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Born and bred in Dublin but moved to the UK when I was 17 , waiting on the day I can return home hehe

I love reading love stories , anything from a teens first love and their first time or a boss and employee who just can't keep their hands off each other. I also love a little affaire stories or something where the passion between two characters just gets too much for them to bear. They are the stories I love to read and hopefully one day write.

I have never felt so supported and loved, thank you to every single person who has been with me through these hard times. you make me so happy and I know I am blessed to have you in my life.

Relationship Status:
Reading , writing , watching tv , going to the cinema , spending times with friends , walking , dancing , clubbing , shopping.
Favorite Books:
50 Shades of Grey , The lovely Bones , The Hunger Games , The Notebook , Dear John , Safe Haven , Bared to you , Reflected in you , Entwined with you , Beautiful disaster , Walking Disaster , Barely Breathing , Reason to Breath , The Da Vinci Code , Angels and Demons
Favorite Authors:
Dan Brown , E L James , Sylvia Day , Nicolas Sparks , Stephanie Myer , Suzanne Collins , Jamie McGuire
Favorite Movies:
Safe Haven , The Notebook , The lovely bones , The Da Vinci code , Angels and Demons , Fallen , Grown ups , Dear John
Favorite Music:
The Co , The Kooks , The Killers , B.O.B , Bruno Mars , Eminem , Paramore , Lawson , Katy Perry , Muse , Blink 182
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09 Jul 2013
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Topic: A warning for all males on Lush from a common phenomenon.
Posted: 24 Mar 2014 08:38

And there you go again with your arrogance. If you have a right to post what they want, so do they. So quit being so butthurt and get over it. It's a comment on a forum, not a d*ck. Don't take it so hard.

Thank you for defending my post and me x

Topic: A warning for all males on Lush from a common phenomenon.
Posted: 24 Mar 2014 08:38

If you are posting then at least read the thread. I'm not going to keep quiet when women jump on the "it must be the guys fault" bandwagon. If you are then that's your right but don't expect me to.

Okay you need to calm the hell down now. Never did I say it was his fault so I kindly ask you take that comment back. And secondly I can read and I did read this thread and I wrote what I thought was a needed response, and like most men in the world you have decided to blow it way out of peroration and start accusing me of things I am not doing.

If you want to respond to this then fine but I am done reading what you have to say sorry.

And to Muffinman who posted this forum topic I am sorry its become such a heated forum, I have spoken with you privately and I hope you can forgive me if I insulted you in anyway.

Dublin_Girl xx

Topic: What is your current wallpaper on your phone/computer?
Posted: 23 Mar 2014 12:56

Cell - my new puppy Noah

Laptop - an old photo of me, my dad and my little sister

Topic: Agree/disagree
Posted: 23 Mar 2014 12:40

Agree, bad sex is torture

Being a bitch to other women is unattractive to men

Topic: How would you rate the avatar above, bland.. good.. funny... or perfect?
Posted: 23 Mar 2014 12:37

i'm going to go with creative :) x

Topic: Drink, Date or Fuck no passing!
Posted: 23 Mar 2014 12:37

Drink i think , hey that rhymed xx

Topic: Dominate or to be dominated or pass the above person?
Posted: 23 Mar 2014 12:35

i don't really know how to dominate someone so i guess i'll be dominated hehe x

Topic: cities game
Posted: 23 Mar 2014 12:34

Yacuiba.... apparently its in Bolivia hehe xx

Topic: A warning for all males on Lush from a common phenomenon.
Posted: 23 Mar 2014 12:22

Why bother to post a comment if you find this thread stupid?
Your comment shows that you too haven't read through the thread. You've simply hit the keyboard without engaging the grey matter. Jumping on a sexist bandwagon assuming the guy is to blame! Ridiculous.

I posted because i think its stupid and i have the right to say what i think, just like you have the right to post your response.

By the way though next time you want to accuse me of being sexist, how about you send it to me and not hide behind a forum post.....

Topic: Girls, do u like sleeping naked? What do u usually wear to bed?
Posted: 19 Mar 2014 15:43

I use to sleep in a cami and shorts but then i discovered Ann Summers bedtime range and was won over my their lace nighties and silk camis. Most guys think women wear those sorta things for them but honestly they are so comfy! so yea to answer i'm usually in a lace nightie or something soft and feminine xx

Unless its cold.... then i'm in my onsie! xx

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Stories Published By Dublin_Girl
Apartment with three - The Apartment series chapter 3

Soft kisses wake me from my slumber, tingles instantly rushing over my skin as his soft lips make their way along my shoulders before travelling down my back at a deliciously slow pace, I can’t help but moan at the sensation. “Mmmm, good morning,” I whisper softly. I hear his soft laughter and my heart instantly melts God, I am in way too deep with this man. “Morning sleeping beauty, did...

Added 08 Jan 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 1,885 | 10 Comments

Apartment 13 - The Apartment series chapter 2

 “Beth you have another delivery!” shouts my flatmate Kelly. I stop proofreading my latest article and get up to go to her. Rounding the corner of my bedroom door and entering our living/dining room, I spot her at the front door holding a huge bouquet of red roses, my stomach instantly sinks and I stop dead in my tracks. “Please tell me they have been sent to the wrong address,” I...

Added 27 Nov 2013 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.63 | Views 2,619 | 6 Comments

Apartment 23 - The apartment series chapter 1

The morning sun breaks through my wood blinds, streaming in over my thick white duvet and up into my eyes, waking me instantly.  Groaning in annoyance I pull my duvet over my head, wishing I could sleep for days and days, however that just isn’t possible. I rustle up a quick burst of energy and throw my duvet away from my body, jumping out of bed and gasping as the cold air hits my...

Added 16 Oct 2013 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 40 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 4,412 | 28 Comments

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Happy Birthday Catherine
have a great day

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Happy Birthday Catherine! have a great day x
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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.

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Thinking of you

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It's time to celebrate

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While i was golfing

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I hope the bar does not have a shirt policy
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