frillybunny's Blog Entries

09 Sep 2013 08:22

Its been 3 months since I have had sex, I'm beggining to forget what a hot wet pussy feels like

24 Aug 2013 04:11

it has been 12 days since i have had an orgasm...i'm going fucking insane, anybody near pullman wa willing to help me out?

11 Feb 2013 11:32

Sometimes...I don't just want sex, I want more. Yet I sit here all alone with nothing but my thoughts.

21 Sep 2012 09:08

Stomach flu :*( I hate puking and I just want to know why when big tough guys (me) become little boys and need a woman to take care of them when sick.

15 Sep 2012 18:47

I want to thank everybody who has left me messages or posts, I truly appreciate it and they always make me smile. Thank you for being some good friends (for online anyway) I hope you all are having a great weekend and as always, go Cougs and Fuck the Huskies!

16 Feb 2012 11:02

Had the most amazing Valentines day with Danielle (my girlfriend) and even made her diner and then cuddling and suffered through Glee, her favorite show. In return she bought a purple teddy and now I find myself having day dreams about her in class.

It is a great day when all i can think about is a sexy woman dressing up for me

27 Nov 2010 19:15

9 days away from my horny I'm about to fuck anything that walks...... less then 24 hours until I wreck her though!