daddiesbabygirl's Blog Entries

17 Feb 2014 09:17

So to catch you up...I had a baby boy while I was gone. BUT, now I'm back and ready to write!!!

13 Mar 2013 10:05

I'm all dolled up waiting on the mister

13 Mar 2013 07:21

Taking naught pictures got daddie

11 Mar 2013 14:12

I'm so horny being prego has really made me wanna fuck constantly

25 Feb 2013 09:20

I'm pregnant

29 Sep 2012 18:33

okay so ima get some pictures taken tomorrow and i'll put em up soon. but im dying my hair ASAP I'm thinking honey blonde

15 Sep 2012 09:53

rawr! guess what, daddie and i dyed my hair black! who wants pictures?!

02 Aug 2012 17:41

In one more week, I'll be 19

31 Jul 2012 19:11

uploaded new pictures. Now it's off to my bedd with Daddie's cock Heehee, trouble here I come

31 Jul 2012 19:03

thinking daddie needs to lick my cunt

26 Jul 2012 16:29

uploaded my first story

25 Jul 2012 18:40

I do what daddie says and always ask his permission so watch yourself :P

25 Jul 2012 16:15

my daddie just fucked me on my parent's couch it was fucking hot Who wants to lick the cum from my cunt

25 Jul 2012 13:40

I thinking my daddie should spank me and choke me with his big cock!!!