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11 Jun 2012 17:47

03 Jun 2012 05:00

I'm not even going to try entering the competition! I think we already know who is going to win it (smiles knowingly).

02 May 2012 07:03

All stories now withdrawn from Lush

29 Apr 2012 08:26

Should such sexist comments be allowed! So many females (or are they!) immediately proclaim 'men you are going to be treated differently!'

So many bi-sexual women in the world - or are there!

27 Apr 2012 01:51

Is Lush a lesbian site or are the lesbians men in disguise? We should be told!

24 Apr 2012 09:52

I'm working on 'The Meeting' part two, things are even hotter! lol!

20 Apr 2012 03:59

Love the phrase 'Pleasure Goddess'!

17 Apr 2012 00:49

I've decided to call my stories, collectivly, 'Porn Scratchings' lol!

12 Apr 2012 15:49

I see no point in keeping friends that never say anything. Ignore me and you are history.

I'm also sick of profiles that immediately dis men, I am assuming that they are men pretending to be lesbians.

You should not decide on the basis of gender, its no different to being a racist.

04 Apr 2012 15:32

I've decided to abandon my series, 'We have the builders in' for a while whilst I concentrate of a single story - I may proceed with the series in the future, but I've decided that single stories receive more of a focus.

I don't write for personal gain, but thrive on feedback - the number of reads, marking and feedback comments I receive on the site don't tally, so I'm going to change my approach for purely selfish reasons!

03 Apr 2012 04:13

I wish I could get wider readership! It seems that my stories don't attract much interest - I love getting comments and marks, even the low ones mean someone read my work!

02 Apr 2012 13:36

Looking forward to feedback on my latest in the 'we have the builders in' series!

31 Mar 2012 10:12

More inspired as the days go by - some great people on this site!

30 Mar 2012 01:21

I make too many errors nowadays!

29 Mar 2012 00:21

I'm having a short break from writing erotic stuff, doing a little more on my latest short story - with a supernatural theme.