First Time(1)



My version of an experience at college when I briefly dated a member of the Baptist Student Union.

Baptism They knew each other; they had a class together -but not as well as they thought. He knew she was religious, active in one of the campus student chapels, and somewhat conservative. She didn’t wear any obvious makeup and he had never seen her wearing stockings. She knew or at least suspected that he wasn’t a regular churchgoer and while he seemed nice - there was a hint of the...Read On

Group Sex(3)


I Admit It, I Made A Mistake - Maybe It Was the Making of Me

Sometimes it's the mistakes we make that truly shape the rest of our lives

I admit it – it was a mistake, I made a mistake. At least, I sometimes think it was a mistake. Sometimes I think it was the making of my life. I got drunk – in a bar – and started talking with some total stranger about my life. But he’s a total stranger, right? Doesn’t know me, doesn’t know where I live, or anything about me – except perhaps what I might tell him and for all he knows...Read On


Do You Want to Play a Game?

Not all gamers are created equal, especially when sex is on the table.

It was exactly the situation he had longed for, for months, and he and Beth now sat together alone on her couch and yet still he hesitated. Although he was very attracted to her independent, sassy attitude and her shapely compact figure, he really wasn’t sure that she was interested in him even after all this time. Yet he looked at her close-fitting jeans, the nice soft blouse that fit...Read On


One for the Money, Two for the Show, Three to Get Ready, and Foursome to Go

A first time for several things among friends swapping and swinging for the first time.

As Robert and Sue approached the house, he paused to note its neat appearance, appropriate for the well-off neighborhood. Sue rang the doorbell as he caught up, and Beth quickly opened the door, trying apparently not to conceal her anticipation. She was wearing nice slacks and a pullover top. They greeted each other, nervously, but in a friendly manner and clearly not for the first time, as...Read On



Phone Tag - You’re “It”

You never know who's calling - either on the phone or not and what they have in mind.

It was not their first night together, nor their last - but it in hindsight it was closer to their last than to their first. If not yet growing away from each other they were now accustomed to each other, comfortable. They had started on the couch, kissing, touching -they might once have called it necking - and now as it often did it led them upstairs to her bedroom. Once there she...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


On the Road - Together Again (part one)

Road trips can take various forms and almost always take longer than you think without a distraction

Robert was enjoying that new car smell as he pulled out on to the highway that would lead north out of Atlanta. He had always enjoyed solo highway driving – especially if he could pick the music – either a good radio station or he could try out the new CD player. Of course, he would have to stop to pick up some CDs as he hadn’t put any of his in his luggage on this trip. The car was great,...Read On


Is That My Mail in Your Pocket, or are You Just Glad to See Me?

Interesting to know how friendly you can get to be with your neighbors just by acting friendly.

Hearing the chime, Robert went to the door, pausing briefly to look out the peephole - a veteran city dweller wanting to see who was outside his door. He recognized his neighbor, Sue, for whom he often held packages and mail that had been left at her door. He also recognized the long, red silk dressing gown from the lingerie catalogues often included in her mail. He had often wondered what...Read On


Love, Lust and the Volkswagen Beetle

Perhaps it was something you could only do when you were young - first time sex in a VW Beetle.

He was feeling very unsure of himself and still uncertain as to what was happening much less why, and he tried to conceal his surprise. After months of lustful longing, some frustrated and feeble attempts,and finally apparently losing her to one of his best friends; here he was alone with Jill, in her car, in a secluded parking spot apparently well known to her. She was offering her lips to...Read On


Phone Tag

It was clearly and simply a relationship based upon sex - at least for him.

Her name was Sue. Her voice had a gentle, southern lilt - whether real or not, he didn’t know, and didn’t really care - he liked it. Her blonde hair was cut short, but not close to the head. She was wearing a long, silk dressing gown - white - that she had put on after he watched her take off her dress and stockings. He knew that all she had on underneath it were a lacy bra and very...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


It's not Personal, It's Business - but what kind of business?

Watching my wife engage with a business contact, I realize her contact considers it a tagteam event.

The party had been going on for quite a while, everyone drinking heavily, especially the host. Actually Robert was surprised to still be there at all, after just about everyone else had left. Yet here he was still at the party and dancing with his host’s college age daughter who happened to be visiting her father. His wife, Mary Lee, was dancing with Clive, their host and the father. Or...Read On