me and my brother reaquaint ourselves in the kitch

my brother fucks me hard in the kitchen after coming to visit, please read previous experiences firs

It was the next morning after my husband had found out about me and my brother and l’d found out he had had similar relationships with his family. We had been up most of the night talking, sharing old experiences whilst we made love and although we had both had hardly any sleep we were exhilarated. It was like getting to know each other all over again and we both felt a huge burden had...Read On


my brothers visits

what happened the night my brother came to visit me and my hubby after a long while (1)

The door bell rang and l rushed to answer it, he was there, standing in front of me, my brother, my ex lover. I felt the butterflies in my stomach like the old days when l saw him, my pussy was twitching, he came in dropped his bags and we hugged, kissed cheeks. God l wanted to kiss him properly, writing about him on Lush had made me ring him up and invite him to stay. I wanted to know...Read On


giving brother what he needed the next time

a few days after giving my brother a blowjob for the first time we took it further

It had been a few days since l had given my brother the blow job he had needed and nothing had been said between us, l even wondered if he could actually remember as he was drunk at the time. It was now the weekend, Friday night and everyone had gone out except me. Dad had gone away for the weekend and my brothers and sister were out on the town, l didn’t feel like going out, just to...Read On


giving my brother what he needed

true short story of when l gave my brother a blowjob

l'd always been close with my youngest brother and when he came home rather drunk and very upset one night it was me that he wanted to get comfort from. He'd split up with his girlfreind, the first proper girlfreind he had had and was crying as l hugged him. 'better get him to bed' said my mum and looked at me, 'l'll take him' l said. l took him upstairs having to help him as he was...Read On



my first time fingering myself in public

the first time l fingered myself in public on a train

l was on my way to london for a conference on the train, l'd managed to get a seat with a table and the train was quite busy. it's a long journey so l'd brought a book to read, l knew the book was about a sex clinic for people with problems in their sex lives, what l didn't know was how descriptive and deeply the book went into the patients sexual experiences, and l was getting more turned on...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


the workmen go to work

the workmen give both of my holes a filling in return for a cuppa

We are having a lot of work done on the house and l have taken time off work to be at home whilst its done. l haven't had sex for a couple of weeks and l have enjoyed flirting with the different workmen that come and then masturbating in my bedroom whilst they work away in another room, thinking about them fucking me.   The last few days John a 40something and Andy in his...Read On