Daddy and his girls, final part

Part of my soap opera, hope you've enjoyed it

As the girls left the bedroom dressed in only bikini bottoms and a towel, but carrying clean vest tops, they heard the front door open. "It's only me" I shouted. "Course it is," Jenny said, "no one else has a key". "What are you two up to ?" I asked seeing my girls walk past wrapped in towels. "It's a lovely day, we're gonna top up our tans. Didn't think you'd be home yet "...Read On


Daddy and his girls 4

This is becoming a soap opera, not how it was planned, just turned out this way

Jenny is dumb struck. Her hand is now just dormant inside her sisters pussy, any thoughts of locating the g-spot have vanished. How can she answer this ? What exactly did Sky hear ? Sky now sees her chance to take control. Sky's attempts at loving other girls were all initiated by her, but the past day or so, with her smaller, younger sister, has been dominated by Jenny's actions. ...Read On


Daddy and his girls 3

May be a bit long, let me know, I'm still learning.

As I opened my eyes, there are Jenny's shins just inches away. Last night and yesterday came flooding back to me. Jenny, my petite 17 year old daughter and my lover for over 6 months, naked in my bed. Sky, my elder daughter, Jenny's half sister due to an affair I had over 19 years ago, asleep in the bedroom next door. They met for the first time yesterday and twice managed to...Read On


Daddy and his girls part 2

Need to read part 1 first, part 3 will follow, now scene is set.

As I set the boxes of pizza on the dining table, I'm a bit annoyed that Jenny hasn't even got cokes out, or found the pizza cutter. I bet the girls have just been sat gossiping, but I won't make an issue out of it, we have to cope with our love and the presence of my elder daughter too. I do love Jenny so very much, and our life could be ruined if our secret got out, so we need to...Read On


Daddy and his girls

Not my usual genre, but as i enjoy reading them, I thought I'd try writing one, let me know

For nearly 6 months, Jenny, my 17 year-old daughter and I, have been enjoying our love. I have watched as she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. We explore our true feelings for each other, and manage a conventional life to the outside world. I still go to work, Jenny, has made good progress in her college. Her petite frame delayed her passage into womanhood and made her the target...Read On



More London Lovers

This story needs to be read after the first chapter, London Lovers.

Leaving dressing room six, we handed the two sets of lingerie not required to the usher. She took them without returning a look of any kind. Polly and I looked at each other, then at the black set I am about to buy for her birthday. We are both the wrong side of fifty, but the smiles on our faces could belong to a couple of nineteen year olds, who have gotten away with adventurous sex...Read On


London Lovers, part 1

This is part 1, pt 2 is written, pt 3 is a work in progress. Comments please.

The trip had been planned for over ten months, ever since the success of the London Olympics, and now finally you're all here in England. You, your husband, and two of your sons, have been here a week. You caught the last few days of Wimbledon, you've seen the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, in fact, you've all done the tourist trail together, but today for each...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Martin and Sally

This is my first story in ages, may be a bit too long, so comments please.

Sally is a 24 year old nurse, petite in stature, but a giant in experimentation, Martin is 52 and eager to please, and the teller of their tale. You drive home from work, eager with the knowledge I was waiting for you. You had given me a key to let myself in, but you knew, it was your house, your pussy, so your rules, no matter what I devised, you knew ultimately you could stop anything...Read On