Cullinan tells her story

Oh Daddy, you say you do not remember where it has been so long and so natural, I am not surprised. And so secret. And so beautiful. But surely you do remember? I call you Daddy, but you are not my father. My father is a bastard, a drunk and a thief. He stole my childhood, he and my grandfather, wasted the gift of youth by trying to destroy my self esteem, my mind and my body....Read On



A Secret Love Affair

You come to me without my asking - whenever you sense my need you are right. When you call I am ready, my time has always been yours. Ours has been a lifelong love affair, giving in the true sense of the word, and sharing what we can when it is right for us. I cannot remember the first time, for it has blurred into history, as if there never was a beginning, although there obviously was. As...Read On

Straight Sex(1)



A Country Afternoon

A hot afternoon out in the southern Cape countryside - dusty and thirsty on the road, and precious few places to stop. My regular coffee shop was an hour down the road amongst the vineyards, but I spied a small country hotel - you know the kind - open doors, no staff when you need them and just about staying in business...a place for a coke on the go and not much else. Pulling in amid a...Read On