Group Sex(1)


Catching My Husband in the Act (Part 2)

I've been spying on my husband while he cheats for months.I knew that eventually I would get caught.

  A few months ago I caught my husband of 7 years, Mike, cheating on me with my best friend, Alexis. At first I thought the affair would be an easy way out of an exhausting, sexless marriage. I was planning to storm in on him right in the middle of his affair and make some big scene then make a direct trip to a divorce attorney's office. However, much to my surprise I was extremely turned on...Read On



Kaci and Me

A quick retelling of my first lesbian experience with my best friend, Kaci.

I have known Kaci since I was in sixth grade. I was kind of a socially awkward child that just kind of blended in with the walls. Nobody really picked on me but nobody really talked to me either. Kaci was in my homeroom and I envied her. She was everything I wanted to be. I still looked like a child while she was developing womanly attributes. Not only was she gorgeous but she was the...Read On



Catching My Husband in the Act

I catch my husband cheating on me but I'm not even mad, in fact I'm extremely turned on

Mike and I got married young. I was only 21 and he was 22. At the time, we didn't care. We thought that our relationship was invincible and that there was no logical reason to wait to get married. Things have changed over the past seven years though. Although I still love Mike very much, a lot of the romance in our lives has died. We rarely have sex, hell, we rarely make it through a whole...Read On