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First Time


Tilt - A Weird Science Story

Who would have thought that the future of the human race would depend on strip pinball?

"If this ain't Nowheresville you can sure see it from here," growled Billy "The Kid" Kincaid as he pulled up to the only truckstop in Monkey Spank, New Mexico, his fire-engine red hotrod spewing steam from its radiator. "Well, I need to powder my nose, Billy," whined Enola Gay Makepiece as she cleaned under her fingernails with her switchblade. "You wouldn't want me to powder my nose all...Read On


Justin and Me

This is my first story, so any comments and suggestion are much appreciated. This story is completely fiction, and none of the events happened in real life. Enjoy the story. Justin and I have been dating for six months now. We are the perfect couple; he is tall, dark and handsome, perfect muscles, great eyes and smile. I am small, with blonde hair and tanned skin, a...Read On



My dreams of a supernatural lover

His hands stroked my spine as he tried to comfort me. His gentle touch soothing my fears and replacing my earlier panicked state with a consuming heat that started and built in a place I thought would remain untouched. Uncertainty caused me to pull out of his embrace, to look into the fiery depths of his caramel eyes. His eyes smouldered with the same intensity I had seen only once before. ...Read On


The Dance of Sex

Tom loses his virginity at a school dance

I suppose I should tell you a bit about me. CV’s, university application forms and so on, I spend so much time giving my details that I sometimes forget who I am. Well here goes my name is Tom, I am 17 and I am in the sixth form at an all boys School, I am very bright at least that what my teacher tell me. My mates think I am a nerd, they also think I am a virgin that hurts even though it...Read On


Abbi and Jacob's First Time

Jacob and Abbi have their first time!

As I grew in age and size, so did he. We were basically alwaystogether, no matter what. The only thing that separated us was our morals. He was always devoted to mirage, and I was not. After 5 long years of dating, we were in his car, and I decided I would take the wheel at the next stop. We traded seats, and we went down an abandoned road. I stopped the car on the side of the road, and...Read On


The First Thing My Boyfriend and I Ever Did

A girl and her boyfriend start the journey of sexual pleasure

Our first year anniversary was coming up. We'd only known each other for under a month before we got together, but as the days slowly passed and we got to know each other more and better, we ended up falling in love. Looking at my beautiful boyfriend, David, I couldn't even think about what I would do without him. I didn't know what I would do if he left me or if he was taken from me....Read On

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Kaylie's lust

A strange erotic encounter for Kaylie turns into a flood of orgasmic hardcore ecstasy

A slim shaft of silver light cast over her waist from the moon coming through the open window, still but for the curtain gently twitching in the silent warm evening breeze. She lay on her back and stretched like a cat. As she arched into the air, showing the smooth lines of her body, she sighed communicatively and tugged at the bars on the iron bedstead taking the last bit of...Read On


My favorite Babysitter

My first story ever submitted and my first affairs please read and rate it. FEED BACK WELCOME!

The babysitter used to cover what we called our split, the time my wife would go to work until the time I got home from work. It usually was no more than a couple of hours. I never really got a chance to spend time with the babysitter because as soon as I showed up she needed to head out the door to go to her college class. She was 18 years old and the neighbor’s daughter; it was a...Read On


my 21st birthday

The day started out as another regular day except it was my 21st birthday. I told my roommate that today was the day that we could have sex. Alarm clock went off at 5:30 am. I get out of bed and slip on my bunny slippers and put on my robe and walk to the bathroom to brush my hair and pull it back… little did I know that today would not be so regular after all. I start the coffee pot and...Read On


The Promise

Hello everyone, I think it would be best if I introduce myself first. My name is Rose; I am eighteen years old and this is my first story. (Be warned, there is a bit of background, but my story will eventually get to the ‘good stuff’) I would like to share with you the day I lost my virginity. I want you to feel like you were there with us. I want to feel your eyes on my body as you read...Read On


Kelly's First Time

Tutor sees that student always looking at her boobs.

"Do you like them?" she wanted to ask him. However, she knew she couldn’t seeing as she was his tutor and that was it. Okay, so what if he is a sweet kid. So what if he’s only 19 years old. She was 39. She was way out of his league. Although she was only semi-attractive and faintly pudgy, she could be sexy too, if dressed right she knew. Then she thought "what’s he going to do anyway?" Say...Read On



Meeting, greeting and eating Cherry

You let yourself in with your key. The room is dark except for a line of votive candles in red glass holders, in a direct line from the living room to the bedroom. The air smells of a sweet scent - sandalwood?. It's too faint to be sure. You smile, put your purse down on the couch and kick off your shoes. Whatever comes next, it's going to be nice to get off your feet. You undress, folding...Read On


Food fight and first sex

A food fight results in Izzy and Jamie finally making out.

I was late out of college and when I got home I rushed up stairs and had a quick shower, shave and brushed of my teeth. I was determined to smell nice tonight. I was just throwing a wash bag and some books in to my rucksack when the doorbell rang. My sister called out “Jamie, its your date’s parents” She was clearly amused by this. I rushed down stairs giving my sister a glare and got...Read On


A New Beginning

Jake snapped at me, “shut up slut, we’re doing this our way”.

This story is pure fiction and is not based on any real characters. Carlie Love was an ordinary girl in high school. She was about 5’7, dark brown hair and eyes, and puffy red lips. She wasn’t popular, but she wasn’t exactly invisible either. She attended the jock parties and went to all the games. She hung out with popular teens but was never really on the inner group. She wouldn’t...Read On


An afternoon in the pool

My girlfriend and I experiencing our first time.

My name is Amee. I am 24 years old and I am currently working as a volunteer in a remote community educational project in Southeast Asia. The conditions are very Spartan and the nights are long, my only enjoyment being my thoughts, fantasies and fingers. Like many girls I suppose, I remember every delicious second of my first sexual encounter with a boy. I often think about it when I...Read On