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First Time

First time sex stories relate to virgins losing their cherry. They are typically stories of teenagers making love for the first time, and the excitement and buzz that comes from that initial experimentation. Another favorite theme in this section are young men or women, losing their virginity to an older woman (the 'milf' syndrome) or older man - the more experienced partner educating their younger partner in the art of sex.


Rebecca's First Time

Fuck me! My pussy is aching for your hard dick!

My name is Rebecca, but my friends call me Becca. I am seventeen years old, and the only virgin in my group of friends. All my friends ask if I have ever been fucked, or had I ever sucked someone off before. I reply by shaking my head for no, and they all laugh.  Today, I'm meeting my boyfriend, Raphael. He is so perfect, with his short blonde hair that seems to frame his face and his...Read On


Foxina, the Girl Gamer

I guess I could tell you guys about my first time getting any action. See, most people, when they talk about virginity loss, emphasize that it’s not as big of a deal as we make it out to be. But as for me, I do hold it in my memory as the mark of a big transformation in my life. And it happened during the best summer I’ve ever had. Let me take you back to the summer of 2007, when I was about...Read On


Breaking My Virginity Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Pussy Lick As Dannie laid on the table, she looked across the street into The Student's apartment to find him holding a camera and pointing it into Matthew's apartment, or more specifically, on her. She could not wait to have him catch the two of them on camera, the mere thought of this made her pussy wet with the desire of feeling Matthew's thick cock inside of her. ...Read On

Recommended Read

Baby Oil Bad Boy

Sarah's Saturday morning with her hunky housemate and a bottle of baby oil

Saturday mornings felt like being wrapped up in a warm, snuggly blanket on an icy cold winter’s night. They are the sanctuary for the weekday weary, and for Sarah it meant she could rouse from her ‘slumber of the dead’ a couple of hours later than usual. It was a lovely feeling, being relaxed and totally at peace with the world. She stretched out her tired, weary limbs under the big soft...Read On


I told you I was trouble

Alice has a teenage girl's problem and turns to her friend's Dad for help

The party was just breaking up – not a party at all, actually, but an evening at my home in which I had gone out, to enable my daughter to have some friends around for a few drinks to celebrate passing examinations and leaving school. Janie and her classmates were all just 18 and none of them had a ‘place’ where they could gather just to listen to some music and drink some alcohol in private. ...Read On


Breaking My Virginity Chapter Two: Getting A Blowjob

A 20 year old virgin, meets a hot, 28 year old and her sexual adventures begin....

As they walked to his apartment, Matthew held onto Dannie's hand and then placed his right arm around her shoulders as he saw that she was a little wobbly on her feet. Dannie, in turn wrapped her left arm around his thin waist to steady herself. 'Damn it, she's drunk,' Matthew thought, 'I can't take advantage of her in this state'. But, as he thought this, he felt her hand slide down to his...Read On

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Confessions Of A Virgin Slut

Hi, I'm Rayna and I'm a virgin slut.

My body shook and clenched as I felt the orgasm erupt inside my feverish body. I looked at the young man as he smiled down at me. His fingers were slick with my juices, his dick was snug in the moist warmth of my greedy mouth, and his mind was on the one thing that he should have fucking forgot about—my pussy. That’s right, my pussy. I wasn’t giving it up—at least not in that way. That was...Read On


Breaking My Virginity

A 20 year old virgin, meets a hot, 28 year old and her sexual adventures begin....

Chapter One: First Orgasm Dannie was a 20 year student visiting Tokyo, Japan for the summer semester. She had arrived a week early to get a feel for the city before starting the semester. She had enrolled in the study abroad program at Cal State Fullerton and since she had just been dumped by her boyfriend the semester before, she had decided on a change of scenery. 'He was a rude...Read On


Educating Anita

An Exercise in Arousal

It was September. I was on a walking holiday and finally, after three days of rain, the sun shone. I had set out earlier this morning from the guesthouse I was staying in, high on the moors. It had been a wonderful time in that secluded house. The guesthouse was run by a couple in their 40's. He had a job as a Holiday tour manager, and so was often away. His wife ran the guest house and...Read On


Grey Made Everything Bright

After years of waiting, Brook gets to be with her Master - her Lover

My body tingled at the thought of him. The thought of him caressing my body, kissing me gently, and holding me against him. Imagining him kissing my breasts, biting them lightly. I continuously thought about him taking, what was his. I couldn’t stop thinking about later; I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it all day. He filled my thoughts, completely covered them. Distracting myself...Read On


First Time Disaster and Second Chances

Not all first times are this memorable.

I’m a really terrific liar. It’s a talent. I know it sounds awful. My mom totally grounded me like a billion times when I was in high school, for being a liar that is. My lying is problematic and I worry about it. Sometimes I can’t decide if I’m a “good girl” wrapped up in a “bad girl”, or if I’m a “bad girl” wrapped up in a “good girl”? You decide. But actually I’ve found my lying to be a...Read On

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My new room mate

It was a hot night, one of those muggy; high humidity nights that signalled the end of an Indian summer in late September. We'd both gone to bed in our shared dorm at around 10 pm. I'd read for a while then dropped off into a deep sleep at the end of another busy day. I had been at Ashley Court for three weeks. It had been pretty exciting, so much more grown up than my previous school. I...Read On


Breaking In The Virgin

Tell me how it feels. How does it feel to have a cock in you for the first time?

"Pink or white, pink or white," I muttered to my reflection, holding each dress to my body. "White seems too virginal, sooo pink it is," I declared, throwing the white dress back into the never ending, unorganized abyss of my closet, "Okay, now black sandal, nude, or white? Oh God, I'm never getting out of here," I huffed, tossing the dress away from me and plopping down cross legged to...Read On

Recommended Read

My Family: Chapter One

A girl's crush is taken to the next level

Introduction I’m going to tell you right off the bat my family isn’t normal. It’s the god’s honest truth. Every single one of us is fucked up in one way or another. I realized this at an early age, but I didn’t realize how abnormal we were until right after my sixteenth birthday. First there’s Marty, my dad. He’s in his early forties but acts like he’s still in his early twenties. By day...Read On


I Got Leid In Hawaii

Adam met his Eve in paradise...

It was about a month after my 16th birthday when we took our trip to Hawaii. My name is Adam McIntyre and this is the story of my first sexual experience... This vacation was supposed to be to celebrate my birthday, but a couple days before we were scheduled to leave, a winter storm came down from Canada and blanketed our small town of Grand Rapids, Michigan with nearly three feet of...Read On