Group Sex(1)


Semester Break

College friends New Years Eve party turns into an orgy

This happened right before my wife, Billie Sue, and I were married. We were in college together-- going together-- seriously involved and very much in love. Billie Sue decided to throw a New Year's Eve Party at her parents' house. I hadn't initially planned to spend the holiday at her house-- I'd just met her folks at Thanksgiving and didn't want to seem pushy. But at the last minute,...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Yet Another Night in Cancun

Walking a lady back to her room at a resort.

"Hi." "Hi." "Listen, I'd like to have a wake-up call in Bungalow 7-D for 6 AM, please." "I'd love to wake you up at 6 AM , but unfortunately, I'm not one of the hostesses." "Oh, I'm sorry. You were sitting at the table and I just assumed that you...." "No, no don't apologize. Actually, I'm very complimented. I think that those girls are some of the most beautiful that I've...Read On

Wife Lovers(3)


Another Night in Cancun

Fun with another couple while on vacation

We met them on the beach, right after breakfast, on our very first day of vacation. Of course, I noticed they right away. Here we were on a tropical beach with all the amenities, sailing, diving, wind-surfing, boat-drinks and beautiful tanned, long-legged women in every direction. Except that none of them were skinny-dipping, only a couple were sun-bathing topless, and most of them were...Read On


The Screen Porch

My wife entertains when the guys sleep over

It happened several years ago. A good friend of my wife and mine was between apartments for a few months. Dick knew he would be moving out of town before any lease he could get would be up. So we said, what the hell, and invited him to live with us. The house we were renting had an enclosed front porch that you entered from our living room, but not from outside. By throwing a mattress on...Read On



Couple shares a stranger while on vacation

He was seated with us at supper. We'd run into him several times during the past few days. He was personable, funny, and she admitted, attractive. "Hello. Nice to see you two this evening." "Good to see you again, too." "What's on your agenda for the evening?" "Not much. Dinner. A couple of drinks. Back to the room. What about you?" "About the same, I expect." "Not going to try to...Read On