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First Time



The night of my first time (part 1), based on the true story...

I was 21, in my last year at university and had just broken up with my high-school girlfriend, who we shall call Jennifer. Jenny was from a Christian family and, while we had obviously fooled around a lot, she had always been reluctant to have sex and I cared enough about her to respect that. And yes, I know what you’re probably thinking: “21 year old virgin, har har”, but I’m not ashamed...Read On


My Favorite Student 2

I had never been so nervous about a girl in all my thirty-one years--not for the first girl I'd had sex with, and not for the most beautiful girlfriend I'd ever had. Only for a sweet, sexy seventeen-year-old, who was more beautiful inside, and out, than any woman I'd ever dated. The back of my neck felt damp with a little sweat. I rolled my sleeves up, and flexed my arms a little. The...Read On


First male encounter

Sharing can lead to good things to come...

It began with a few drinks with a friend who was moving away. We were sitting outside in the warm summer, night air, enjoying music and conversation. Part of the conversation being about the sexual encounters we had had with our girlfriends and previous women. We talked about things we wanting to experience with them and, out of nowhere, we both expressed how much fun it could be to have...Read On


I Lost My Virginity At Sixteen To My Neighbor

Marianne eagerly loses her virginity at age sixteen to her neighbor.

I didn’t want to move to Jacksonville. I had friends in Orlando; my high school; and more! But I was sixteen years old and didn’t get a vote. My mom had taken a job there that paid more, so I could see her reason for wanting to move. We had been packing for three damn days without a break! Mom’s company was paying for our move, but not enough to cover the packing, so here we were doing...Read On


Blue Sky, My Indian Maiden

Blue Sky was my daughter's best friend and a total sex goddess; I had to have her!

My wife died about five years ago, so I’ve been a single parent raising our daughter, Suzy, ever since. She is now seventeen and a very pretty girl and I worry about her and “boys.” I know what they all want, but I’ve raised her to also know what they want and to avoid getting into trouble with them. Suzy’s best friend, Blue Sky, just turned eighteen and is a real knockout! She is about...Read On


When Fantasies Come True

“Yummy,” is all I can say.

It’s a big step I’m taking today with a man I normally only text. I don’t really know him, so it’s a chance I’m taking today and I’m very nervous. What if someone I know sees me? There are going to be questions, after all. If I go through with this today, then I will know what the next step will be. It is just for a few hours, and then I will be gone. With that thought, I get into my car...Read On


The Pagans

Jasmine has come of age and is finally allowed to attend the mysterious annual Pagan Gathering.

"Knock knock, Miss Sleepyhead, time to get up; you’ve got a big day today." Jasmine opened her eyes and saw her mother rolling up her blinds. A harsh ray of sunlight flooded into the room, causing Jasmine to shield her eyes and groan irritably. "Come on Jazz," said her mother, tugging the sheets off her daughter’s slim frame. "We need to leave in an hour…You don’t want to be late for...Read On


My First Time

Who better than your best friend's mum for your first time?

So, I fucked my best friend's mother! I’m not proud of it but I can't say I'm ashamed either. Here's how it happened... Jason and I grew up together. We were like brothers, totally inseparable. His mum, Claire, had been single for about 10 years after her husband left for his young secretary. Jason and I had started to work out at the gym and our bodies were starting to muscle up with...Read On


I Want My Neighbor

I babysit for my neighbor and I want the dad really, really bad! And I will have him soon!

I started babysitting for Doug and Sharon across the street when I was 15 years old and little Doug Jr. was born. They pay me well and I’ve become like a member of the family, visiting them anytime I want, which is often. When I was sixteen, I began to think of Doug in a totally different way. He was so dreamy that I could not keep away from him. I spent my days in school dreaming about him...Read On



The birth of venus

ANOTHER Shoulders dropped, head shaking at the sight of another yellow sticky-note. Heather had just opened the door to her room to go brush her teeth and wash her face. There it was. Stuck to her bedroom door, flapping slightly. Another yellow-sticky note with a complaint from her roommate Gail. “Fuck,” she said, aloud. James, her boyfriend didn’t even stir. He was probably still...Read On


Making the grade

Making the Grade "Okay, everyone!" English Professor Jon Dowd's voice boomed across the lecture hall. He ran a hand through his short brown hair and sighed as a hush fell over the hall. Jon took his place at the lectern and recited the speech he'd given to every English Literature Lecture Series class since he'd begun his lengthy career at West Pine Community College nearly 20 years before....Read On


Handsome Jack

Teaching a young girl how to enjoy sex.

I had a very good job, a cool apartment with pool, and a really cool car. I was twenty-eight years old at the time and one of my vices was, I liked young girls. High school girls. The best way I found to fulfill my fanasty was to run with young boys who were still in high school. It was easy to get to be friends with them as I had a nice car, and lots of money for beer and what have you, so I...Read On


A Sex(t)ual Experiment

A Text Conversation To Lighten A Miserable Monday

Here’s a little story that a ‘friend’ and I wrote by text while at our respective jobs one afternoon. It took us from around 1pm until 8.20pm and kept us both at a peak of arousal all day. I’ve always wanted to have a story worthy of posting on here but have never had the opportunity to. She has the same kind of imagination and passion that I do so I thought I’d share the outcome with you...Read On


Losing My Virginity

The true story of how I lost my virginity.

My name is Lexy and I had just moved from a more rural area to the center of a very unpleasant Florida town. On top of not being fond of the town I lived in, I didn't know anyone in the area. A few months earlier while I was still at my old house I went to a gathering in the area of town where there are three or four bars on one block, it was called "Friday Night Live". While I was there I met...Read On


All the way is not all there is

Two women give a young man a kinky masterclass

It was the year I left school, and I was determined to embrace adulthood in every way I could. Most of all, that meant getting my hands on some girls. I had had plenty of fumbling, rummaging around in my girlfriend’s pants and keeping her fabulous scent on my finger for as long as I could, washing my hands but not that part, so that I could casually run it under my nose wherever I was and...Read On