Massage Fantasy

This is a fantasy. It’s true that for about twenty years I was a regular at massage parlors where the ladies worked nude and gave me a hand job at the end. That was until the authorities shut them down in the city where I live. But it’s based on what one of the ladies told me one day: That one of the newer ladies opened the door to the reception area and her Dad was there in the waiting room....Read On


Massage Fantasy Continued

This is another fantasy. Please read my earlier one. In writing these, I am obviously drawing on my experiences at sensual massage parlors. And, in the attitudes is express towards my fantasy daughter, I am reflecting my attitude towards the ladies. I always appreciated what they did for me. In the week after I received a massage from my daughter, I had conflicted feelings. After all,...Read On


Massage Fantasy Continued Again

Over the next few months, I become one of my daughter’s regulars at the massage parlor. I continued to see other ladies but I saw her at least twice a month and more often as time passed. Once in a while, she would pass me in the hallway when I was with another lady and give me a smile. A couple of times when I was with another lady, she poked her head into the massage room to say hello. I...Read On


Massage Fantasy Finale

This one is shorter but a lot of fun! When I got to my daughter’s place, I quickly realized that it wasn’t for lunch. She peeked through the peephole then stepped back and opened the door. She was wearing an even briefer, sexier outfit than she wore at the massage parlor. She wore only a bra and very brief panties. I could clearly see her hard nipples through the bra and her pubic...Read On


Incest Fantasy I

My daughter was as good as her word.

My daughter was as good as her word. The next time I went to her place for “lunch” she gave me a blow job. We did all the usual preliminaries. We showered each other and gave each other massages. Then I gave her an orgasm orally and then it was my turn. She have me one of the most delicious blow jobs of my life. She licked me up and down several times, including my scrotum. She took my...Read On


Incest Fantasy II

My Wife Becomes a Masseuse

As I said in an earlier story, once I started my affair with my daughter, I usually went to the massage parlor in the evening because I usually went to my daughter's apartment in the middle of the day to make love to her. But one day, I decided to go to the massage parlor in the middle of the day and I got an even bigger shock than when my daughter came through the door. My wife came through...Read On


Incest Fantasy III

My Son Enters the Picture

As several months passed, I continued my affair with my daughter. I was making love to both my wife and my daughter and they both knew it. At home, we all acted as if everything was the same as before. The only exception was the whispered conversations between myself and my wife in bed. We both asked each other what we enjoyed about nude massage. I told her that I loved watching the...Read On


Back to the Massage Parlor

As the months went by, all of my family became a lot more casual about nudity and sex around the house. We had all been nude with each other and each of us men had made love to both of the women. My wife, for example, would walk nude from the bathroom to our bedroom even when she knew that our son would see her. And he deliberately exposed himself to her many times. Once in a while,...Read On