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22 Nov 2012 03:02

Im more active on tumblr


so if you want to see my gifs and ask me questions, im there!

04 Oct 2012 01:39

Sorry, ive been busy being nerdy lately will get back soon!

04 Aug 2012 22:54

Sorry, I'm out of country so I shall respond when I'm back. Till then, have fun!

11 Jul 2012 05:50

Now you can follow me on my tumblr website. Im still discovering it, so im slow there!

09 Jan 2012 02:12

well as long as the girl was just playing along, i love the whole forced gangbang! http://www.porntube.com/videos/yoha-enjoy-hard-gangbang-home-couch_1039835

09 Jan 2012 01:40

Sasha Grey is one lucky woman, always want to have something like this http://www.youporn.com/watch/330525/sasha-grey-extreme-gangbang/?from=related3&al=2&from_id=281948&pos=6

08 Jan 2012 02:05

im thinking about this, http://xhamster.com/movies/115127/chunky_girl_gang_bang_with_5_guys_m27.html