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First Time


My First Time

About a virgin having sex for the first time with her new husband.

I was   wetter than I thought was possible as I waited in bed with my legs open, as if I did this all the time. My nipples were hard as little rocks as my lower body moved in a way I did not know was possible. Just this morning I was traveling to New York with my new husband and this evening here I am lying flat of my back feeling feels I never knew any one person could feel. He...Read On


my first time with a girl...

girls just wanna have fun

My first time with a girl… I am not a lesbian…and I am usually only attracted to men, but one night after a few too many shots I found myself more attracted to a female friend than any guy in the room. Now we had been friends for years and I had never before or after felt this way, but something about that night, the way she looked in her dress, the way she moved , her hair, her smile,...Read On


Good Party, Great Time

As for my first time, well, here it goes. It was a Friday night; the Totems had just won their first away game of the season. Students and staff alike were all screaming and laughing. The after party was a must, but sadly, turned out to be a major let down. Of course being the party girl I am I stayed even after all my friends had left. I recognized no one; I was the only...Read On


Buddy's Mom

My friend Buddy's mom seduced me, and I loved it.

Buddy’s Mom (mF) CHAPTER ONE We had been swimming all day at the Westwood Pool, and were waiting for Buddy’s mom to pick us up in the parking lot. It’s a bitch not having your own car and having to catch a ride, but it was better than staying home or riding the bus. I had never met his mom, but expected she would look like everybody else’s mom, sort of like the lady on the cake mix box. Was...Read On


The Real Little Red Ridding Hood

A new look at the classic fable

Little red riding hood approached her grandmothers cabin in the middle of the woods. The old cabin looked the same as it always did and she walked towards it completely unaware that her grandmother had company. "It's just me grandmother" she called out as she walked in through the front door.   She looked around the cabin and saw the fire lit and bread dough resting on...Read On


Exploration of a Darker Side

The introduction to a story of sexual awakening

Exploration of a Darker Side Introduction Sarah Patterson is a 35 year old mother of two, happily married to Bryan for 11 years, together for 13.  He is a hard working carpenter with his own business.  A successful business and one that affords them a very comfortable lifestyle, a nice 4 bedroom detached house in a leafy rural suburb of Birmingham and a luxury holiday caravan in the...Read On


With a man

caught in fem clothes by my aunt's friend

I remember when I was staying at my aunts house.  My aunt had a nice pantyhose collection as I think most aunts do.  As she wore hose all the time.  Well I was wearing hose and cross dressing for about 3yrs.  I had a decent collection I got from my mom as she found out and gave me some of her things and bought me stuff as well.  Well as I was saying I was at my aunt's house and I took some of...Read On


Sarahs first facial

I have had a fascination for porn for as long as I can remember, since early in my teens.  I suppose that is unusual for a girl, but nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed a LOT of porn in my life.  And, of course, you can’t watch porn these days without seeing guys spray cum all over girls’ faces.  For the longest time, I always thought this was hot, but having been subjected to society’s...Read On


The walk.

a late night walk turns into a arrest.

  I was 16 living at home with my parents. My mother and sister knew I wanted to be a girl, but not my father. All I ever wanted to do was all the normal things a girl would do. Take a walk outside, go out with boys, go to a dance, whatever.   My father worked second shift came home and went to bed about midnight. I use to lay in bed waiting for him to go to sleep. Once he did I would get up...Read On


A trip to remember (part one)

A sexy holiday for two

The summer holidays was upon again and I had booked to go to Scotland  with Jennie as she had nobody to go with and her family was  very churchy and her father was the local vicar in the Parish. She was a nice girl and had a terrific figure, but was very quiet  and seemed to be naive  as regards what went on with young people although she worked in an office with plenty of the opposite...Read On


Elvira, my Spanish neighbor

To fix home appliances pays it; never imagined this mature didn't wear panties if climbing ladders

This story I’m about to tell you is a real one. My name is Ricardo and my story goes back to when I was 18 yo, an insignificant person, weird;  rather a short guy, but strong. 1.68 tall. Those high school chicks claimed I was very unattractive… horrible, nice and polite, though.  I was too skilful, capable, at  moving around without problems to flatter girls, court and finally conquer them....Read On


I was seduced

A young guy finds out that exchanging nude pics online can be dangerous.

  This is a story I think every guy should read. It is a story of how close you can come to really fucking your whole life up just for pussy. My name is John and I'm a pretty successful guy. Successful in business just not with the ladies. I just turned 29 and have had some long term relationships. I just haven't found anyone that I thought could be the one. I'm in good shape, I...Read On


A Guard Shift To Remember...

The story of our first time together

First a note: Yes, we are military personnel, the both of us, so I am going to include the common military vernacular to keep the story true to form. I will however, also include a short explanation of some of the terms, so I don't lose anybody. Hope you enjoy our story as much as we enjoyed sharing it.        At the time I was a newly single man, and just enjoying things, although I...Read On


I am a man...

This is a true story please enjoy

I am a man of few words, I have said this on many an occasion to both friends and family. I have seen and done things to help both people and myself and by standards of the people now some of them may seem wrong. I am a fighter, I am a survivor, I am Loyal and I am a fool. I was 15 when I first seen her she had such beautiful blue eyes and hair blonde and lush. She was my age in fact only a...Read On



“If you really loved me you’d…” OK Girls, we’ve all heard that one!   But what if, just for once, the guy saying it is actually not the stereo-typical slime ball who seems to say this sort of stuff?   Miracles can happen you know!   Take, for example, my friend Susie.   Now, don’t go thinking that Susie’s a kiss-and-tell operator, but we girls do have to stick together on...Read On