courtneyfux's Blog Entries

05 Dec 2013 11:10

I think cock juice is delicious. And I want all I can get.

05 Dec 2013 09:23

Clitties, dickies, titties; us girlyboys have all three. We want men who are glad about it.

04 Dec 2013 19:03

A hard dick in a sexy pair of panties always looks good. Every girl should have one.

02 Dec 2013 05:19

Every girl has a sweet little hole between her legs where she wants a man to have her. And so do I.

21 Nov 2013 14:07

I'm having a party in my panties this weekend and I want lots of men to cum.

19 Nov 2013 19:12

Does every girl's clitty ache for men like mine does?

18 Nov 2013 11:04

I don't know why but every time I wear sexy panties I want to suck dick. Can anyone tell me why?

18 Nov 2013 00:18

Every girl wants to be with her Daddy. And I want to be with every girl's Daddy.

17 Nov 2013 01:17

Spread the rumor: Courtney Fux wants to fuck every big, strong man she can get.

14 Nov 2013 18:59

I love being with bonerfide men.

14 Nov 2013 12:48

I'm having a ho-hum day. That's when I feel like a ho and I want to hum a big boner.

13 Nov 2013 22:49

I'm looking for a man who's hard to please.

12 Nov 2013 13:35

Kinky treat: I like to freeze my boyfriend's cum in the ice cube tray and suck on it for a sexy pleasure later.

11 Nov 2013 13:05

I'm looking for a sugar daddy who likes me to wear lingerie for him and to suck his cock for hours every day.

11 Nov 2013 13:03

I'm looking for a sugar daddy wholike me to wear lingerie for him and suck his cock for hours every day.