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09 Apr 2014 10:49

Dilemma. The house I want, the only house I would consider buying that is currently on the market, may not be worth the money I would have to pay for it even though it would still be affordable. The need to buy is becoming more pressing as my current living situation becomes increasingly unbearable.

Do I buy the overpriced house or stay put, feeling more and more uncomfortable and less able to call that house home, until something else comes along?

08 Apr 2014 03:04

You know you've met the one when there are no doubts in your mind, no worries, no questions, instead there are lots of smiles, laughs and you feel happy and content.

Life is amazing and even when things are tough again, it'll be easier to deal with because he'll be there holding my hand

15 Mar 2014 18:22

FC's Saturday - picked a fight via email and won a small victory; the boy turned up at my work to surprise me lovely surprise and haven't stopped smiling since, we made eyes at each other for about an hour before he had to leave; finally got the money back that I was owed, making the morning's small victory a total win.

Awesome day!

09 Mar 2014 16:55

That amazing feeling when you're falling in love

02 Mar 2014 13:50

He held me and my heart broke. The moment his arms wrapped around me, I was exactly where I needed to be, nothing existed outside of him and I was perfectly calm. I had to fight the tears back, how could I have been so stupid and disappoint him? But that didn’t matter right now, we were together, for however long we had, we were together. That was part of the problem; it would never be long enough. This perfect moment would have to end.

18 Feb 2014 08:23

I made the mistake of glancing up at his face, I quickly turned away but it was too late. Our eyes had locked briefly, my heart was racing and my body was responding even more than it had been. My breathing became rapid and shaky and he was moving towards me. My eyes began to fill with tears that I fought back as best I could, my body trembling. Then he was in front of me, he didn’t ask me to look at him, he just wrapped his arms around me, rested his cheek on my hair and breathed me in.

My trembling stopped, my eyes dried, my breathing calmed and I returned his embrace.

I was home.

09 Jan 2014 16:15

Apparently, wanting to meet someone I connect with and I'm attracted to, who feels that connection and is attracted me too, means I'm being too picky.

You're damn right I'm picky. I refuse to settle.

04 Jan 2014 16:22

I shuddered in response.

‘You’re mine.’

I shook my head, all but whispering the word no. Eyes closing, body forgetting about everything outside of him.

‘Yes.’ It was more of a growl and I felt it go through me. My breathing became more rapid and I desperately tried to remember why I’d been walking away. Before I could remember, he kissed me. I tried to fight him, to tell him no but as his lips continued to caress mine, I melted into him.

04 Jan 2014 15:57

I'd had enough. As I tried to walk away he grabbed my wrist, as I twisted to escape his grasp he spun me until my back was against the wall, he quickly took hold of my other wrist lifting them above my head. He used one large hand to pin them there, freeing the other. I glared at him and cursed myself as my breath caught, his eyes were locked on mine and I was losing myself in his green eyes.

There was a hint of a smile on his face as he used his spare hand to stroke my cheek. I closed my eyes and tried to turn away but he hooked his thumb under my chin and made me face him.

'Look at me.' His voice was barely above a whisper and I responded immediately, sighing as I did. I hated him having this power over me. This time I didn't make the mistake of looking him in the eyes.

'Claire?' It was a taunt.

'What.' I snapped. He rested his forehead on mine, I could feel his breath on my lips. His hand worked it's way down from my cheek to my throat, which he gave a gentle squeeze.

02 Jan 2014 14:57

It's time to take some time out to focus on me and my wants and needs. Hopefully, I'll manage to write something, I have so many ideas and really should get started!

29 Dec 2013 15:36

I could just do with a really big hug

21 Dec 2013 10:21

I want a big strong man to come and look after me, then, when I'm all better, fuck me until I can't remember my name

20 Dec 2013 04:22

Couldn't sleep properly, my face hurts, my head is pounding, chesty cough, swollen glands and I'm exhausted.

Poorly Cactus

15 Dec 2013 16:03

Poorly Cactus

All I want is to curl up on the sofa with a big, strong man, unfortunately, all the ones I've met recently are dicks!

14 Dec 2013 13:01

It's been a while since I explored the submissive side of myself, the last guy hurt me so badly I could barely imagine ever thinking about submitting to anyone again.

Last night I was with someone who held onto my throat so tightly I couldn't breathe, my nipples were pinched so hard they are still tender, my hair pulled so hard my head is a little tender in places, I was given orders which I followed, I thanked him for letting me suck his cock and I swallowed his spit like a good girl.

I loved every single second.