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06 Mar 2014 05:20

Between cumming and going, I always prefer cumming.

26 Feb 2014 09:05

Most Americans support gay marriage. I could kind of go for a honeymoon vacation, myself.

23 Feb 2014 09:12

Oh, I want to suck that big cock for you, boy. Now, pull it out and show it to me, baby.

18 Feb 2014 04:13

Happiness is a hard man to cum by.

17 Feb 2014 04:18

I like big men with big cocks who give me big loads of cum.

12 Feb 2014 10:59

A girl and her panties soon go different ways for a big, handsome man with a nice cock.

11 Feb 2014 21:55

I have a problem with my pussy. It keeps turning into a dick. I guess you'll have to fuck my ass tonight.

10 Feb 2014 05:15

I'm always looking for new cum buddies. Show me your big cocks, boys.

09 Feb 2014 11:17

When a man wants to fuck you, it's a compliment to any girl or guy or girly boy.

06 Jan 2014 05:23

I enjoy playing the female role in sex with men, sucking their cocks for them and fucking them good.

31 Dec 2013 08:02

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve celebration!!! Welcome 2014!

27 Dec 2013 05:48

I like seeing pictures of big cocks.

08 Dec 2013 13:31

I love to be daddy's little dick-loving slut for all the daddies I can get.

06 Dec 2013 21:34

Like most girls, I want a man to love me for my ass, my tits and my face. What brains?

05 Dec 2013 21:38

I want cock the way girls do, only I want it more. I want cum the way girls do, only I want it more.