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23 Apr 2014 17:28

Hello everyone, I found a couple of days ago that Lush is no longer allowing Incest stories so if by any chance anyone was following my really small series I'll move it to a blog without this restrictions, beside that I was already having a hard time by the admins since they rejected my histories because of "Grammar" even when other authors kindly checked the grammar.

here is the URL: http://darkerxgli.blogspot.mx/

07 Mar 2014 21:07

Congratulations today to all those women around the world. Feliz dia de la Mujer

25 Sep 2013 21:25

I wish this one today's dinner...

24 Aug 2013 12:10

All the histories I've published here are about incest and due to that I've gotten some messages from other users asking the same questions: are they stories about you? do you have a sister? will you do the same as the stories?
Lets put things straight... yes, I have a sister; no, the stories are not about me and I would not do something as the things in my stories with her; I love her a lot but not that way.
She is beautiful but she has a really bad temper and we rarely see things the same way.
Incest does turn me on, but everyone can be sure I won't try it with her.

22 Sep 2012 13:17

Yesterday I found that LushStories has a sister site in spanish... I don't think I'll stop publishing here or visiting this one... because that one has 1/10 of the user this one has and with that 1/10 of the stories.. but is good to know that there are other spaces in my own languaje like this one.