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04 Nov 2011 02:25

Chocolate surprise? Erotic surrender? Delightful champagne colored roses? Yes, a woman inspires the need to romance her; Capture your heart, mayhap trouble your mind, yet bring a smile at the end of your day, a woman persuades you to champion her; she'll entice and she'll plead, she'll mock and she'll tease, a woman will cause you to play with with the child within her; she'll caress and she'll soothe, encourage your mood; a woman will love everything but everything about you; it matters not if you win, she wants whats hidden, the heart of that man who will love her.

03 Oct 2011 22:56

Always attracted, first and foremost to the ability of an intelligent mind, I love erotic elegance when mixed with the mystery of sensual surprise and laced with the romantic interlude of playful innuendo; being both woman/girl and lover at one and the same time, I am careful of both feelings and heart, longing to explore the seemingly unexplorable...Never say, 'Never', for after all of that, comes....Wanna Bet?

29 Mar 2011 16:15

i am all woman, n far as i can tell ANY woman MAKES a man's world go ROUND n ROUND or ROUND for ROUND...depends on the mood YOU MEN, catch her in...she COULD BE your goddess, your warrior champion, your Lady, your Lover, your haven of rest, your Temptress, you True Frustration OR your unknown Nemisis..all depending of course...whatever state (of mind, body and mood you find her)...WHATEVER she is, she's SURE to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

22 Mar 2011 17:15

ELEGANCE defined by other women....

In a noisy, busy world, elegance gives pause to allow your best qualities to come through.

When a body is composed of parts smooth, polished and not pressing each other, without confusion, we call it elegant.

A thing that is elegant will not be laughed at. Elegance never appears forced, it appears easy and natural, even when it is not.

Elegance doesn’t need luxury or riches, but offers value, usefulness and purpose. It doesn’t imitate the beauty of nature, but it does celebrate it.

Elegance creates calm and focus of mind, and commands attention. It infers grace, simplicity of intent, inner beauty and approaching achievement.

15 Feb 2011 23:11

If you say that you can't ... Then, you absolutely Must ... Because the Word Can't .... Means that you limit yourself from your potential ... and Because you Must ... Then, you can't afford not to do it!