A Millionaire's Gardener

He wasn't around for her birthday... She was not amused.

She adjusted her earrings he had brought home from his travel to Japan. The reflection of the mirror proved her majestic features to be very well emphasized by the black Armani ball gown she had bought just for this evening. Once again, she was forced by the unwritten laws and codes of the Swiss high society to play the happy wife of her successful husband. She was already horrified to meet...Read On



Coming Home (After all these Years - Part III)

Three years after the family drama…

Note: this story can be read without knowing part I or II Three years had passed since my parents had found out about me and my brother being lovers. It had happened a few days after my 19 th birthday as my brother and I came back from our trip to the Maldives. Anyway… A huge bunch of things one worse than the other were initiated by the revelation of our secret. I had given up...Read On


Summer vacation (After all these Years - Part II)

After lots of demands to continue this story I finally made it! =)

Note: it can be read without knowing part 1. Almost one year had passed since my brother and I started our secret relationship. We made the greatest efforts possible not to get noticed by anyone who might know or tell on us. I spent almost every week end at his house often using excuses like spending my leisure time with friends or simply wanting to see my brother a little more often. ...Read On


After all these years

After all these years he finally brings himself to confess his feelings

This is my re-edited very first story, written in the perspective of a female character. I hope you don't mind it got so damn long... Enjoy! Mike started to kiss me fiercely and tried to take off my top with his hand. I felt his other hand pushing hard into my crotch. “Could you please cut it off? I don’t feel ready for that, alright?” I said in a rather annoyed tone. “C’mon babe,...Read On

Love Stories(1)


At the Bar: an unexpected encounter…

He got to his favourite bar not expecting who he was about to meet...

It had been a beautiful sunny day, nothing to get worried about, except that my wife Heather had gone and taken with her everything she could. And she had gone for good, only leaving me a letter in which she had written her last goodbyes. I had also found her promise ring and a divorce certificate in the envelope. So I was left to raise our little daughter Liz all on my own. This task...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Picture This

You're sitting on your usual spot in your favorite bar. This time no one came along. It's just you, you and the variety of familiar faces in this little oasis of relaxation. You know all these people, well... actually just their names. And they know you, at least they know your name as well – that's it for the social part. Your eyes slowly scan the whole crowd from the corner you're sitting...Read On

Straight Sex(8)


The Tales From The Tavern: She Saw Me Kissing Her Dad

It was a calm night. Only a handful of customers had found their way into big ol' Tom's tavern; just a few people sharing some short episodes of their lives while having a beer or two. That was until a young woman in her mid twenties appeared. Her shaky feet gave away her insecurity. Hesitantly, she was slowly heading for the bar. “This is the bar. So that makes you big ol' Tom?” she...Read On


The Tales From The Tavern: I Lied To You

The tavern was loaded that night. Babette, the waitress, was running in all directions, hardly keeping up with the orders of the customers. While the dining room was pretty crowded, only five people were sitting at the bar that was also belonging to the tavern. It was called 'Big ol' Tom's tavern – the place where stories are told'. Big ol' Tom's customers had always been telling stories; it...Read On


The accident at the Hot Springs (Part III)

A surprise, unpleasant at first glance, spices up the affair...

The next days were filled with calls, scheduling, getting used to my new life, and preparing everything for my new part-time job as a phone support assistant for an internet provider. I had to make some money to afford my studies in physics I was about to begin six weeks later. Luckily in my country the university fees were not very high, and I had already made a significant amount of cash...Read On


The accident at the Hot Springs (Part II)

15 weeks later: the second date

Unlike the first chapter, part II is purely fictional… Fifteen weeks later, on a Friday evening in July, finally the day I’d finish my military service had come. Oh boy did that feel grrrreat!! The atmosphere was filled with the eagerness to go home of five hundred soldiers of the rescue battalion 75. The tension was almost unbearable. It was only a matter of time until our...Read On


The accident at the Hot Springs (Part I)

She looked longingly into his hungry eyes… And he took his chance!

Note: Some content of this story is true... It happened on an Easter Sunday during my ‘Easter vacation’, which meant four days off service, and a good chance to go home and relax. In my country it is common to complete two years of military service. I had tried to do the best of it, and had applied for the rescue troops. We were taught how to get casualties out of the debris of...Read On


The Angel And The Rose

He went to remember his childhood dreams... And found an angel.

It all started in the middle of August . My best friend Tim and I had decided to spend the weekend at a lake where I had some kind of smallish cottage. The whole area had been owned by my family for generations. So basically there was no one – or let’s just say very few people – trespassing on that land strip. It wasn’t a huge lake; it was more like a big pond in a very secluded place...Read On


The Numbers Game

As he accepted the chat request he certainly didn't know what he had agreed to...

The past weeks had been terrible. My wife Suzie – well I should say ex-wife at that point – and I had just passed through all that divorce crap. It had taken us several months to get it all settled. It felt as if we had wasted more time fixing all that rights-stuff than during our three years of marriage . Well, at last it was over yet but I didn't really know how to feel about it. I...Read On


The Photo Session

How could he know taking pictures of his best friend and his wife could be so hot...?

My third story. It got a bit shorter this time. As always,don't be shy to criticise me in any way. Enjoy! My Name is Tom, I’m 35. I’m a professional porn and erotic photographer. I’ve taken sets of any kind of acts; straight sex, gay couples, lesbian couples, BDSM, whatever. Anything enhancing my already quite thick portfolio was great. My own favorite sets were straight sex,...Read On



The Tales From The Tavern: Sleep Now, My Kitten, Sleep

It was a Friday night. More customers than usual had found their way into big ol' Toms tavern. The tavern wasn't exactly overflowing though. The old man himself was the calmness in person, easily keeping pace with the ever recurring orders. “As usual,” some may say. One particular lady had been sitting at the bar the whole evening long, listening to all kinds of stories told by all kinds...Read On



My sister's boyfriend - My girlfriend's sister

They crave each other, but he's her sister's boyfriend - and much older...

Note: This story is told from two different views. The girl's view will be in standard character, the guy's view in italic . I could hear the familiar sonorous roar of Ryan's convertible Camaro. The first time my elder sister Amy had brought him home, I had immediately recognized what a great man he was. He was twenty-eight, around six feet tall, athletic, smart, funny – and he had a hell of...Read On


Doing the math

He was her tutor; she was smart and hot...

My eyes flew over the bunch of students – freshmen, all of them. We were in a small room located in the mathematical institution of the University of Basel, Switzerland. My job was to tutor a small group of students, and help them with their math exercises. It was my first time as a tutor. I was one of five, each tutoring a group of a little less than a dozen students. I noticed only one...Read On



Fifteen years after his wife died, he meets a young girl that reminds him of her...

This is my second story. Don't be shy to critisize me. I know it got damn long again... Sorry... Enjoy it anyway! This story happened around fifteen years after my wife Karen had died. She had died of an unwanted abortion together with our unborn little daughter. I’d been to her gravestone at the cemetery once a week ever since. After she had died I never got into a new relationship, it...Read On