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10 Oct 2012 05:26

Sunny outside but don't be fooled. The lighter of my winter coats made its seasonal debut today

21 Sep 2012 04:24

I am the milkman of human kindness. I will leave an extra pint for you

19 Sep 2012 07:28

"I've always been impressed with a girl who can sing for her supper and get breakfast as well. That's the way I am, heaven help me"

18 Sep 2012 00:52

"We'll always be together, however far it seems. We'll always be together. Together in electric dreams"

15 Sep 2012 07:32

09 Sep 2012 18:11

So that was London 2012. I will remember these past 6 weeks for as long as I live.

02 Sep 2012 23:35

The people at the paralympics are going to see my legs today. I apologise in advance for any distress caused

31 Aug 2012 16:15

tired and aching, but it's a big weekend ahead so happy face and best foot forward!

26 Aug 2012 06:55

when you have those days when it feels like the Universe is shitting on you, it's worth remembering days like today: when it feels as if you won first prize in the great galactic lottery.

20 Aug 2012 05:06

It's Monday Monday gotta feel down on Monday. Everybody's pining for the weekend weekend ..... well at least until an amazing chat with a friend on lush

20 Aug 2012 01:30

It appears to be Monday again. Bugger

11 Aug 2012 16:18

Welcome back Lush. Now don't do it again!

10 Aug 2012 12:56

Lurgy - not impressed

08 Aug 2012 16:34

I want a teleport right now. Failing that someone give me a concorde .

06 Aug 2012 16:22

Off to the Olympics baby! Usain Bolt, here I come!!!