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Erotic Poems


Pure pleasure

Mmm yes baby..

Leaning against you feeling my back pressed your chest. As I look up into your eyes, feeling lost like I was hypnotized. You lean forward placing, a soft kiss on my forehead. I smile up at you as I feel your arms wrap around me. You run your fingers up and down The sides of my breast. You press your lips against mine As you start to rub and squeeze my nipples. Sliding your hand over...Read On


Blissful Sex

Two people in love

A couple together lust for each other, Two people who are hot and sexy lovers. Together they make each other's heart flutter. He tells her she is so beautiful and pretty, He loves to massage and play with her titties. And put his long tongue into her wet kitty. She loves to pleasure him with cock-sucking, They love to have sex with hard pounding fucking. She moves her hips and does lots...Read On


Midnight Denial

Wrote this after a night-denial for my lovely wife, my everything, my mistress, the morning breath!

We lay here, arms entwined Front against back, close Your legs, shaved and shined Fetal, our pose Hands coveting thou My sex, strained, kissing yours You arch your back, mine bow Sending sensation to all fours Again, you arch Hairs grate at my glans Ready, deep, my seed for the march No more stillness from my hands Soft your curves Hard and wondrous at their summit Womanly...Read On

Recommended Read

Becoming One

The quiet wisp of my clothes As they fall effortlessly to the floor Leaving me completely exposed Every supple curve of my body The golden glisten of damp skin My hunger and need is palpable Standing naked and vulnerable I tremble in anticipation of what's next Thinking of the one thing I crave Desperately needing your touch Knowingly, your hands reach for me My bare skin burning...Read On


His Rules

Everyday I had to wait for you to come through the door naked, hands behind my back with my eyes cast to the floor you didn't come at your usual time I didn't think to wait you found me in the kitchen, my fingers buried deep, I tried to stop, but it was too late my head tossing from side to side my moans escaping in short gasps you moved quickly in front of me ...Read On


Evoking My Winkle

A cause me not to repose this sunset, In iteration, I speak of Insomnia,  Wench of my indulgent speaking,  Afflatus of my meandering scroll. Shed light of peeking darkness, Sensuality she touches my animus, In kittenish correlation we compose, Titillation of the stimulus. Lyrical of praxis script murmur,  Cajoling ravenous lips searing,  Ribald in banter of rouse, Awed in accord...Read On



They lay in bed closing their eyes  wrapping his arms around her  As he pulls her close. Thinking back over the day  remembering the sound of her laughter,  a sweet sounding giggle As her aroma fills his senses, a sweet blend of vanilla and rose blossom that brings a smile to his face. Running his fingers over her body softly caressing her breasts  causing her to snuggle back against him. ...Read On



For someone I always want

There was an amber bloom coating your skin, shimmering as a candle extinguishes with one rush of air, the curves of your face and the timed grin you tease, swallowed by the desiring shadows we give in to. Lips nearing anxious bodies, alluring ridges and valleys committed to immutable instinct, the overwhelming currents summoned by wandering hands. I know this dialect between us, ...Read On


A Sexy Dance For You

Let me entertain you

I'm wearing my thong as you said to do,  I've got on my five inch stilettos shoes. I'm wearing a butterfly tramp stamp tattoo. I'm dancing for you and gyrating my hips, Fingers in my thong; fucking my pussy lips. My pussy is wet and starting to drip. I'm putting on a show for my guy, You're getting very excited and unzip your fly. I'm dancing all around looking into your eyes. I'm...Read On



Passionate release

She screams, she moans as I fuck my bitch hard Sometimes I wonder if I've gone too far But the passion is raw, the emotion is there We are together in this as we bare  Our souls to each other.  My hands on her back  As I pump and I ride She pleads with delight As I cum hard inside In our shared darkness...Read On


His Rules

Everyday I had to wait for you to come through the door naked, hands behind my back with my eyes cast to the floor you didn't come at your usual time I didn't think to wait you found me in the kitchen, my fingers buried deep, I tried to stop, but it was too late my head tossing from side to side my moans escaping in short gasps you moved quickly in front of me ...Read On


Cooking up some Hot fun

Your little Chef 😉

Tonight I want to cook up some fun I'll go through the steps one by one First I get the little whip As I hold your cock with a firm grip Softly I stroke you up and down  Let me step out of the slinky gown You feel my soft and smooth skin  And all you want is to be within I turn and get the little chef dress No need to wonder what's next or guess You see the wicked smile on my face ...Read On


Lost in Our Lust

“sex is the consolation you have when you can't have love” ― Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

Breath sucked in and exhaled in bliss Exquisitely matched No one could compare Skin meeting skin Sweet, sticky and succulent Melting into one Time stops moving As bodies dance together Inside each other Whispers washing over skin As lips kiss like ellipses And tongues punctuate Boundless yet bound Lust ties deeper than love Inspiring more wet gushes Breathing in our sex...Read On


One heartbeat away

Two lovers replaying last night's tryst before breakfast

Two lovers, Breast to breast, One heartbeat away. Legs tangled Under silky sheets, Whispered words Of breathless delight. Fingers slide slowly Over waxed skin, Parted arousal, Sweet undulations Of dancing tongues. Dream fragments Become reality As my tender lover Slips curled fingers Inside my walls, Tantalisingly close To the meaning of life, Hand cupped gently Around a warm breast, Feeling...Read On



Her big breasts, sagging a little with age. Wrinkles like rings of a tree, yet just as beautiful. The feelings I have about her. The desire I feel for her, To feel her body pressed against mine. Her breasts against mine, hairy pussy dripping at the sight of my naked body. Stripped of clothing only for her pleasure, Nipples harden as she rubs and pulls. My hands exploring...Read On


This Affair

You asked are you preventing a liaison unknown.......

You asked are you a preventing a liaison unknown, Is this love, a foundation, building bricks for a home; or a rendezvous, for souls; that travel alone? Do you feel the need, the desire that returns, like the swallows that rest under Africa's sun; consider our chances, in these moments,our fate; in love close together; companionship safe. The hours and the minutes, in vigil I wait; at...Read On



Fingers slipping between soft slick folds Dipping slowly into sweet warmness fingers so sure and controlled Eyes closed softly, letting little moans escape my lips Head moving from side to side, gasping as you rub my nipple with your swollen tip Desire flashing hotly from my eyes as I look up at you Your sexy smile as my fingers move with your every stroke, mmm you know...Read On


Look Into The Mirror

She sat in the dark, Waiting by a window, Longing for him, Lost in lonely  sorrow. She hears The key in the lock, The creak of the door, The step of his walk. Her breath quickens; Awaiting his touch, The sound of his breath, The heat of his voice. He is standing behind her, She feels his breath. He waits for her. Waiting For her breath to fall into sync. With each breath, ...Read On


Her Revenge

What's a heartbroken girl to do? Fuck a new guy!

The tears drowned her eyes He says he's sorry, but she's too wise to believe his lies As she pushes him away, she sobs herself to sleep A deep yearning in her soul for comfort, and it’s something she cannot control. Days pass and she finds a source of comfort in something new Her friend through her ex man, but his words seem true His soft touch and deep voice, sending shivers down...Read On


Forbidden Sparkles

Delicious sparkles, pink and silver, lovely flashes of delight. My mouth keeps talking but my eyes roam,  down there, promise  shimmers bright. One lifts up slightly, then the next one, pretty dances draw my gaze. What’s wrong, you ask me; dry mouth swallows in this moment’s dazzling haze. Your eyes like lights and I’m the deer here, caught admiring virgin land. A...Read On



Droplets of sweat bubbling up on my chilled skin excitement sending shocks through me, as I hear your voice behind me, "Let's begin." Piercing eyes caress me in such a way, my body quivers and shakes feeling your strong hand meet my bare flesh, stinging, leaving your mark in its wake. Moaning softly at how gentle your hand feels as it slips between my slippery thighs, your...Read On


Buzzed and Fucked

The key is in knowing what she needs and when...

It's just another get together At our neighbors down the street, An evening filled with laughter and fun And a couple of new folks to meet. You're sipping down your girly drinks Along with a shot or two. I'm enjoying my beers with my buds When my gaze falls upon beautiful you. There in your sheer summer dress I see your lovely, sexy silhouette. Your nipples are hard in your...Read On


Ink Stains

This poem is about a women letting go of fear and giving up her innocence.

He kissed the ink stains on my fingers before slipping them into the warm cavern that was his mouth. It was as if he were trying to taste my very thoughts, ideas, and as idiotic at it may sound, I think he could. Because it was then in that moment that I noticed his eyes had changed. They became wide with understanding. I watched silently as he popped first one, then another long...Read On



Untethered Together

It starts off all so sweet, First I'm on my knees, Looking up at you  With eyes so full need. My mouth is salivating wet, My hands tied behind my back. Your cock standing hard erect, Awaits my throat to wreck. But still, I start off sweet. My pussys's wet from all my need, Dripping juices on the carpet, My eyes look up at you with greed. My nose is nuzzled in your balls. I...Read On


I Spy

One of my many fantasies

Your naked form, perched on the edge of the bed the muscles in your arms  contracting with each powerful stroke your thighs tightening, as you squeezed that clear liquid out of the head my soft whimpers, as hot desire rushed between my thighs  my tongue darting out, as I imagined flicking it slowly across your swollen tip my fingers dripping with my juices watching your every stroke...Read On


Oaken Firkin

A hogshead of brimming swill, Cask of ale brewing still, Within bowels of oaken firkin.  I thirst.   Pewter of my tarnished chalice, In eeriness I drink myself to sleep, Of dreams I lay down to lust, The succubus of Dallionshorn. In moments of blink, I peek, Her breasts of teardrops I seek.  Quest of eyes, my sighs cry, Precum of the dew, I have for she. In creaks of my...Read On


My Gift

I love giving all of me. My tender body, For your pleasure and to do as you wish. Presenting my mind, Wrapped in a silky bow. Complete submission and your total dominance, Of this you'll never want to let go. Explore the deep, darkest parts I would never tell a soul. I want you learning my weaknesses Like the back of your hand. Examine and learn, There's no...Read On


The Tryst

You said we were meant to be soul mates And we would always be in each other’s lives  That you would give me everything  Even though all I wanted was you You bought me three nights at a luxurious hotel We laid in bed and planned our future  Stood beneath the stream of  Hot watered countless showers I knew you weren’t ready to move on Just needed to fuck to keep you satisfied  I wanted...Read On


Taking of me

To be dominated without being dominated is this style.

As we inspire these gentle flirtations, That brings about these exquisite sensations. It is within our tentative touch, That I love this light petting so much. A whisper of your hot breath down my neck, Tingling shivers, your tongue flickers along its trek. A sigh leaving my trembling lip, Your caressing hands reaching under my slip. Hair rises along my arms as I feel you finger tips,...Read On

Recommended Read

Early Morning Delight

Unexpected pleasures amidst the darkness…

This is nothing new, nothing fresh I've written of this before It's just another day, another time And it's started all over again The day is young, too early to arise I can't fall back asleep My lover has come and has entered my mind And sleeping is the last thing I want to do So I pull off my shirt and lie back down And begin to jot down my thoughts The sheet is obscenely...Read On