The Morris Family - Chapter 3

So here we are, my sister and I make the two hour trip to see our brother just to find him going at it with our aunt and he asks, 'What brings you here?’ That is an excellent question, and to answer we need to go two weeks back. Two weeks earlier   It had been a couple of months since Annie and I found out our feelings for each other. Our being in the same house as Mom and Dad...Read On


Morris Family side story – Yuuko’s destiny

When Yuuko lost her family, a new one formed there to support her and love her

This is a spin off of the Morris Family, I wanted to put some background on Yuuko. Thanks to frogprince for his help editing it. I was raised to be the proper wife of a person I had never met. Behave well, don’t talk unless spoken to and don’t think more than what I am told. That was until I got the opportunity of my life and a view of the world that had been hidden from me forever. ...Read On


The Morris Family - Chapter 2

The night of his big surprise for her, he remebers everything about her.

Everybody told me I met her the day I was born but of course I don’t remember. My first memory of her was at five years old. She was six and we both were hiding behind our mothers skirts when we went on vacations to Mexico. That was until we ran to each other, my mother screaming “Mama” and her mother screaming “Maria”. She was introduced to me as “Tia Juana”. In my childish speak she was...Read On


The Morris Family - Chapter 1

He found the love of his life, but she have always been there next to him.

Hi, I'm Rob Morris and this is how I got to date the most beautiful girl I've ever met; it also happens to be my twin sister, Annie. I and my twin sister have been really close since we were kids. We played with each other seeing that our only brother is 7 years older than us and he moved to his own apartment as soon as he was 18 and started the university. Mom and dad met when she was...Read On