for all of us. And ya know what? It's probably going to be one of the worst things that you will have to go through. Not going to lie about it. When you get your heart broken, it feels like it was shattered into a million pieces. You feel like the sun won't come out tomorrow, but it does. It's...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Italy Birthday


It's February the 18th. I am on my way to the airport to catch a plane to visit a wonderful man for his birthday. My plane takes off but I have a long flight ahead of me. It's an overnight flight and as luck has it, I do fall asleep on the plane. When I wake up we have one hour 'til landing. It is now early, February the 19th. I go freshen up in the washroom. The plane lands in Italy, I go...Read On



His Heart In Mine

A friend in my heart.

I have had a rough day and it is becoming the twilight time of night. I have a little dinner, open a bottle of wine, grab my phone and go sit out by the pool. I turn the radio on and just listen to beautiful music and empty my mind of today's problems. It is getting dark and I decide to hop in the pool. There is one problem, I don't have a bathing suit on and you know what? I don't care....Read On


Christmas Eve

A Christmas never to forget.

Christmas Eve I am 58 years old and have been dating this lovely man for three years. As the years have gone by every Christmas Eve is a special night for the both of us. So that special night is among us both again. This year is going to be different. I am going to surprise him with something different. It is December 23 rd and I wake up to my cell phone ringing. It is him and he asks...Read On


Our England Days Together

First time meeting

Our England Days Together. This story is dedicated to MT in Malta. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I am meeting someone for the first time after knowing him for two and half years or so. I have just taken off from Berlin, Germany airport on my way to Heathrow airport in England. The plane takes off and I'm on my way. I am a little nervous with all this. In flight,...Read On


Queen By Day Slut By Night

Dream come true

QueenBy Day Slut By Night I chat with this wonderful man and have for over two years now. We meet up whenever we can but because of time difference it is very hard. But when we do it is so hot and spicy and in my mind he is really with me. I imagine him walking in my bedroom and I am lying in bed with only a sheet over me. Our pact now is when we meet for the first time and he gives me...Read On