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First Time


Losing my Virginity

Every thing I had ever fantasized about was right here before me.

I was always a horny bugger. All I did from a young age was think about sex. Women were constantly on my mind. It's no wonder that the summer before college I had accepted a job working in the meat and frozen food department at our local grocery store. My mother thought that I did it for the extra money the department paid, when really, it was more to get a good close look at all the area...Read On


Somebody New

A shy girl tries to change herself under the influence of her outgoing friend.

Tori sat silently on the bed while Samantha babbled away with every bit of confidence. How could Sam be so calm, Tori wondered? It didn't seem right that while Tori's knees shook with nervousness that Sam should be excited... but Sam was so very different than Tori... and Sam was the kind of girl Tori longed to be. Sam had blonde, wavy hair that grew down to her midback. Her eyes were hazel...Read On


The first time

I had no plans for the day. My mum was at work and my brother had gone out so I thought I would just have a lazy day in front of the TV in my pyjamas (well, t-shirt and knickers). I had just gotten comfy on the sofa when to doorbell rang. Oh, it will probably just be someone trying to sell me something, I thought, so I ignored it. It then rang again, so I reluctantly opened the door to find...Read On


The Eldi Sex Club

Gretchen, unsure of her sexuality, finds some answers in an exclusive sex club.

My name is Gretchen and I am almost 21. I am not very experienced sexually and am not really sure about my sexuality My roommate Darlene is always trying to hook me up with some guy or girl and this night was no different, We had gone out to a local bar where all sorts of people hung out, gays, lesbians and heterosexuals. While there, Darlene and I met these two women, Ellen and Diana. The...Read On


The One I Love

My eyes trailed down his body. God, he was so hot. I shivered involuntarily at the sight. Sigh… I loved looking at him. He was six foot two and had the most amazing hair and eyes. He always smiled and he had a wonderful smile. His whole face lit up when he did. Not only that but he was such a wonderful person too. So sweet and kind, always making me smile. Wow, how did I ever end up with...Read On


The Android Lover (PART THREE)

The woman experinces the touch of her android

The room was flooded with light as the morning sun shone through the window. The android lay her on the bed and stood over her, his smooth hairless body staring casting a shadow as he stared down and scanned her face with the long thick appendage standing out between his thighs pointing upwards. She lay there staring at its hugeness, completely smooth with no veins or creases, but skin...Read On


Enigmatic Rendezvous

Pure escapism with two young lovers

Her breasts jiggled, quivering with excitement as she slipped tacitly from her revealing robe. The pink of her nipples, having been exposed to the cool night air, quickly became rounded nubs. The woman smiled coyly as her dark red hair fell languorously around her chest. The curled crimson framed her breasts as she sauntered over to the bed. Her legs moved with a certain grace that caused...Read On


My first blowjob. More sweet than bitter...

Kristen decided to use her mouth to pleasure me...

Kristen is a beautiful Japanese girl. She is barely five feet tall and teeters in between 95 and 100 pounds. Her skin is light, pure and without flaw. She is unbelievably soft to touch and her light pink lips are amazing to kiss. Her small, supple breasts display a set of symmetrical and perfectly proportioned areolas. Her nipples always seem to be erect. They jut out beautifully and...Read On


The Android Lover (PART TWO)

The lonely woman is not quite so lonely any more

The rest of that evening she just sat on the sofa staring at this very pleasing sight, almost rubbing herself raw and only stopping when the occasional orgasm made her body spasm. She showered and applied some almond oil to her very red sex and went to bed - her dreams were erotically charged and in it she was being awoken by her android stroking her body through the duvet, pressing harder...Read On


My first time giving a blowjob

I invite a friend over and things get interesting.

I was fairly young the first time I gave another guy a blowjob. I can't really remember exactly how old I was, probably 16 or 17. It was sometime in the spring. I was slim with dark, fairly long hair and wore glasses. I was bored as hell one weekend so I invited my friend, Thomas (fake name to protect identity) over. He was fairly tall for his age, very slim, blonde and slightly tanned. By...Read On


The Android Lover (PART ONE)

A lonely woman buys an android lover to satisfy her needs

PART ONE The Order She had never been one for socialising, 28 and still a virgin, extremely shy around other people and even worse, when a man would dare speak to her. But she wanted to feel the touch of a lover so badly. She lived a frugal life, spending her money on just what she needed to live and as she never went out to socialise, had amassed quite a sum of money as her savings -...Read On


Thanksgiving, oh how he was so thankful PART II

We left off with things heating up between Audriana and Alec

I was hovering over her, nestled in between her legs and kissing her sweet mouth. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in for a deeper kiss. She let out subtle moans and I continued kissing her passionately. Her little hands played through my hair, tugging and wrestling, one hand groped the back of my neck while the other was on my jaw. She is an excellent kisser. I released...Read On


Part 1 Mary's First

A surprise first time lesbian encounter

All Mary Stevens could think about was delivering that proposal to Barton’s senior management. She thought of a threshold moment like this for years. Fantasizing and agonizing over and over. This was it, close this deal and then I make partner, she thought. It was important to the firm as well. She was sure it was a test. Winning meant the global implementation of their software and years of...Read On


Big And Beautiful Part II

Make sure you read the first part, so that you understand!

Time froze. We looked at Mr. Brown and tried to imagine whathe saw. Two of his students, a junior and senior, the senior laying on top. I pushed Damien off and fixed my skirt, which had gotten hiked up. “Uhm…” I said. “Mr. Harris. Ms. Washington.” He said. “I’m going to pretend I never came in, okay? And I’m going to beg you to be safe.” He went out. “Okay, now you’re mine!”...Read On


Hot First Time Threesome

My actual first time. Yeah. It was awesome

My first story, so don't be rude. My name is James and this is how I lost my virginity. See admittedly at 17, I was expected to have had A LOT of sex. I am fairly tall, muscular, from (what my friends classed as obsessive) weight lifting, sandy blonde hair, decent smile and star of the rugby team. I also was in a very consistent relationship, with a girl called Emma, which we were...Read On


The First Time

controlled feelings and emotions

Why is the first engagement with a stranger always accompanied with that strange feeling on your stomach? I woke up early on the arranged meeting morning with that flutter already present on my stomach, more of excitement than fear. This was not the first time in my life that I have made such an appointment and I was actually looking forward to this one. This girl has made me work for...Read On


The Stepmother

one young mans encounter with his stepmom

Paul had always been attracted to older proffessional women since a young age, the idea of an encounter with someone much his senior had always been has most focused fantasy and he never had much luck with girls his age in their late teens nor was he particularly attracted to them. When his parents separated he was living with his mother while his father brought his new partner into the...Read On


All is fair in love and war (part 1)

When they first met - they hated each other, they didn't expect this to happen..

It all started on the first day of September and it was a new semester at New York City University, Scarlett, like the other young ambitious people, came on campus early, excited and looking forward to learn and meet new people. She walked down to the big building she would be staying in with her other dorm mates. She had on a pink dress; she resembled the young woman from legally blonde and...Read On


Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Sixteen)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!

Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher In The Corner! While Julia showed me her beauty and sexual pleasure as I fucked her, I was unaware that at the same time her best friend Amanda watched every moment of it. After she led me upstairs, and into the bedroom where Julia awaited me and that first moment of pure bliss and pleasure happened for myself, Amanda did not leave. In fact, she stayed. ...Read On


For the first time

straight sex, oral sex, first time, and summer time

It was a mid summer's night when we first met on the Golden Shores Pier. Rachel stood their gazing into the pinkish orange ball sink softly into the balmy night. I had met Rach through a mutual friend and we enjoyed drinks by the water’s edge. She stood their looking stunning in her strawberry red strapless, back dress. Her hair was dark brown and rested in a cute, but sexy messy bun at the...Read On


Her first time

Jane had no idea she wanted him so badly.

It was a cool summer evening in Miami, Jane went out with her friends to a few bars and arcades to have fun. Jane was a tall beautiful brunette with a nice rack and a nice ass. She had gone to the beach with her friend, dateless, shockingly. Her friend Eriana, a seemingly short brunette, brought along her main squeeze for the weekend, Ryan. Their whole vacation Eriana had been getting hit on...Read On


Big And Beautiful

“Oh she’s all yours. Hope you’ve got a condom.”

It allstarted my Junior year of high school, on the end-of-the-year band and choir trip to Washington, DC. I was seventeen, with short black hair, and a dark complexion. I was on the heavy side, okay, I was huge. But I wore my weight with pride, I didn’t want to be a teenie tiny stick. I was proud of my curves, and the weight brought with it a large ass and size D boobs. If you ask me,...Read On


The missing piece

Forbidden Love...High Risks

Can you please comment after reading this as this is my first time on here? This story is about me having my first time with the boy I could never be with. He was about 6'2", big brown eyes, a killer smile, and a six pack. As for me I'm about 5'4", tiny waist , medium size ass, 38D cup breast. I rolled over and looked at the clock. Wow it was already 3:00 am. Then my phone started...Read On


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Leo had been stationed in Iraq for 7 months while Mischa impatiently waited for his return

This day could not have come any slower. My heart quickened with anticipation at the thought of reuniting with my love, my Mischa. As I stepped out of the plane, I scanned the crowd that was growing around Terminal C. I didn't see her anywhere. My heart fell to my stomach and I continued searching, making my way through the sea of people. Probably because of my army uniform, people...Read On


My first time in highschool part 1

Sex does not occur in this story but is a lead up for part 2 where it will happen for sure

This story is about my first time in highschool My junior year at my local highschool couldn't have been any better if I wanted it to be. Every day I had an hour and a half off block which I went home for. My friends and I often went to my house to play playstation or pass around a baseball. A few weeks into the year two girls decided that they would like to come back to my house and hang...Read On


Thanksgiving, oh how he was so thankful.

It was thanksgiving when he first laid eyes on her and had fantasized about her ever since.

It was thanksgiving dinner at her house, when I first laid eyes on Audriana. I was captivated by her presence and her ability to work a room, but how could this be the same girl I had watched as a baby? She had grown up so beautifully but that was so long ago, she was sixteen now. Her Italian and black mix gave her a deeply tanned skin tone, big beautiful brown eyes that were feathered with...Read On


My Best Friend's Brother

It's been years since I've seen him...

*This is my first story so all feedback would be appreciated* Growing up I lived in a small neighborhood where my best friend lived right across the street from me. I found myself over at her house almost every day. She had three brothers but only one that lived with her. He was about five years older than me and I had an innocent crush on him. At the age of 13 my mother got re-married and...Read On


Economics and Decisions

Some wonderful sexual adventures have involved travel...should I do it again?

The economics of sex are interesting. Sometimes we marry for sex. That can cost millions. We take ladies to dinner. We buy drinks. We pay for prostitites (although I never have). And we invite women to join us on exotic trips. Even if we don't spend a lot of money, sometimes we spend hours of our time on the phone. Occasionally we find 'em, fuck 'em and forget 'em without spending a dime....Read On


Our first holiday without parents - Day 3

Giovanni finds Tiffany having a midnight swim

"What are you doing up?" "I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd join you for a swim. Thought you could teach me butterfly stroke.." "I can't really do that, it's pretty hard." I was lying, I just didn't want to give him reason for physical contact. He swam over to the opposite end of the pool and kicked off the side to start his freestyle. I had to laugh, he wasn't the best swimmer. ...Read On


My first blowjob

Who says band students don't know how to have fun?

It was my junior year in high school when I had my first sexual experience. I was in marching band and it took up a lot of my time. This is where I met my girlfriend Andrea. I played trumpet, and she played clarinet. Every night after marching band practice was over, Andrea and I would sneak off to a secluded part of the school and make out for about a half hour or so. Jen, who was my ride...Read On