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21 Jun 2014 04:25

We reached my car in the enclosed garage and I gently pinned Kerry against the side and we resumed our kissing. This time, in the relative nocturnal solitude of the lot, our kisses were more urgent, hungry, impassioned. I slid the spaghetti strap down of of Kerry's bronzed shoulder and began to trail soft kisses down the nape of her neck, her collarbone, and the top of her chest. I glanced up to see her looking at me intently, subtly guiding my face to her gravity-defying breast.

She took her free hand and lowered the strap below her left tit, and I sucked on it tenderly, tracing small circles with my tongue around and around her pert nipple. She sighed lightly as I felt her body warm, and I tried to slip my hand beneath her dress to caress those toned thighs, but she stopped me by wriggling out of my embrace, her ample left boob still exposed.

"My nipples send nasty messages to my clit, and my clit is already ready to combust. If you keep going, we might get arrested. And if we're going to get arrested, it's going to be at the end of this weekend, not before. Let's get home,

20 Jun 2014 05:30

I need to get out of these wet clothes.

27 Dec 2013 05:48

To those that request friendship, you should know that I am not here to see how many friends I can get. So I will not typically accept any request that does not have some Profile Content. I prefer adding female authors.

24 Dec 2013 02:38

11 Dec 2013 06:06


Great place to shop!

05 Nov 2013 03:53

I would appreciate any suggestion for a collection of erotic short stories written from a woman's perspective. I prefer a small paperback. I am leaving for an "adults only" resort in a couple of weeks and am not sure about the internet access. Reading stimulates me so much.

I am brown all over now except for this one patch.

27 Oct 2013 12:47


This was one of my favorites of Lou Reed's

27 Oct 2013 12:39

I let him go chest diving.....

27 Oct 2013 12:33


OMG. I need to browse and pull out hubby's credit card

27 Sep 2013 06:18

One is good Two was really good

22 Sep 2013 04:57

I don't know why my chat window won't open guys. I don't chat much, but I at least would like to tell you that rather than have you think I am just rude.

21 Sep 2013 13:57

I need something to ride other than my horses.

04 Sep 2013 03:32

I love the Reluctance genre.

31 Dec 2010 06:54

Going back and looking at the past two New Years' sex tapes.

03 Jul 2010 03:38

It is time to write something new.

03 Jul 2010 03:37


13 Jun 2010 05:51


14 Feb 2010 04:13

Can't wait to open Valentine's Day gift. He has great taste and usually buys something I will want to model......before taking it off.

29 Jan 2010 15:55

Sure would like to go back to The Homestead. What fun! What sex!

19 Jan 2010 02:30

Time to do another story now that the holidays are over and the kids are back in school. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Wondering whether to use another real-life story to embellish or just go with a fantasy?

07 Jan 2010 02:18

When is Lush going to approve my most recent submission? It is a MILF category that has a bit of Reluctance in it.

03 Jan 2010 11:20

trying to decide on the theme of my next story: MILF Stories, Wife Lovers or Reluctance