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First Time


Visiting Hours

A dirty girl gets taken to the cleaners

Visiting Hours By Robokun It was the first time she had smiled since the accident. The long months of medical prodding, the x-rays, the humiliating sponge baths, and the fearful, worried looks from her Husband were now seeing some hope of conclusion. The news was good. She had healed without complication, and nothing would remain of the accident except bad memories and...Read On


My First Threesome

This is a true story - enjoy

On this particular Saturday afternoon a man I had been in contact with for several weeks was available to see me and hubby to fulfill my fantasy. We traveled to the city and got a hotel room and I called Eric to let him know we had arrived. I sat nervously awaiting his arrival. Finally, the knock came and hubby opened the door there stood one of the finest looking black men I had seen and...Read On


First Time With The Golden Tongue

this is a true story - enjoy

It all started from me seeing the man’s picture of his tongue posted in an interracial Internet group. He had left a comment asking for the ladies of the group to show him some love. So when I seen this man’s picture with this rather large tongue I had to make a remark “With a tongue like that I'm sure you won’t be lonely long."  He was also a rather nice looking thick black man so I was...Read On


My Sister's Keeper

I lost my virginity to my sister's boyfriend, read all about it.

Jane was off to college at Boston University.    I was a senior in my high school, which in the back woods of Maine consisted of grades “K through twelve”.   I dreamed of someday following in Jane’s footsteps and going off to a big city, and leaving this North of Nowhere town. Maybe I was naïve, but my life was going nowhere fast.   I grew accustomed to small town antics and...Read On


A trip to remember(part two)

I could not help but to place my hands on her silky skin and caress her:

Please read "A TRIP TO REMEMBER" chapter one first ; We lay there staring at one another, I could not help but to place my hands on her silky skin and caress her: ........................... We lay in bed together after the previous evening adventures and Jennie and I fell fast asleep. I awoke quite early but Jennie was still fast asleep and I could feel the warmth of her body against me...Read On


Teen Lust: Lori and Lexie's First Sexual Encounter

This is the story of Lexie and Lori's first sexual encounter.

Alexandria and Lorianna were like summer sisters. Every year Alexandria's family would ship her down to Florida to stay with her aunt on the beach, right next door to Lorianna's house. As little girls, they had forged a bond of friendship that would keep them close regardless of time or distance. As budding teens, they shared stories of boys and their hopes and dreams. The girls were close...Read On


Tomo and Takashi

Takashi stared silently for a moment then nodded silently, he reached up, yanking his bandages from his face and mumbled very simply, "Good, one less grave to dig." He silently stared, before considering, no doubt it'd be her first time, a gentle touch would be needed. He moved forward and placed his mouth over hers. Tomo's first instinct was to pull away from the unfamiliar touch and...Read On


TiaLing's Excellent Adventure

A virgin comes to America, and has one hell of an adventure on her first night.

TiaLing was flying from China all the way to New York City and she was so excited.  She was just nineteen years old, and was coming to America for an arranged marriage into another wealthy, traditional Chinese family.  It was her first time to fly.  It was her first time to leave her home town!  And of course, it would be the first time for her to be married, and to see her new husband, and...Read On


A whole new set of firsts (courtesy of Altargen)

A couple changes genders in an attempt to repair their relationship - a night of firsts results.

Note about the formatting: text between sets of ":::" shows which character's perspective that portion is in. ----Thursday Night---- :::George::: George collapsed on the bed next to his girlfriend Lucy. “That was the best yet sweet buns. Night”. He laid down his head, closed his eyes, and smiled as remembered the big game the next day. “George Hallis Lindern, what do I tell you...Read On


first holiday without my hubby

my fantasy fulfilled

First Holiday without Hubby There seemed to be an extra urgency to the phones ringing tone. Picking up the receiver I tentively said, “hello?” “Oh thank god you are at home,” it was one of my best friends, Jan. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “Ian has gone and broken his leg at the football, and we are booked up for our holiday to Turkey. We are supposed to leave tomorrow, but now he can’t...Read On


The Lesson

A young an is asked to stay after school by a sexy teacher....

It was the second time in a week that his teacher had asked him to stay late after class. The first time was a detention for speaking out of turn and he's had to sit in a classroom empty except for Miss Robertson at the teachers desk.  He was meant to have been finishing his maths but spent the entire 40 min surrepticiously watching her mark papers.  She'd been wearing a charcoal skirt and...Read On


Buddy's Mom Chapter 5 6

The story continues of Buddy's Mom seducing me

CHAPTER 5 “Batching it isn’t all that it’s cut out to be,” I  thought. My dad had left a to-do list that kept me pretty much occupied. The gardener still came once a week to do the flower beds, but it was up to me to take care of the grass and clip the shrubs. Their new maid, Angela, tidied up on Wednesdays and did some of the laundry, but he would rather wash his own underwear than have...Read On

Editor's Pick

Erika the gymnast

Erika picks a special place for her and her boyfriend's first time

I sat and watched the girls practice out on the gymnastics floor while I was waiting for my girlfriend Erika. I enjoyed seeing how the girls, clad only in their form-fitting leotards, moved and contorted their athletic bodies. I was discretely watching two slim girls, Jill and Hannah, that were stretching out near me at the edge of the floor while they talked. Jill was a good friend...Read On


Buddy's Mom Chapter 3 4

The seduction continues by Buddy's Mom

CHAPTER 3 (mF, solomast,mf,blowjob)   As Laura Moran drove home and arrived at the empty house, she was puzzled. "What has come over me? That kid is about Buddy’s age." She had never, ever, had thoughts about young boys, but she couldn’t keep Tim out of her mind. She walked upstairs slowly, and with strange feelings. She slipped off her tennis outfit and stepped into the shower,...Read On


The first time I was caught masturbating

I thought I had the house to myself so I could enjoy some quality private time.

Dave went fishing this morning and my daughter had to work.  Ahhh, the house to myself.  You know what I wanted to do.   My favorite private-time activity is to spend an hour or so working myself up with some juicy internet porn, then calling my favorite free phone sex hotline and listening to a few men jerk off for me while I tease my by-now hot, juicy ready-to-explode pussy. ...Read On