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That's my birth month and day in the timeline, but I was actually born in 2011 (hey, I'm a CAT!). My pet humans (the one who types for me and his parents) are grownups. That's me in the cover photo. My pet human was a member but left, leaving me to chat with a few of his old friends and make some new ones. I used to have a twin brother Adam (That's why my first name is Gemini, and his was Taurus; the lady who gave us as gifts used them as code names so both humans would be surprised), but he passed away at age 4 months. I think he was the runt of the litter and failed to survive. I share my house with my pet human, his parents, and two other cats -- a Siamese called Mistletoe and a rescue cat just simply named Mo. I'm everybody's best friend and I sit on lots of laps. I got my name from the family patriarch, who named me after a newspaper cartoon character from the 1930s. It stands for mischievous and I sure am. I'll play with any toy and play-fight with the other two. Life's pretty good for a cat, since my pets have indulged me and my buddies a whole lot. I can't sneak into bedrooms and camp out on the beds, darn it. I'm the talker of the three, the other two hardly ever meow. We're all good purrers. Sorry ladies, I'm fixed, my pet human isn't but doesn't tom cat around although he does flirt.

Gemini Snicklefritz Harris
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Chasing mice, playing with toys, jumping to impossibly high places, sitting in laps, starting play fights with my friends, eating cat treats until I'm sick and looking out the window.
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Whatever I can sit on to be petted.
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Jeopardy!, the late news, The Tonight Show, anything Nannah and Dad are watching so
I can sit on her lap.
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Topic: Dating: What do you women expect?
Posted: 26 Jun 2014 23:14

Since I am married and you know I am. I do not mind a little chat over one drink. However I am not out for wine and dine.

If you did not have sex in mind you better turn to the next page of you phone directory.

I like having fun of any kind, sexual yes but just meeting to relax and have fun.

Topic: Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted: 26 May 2014 22:06

I go with culture, to a large extent.

Look at all the violent movies and TV shows with all the incredibly vicious villains. Look at all the news outlets who pour self-indulgent commentary on incidents like these. Those reporters and commentators weren't on the scene any more than I was. Posting that video he made on national TV newscasts and pairing it with a distraught father's wild ravings are at best cynical and cruel ratings ploys; at worst attempts to overthrow the government of the United States. (I've held that latter view since Watergate and acidly point out that Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein would have been killed or thrown in prison in an astonishing number of countries on treason charges. Check Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.)

Not all murders or murderers use guns. The 9/11 skyjackers didn't. Ted Bundy didn't. John Wayne Gacy didn't. A Texas sociopath named Dean Corll didn't (his reign of terror ended when one of his accomplices shot him). The Boston Strangler didn't. The serial killer in Michigan whose name escapes me didn't. Neither did those Connecticut men who invaded a home and burned it with the family inside. You might as well blame homosexuality for it, in the cases of Gacy, Corll and the Michigan killer, who had 75 murders between them. (Believe me, people DID blame homosexuality for those killers' actions. I spent many years there might be someone who would rape and murder me, especially after a local child murder.)

There is also a constitutional question here. If we abolish the Second Amendment, how about the entire Bill of Rights? The First Amendment is very unpopular because of its abuses. Interestingly, so are some others. When the Oklahoma murderer died horribly from lethal injection, my local newspaper ran an editorial about the monstrosity of his crime and said he deserved all of his agony for what he put an innocent girl through. Similarly, very few people care that the hangman at Nuremberg was an idiot who let some Nazis swing for 15 to 30 minutes, slowly strangling. The crime deserved the punishment and much more, they say. It's almost like they are saying there is no Hell in the afterlife, and by extension that means no Heaven and no God. If that was the case, what's to prevent us or anybody from taking violent revenge on killers, including innocent suspects? The situation can get out of hand very quickly, as every war shows us.

The video should never have been shown. The commentators should have just shut up voluntarily. No one should make an accusation without having unimpeachable proof. Tempers should cool down instead of being fanned.

I haven't said anything about gun laws. Actually, someone who tries to pull a gun on someone who has the drop on him had better be a better shot than Wyatt Earp at his most mythologized. Earp himself apparently talked people into setting down their weapons quite often. I can't imagine somebody fast-drawing on an assailant and shooting him in a vital spot at greater than arm's length, and I doubt many police officers can do it. Gunsmoke, the TV series, often counted on Matt Dillon's assailants drawing super-fast and pulling the trigger and either missing completely or hitting him in the non-shooting shoulder (this was the focus of the very first episode, in fact). I wouldn't want to get in a gunfight and hope I never do. If it was the only way to stop a crazed killer, yes, but I'm not going to pack some slow double-action .38 snubnose or something faster that could shoot me in the foot or shoot a bystander.

This also gets my goat because it hurts men everywhere who don't have a girlfriend and don't know how to get one. Even staying with a girlfriend is extremely difficult because she has a mind of her own and just may not be attracted to you for a reason you don't know. It's definitely better to not make a scene and be wildly jealous. It may be horrible to lose her (I say this from experience), but making a scene and trying to force her to stay -- what good does that do?

My 2 cents

Topic: 3 words a man loves to hear a woman say...
Posted: 24 May 2014 23:51

I'm not pregnant. (Wise guy, ain't I?)

Topic: How do you feel about guys touching you up in bars and clubs?
Posted: 19 May 2014 21:45

No way! A guy touches me inappropriately is getting a knee to his nuts. It would be much worse if my SO where there.

You are her BF and you are OK with this? Hey if it turns you on, so be it. But then why ask the question if you're happy with this? If you don't think it is right, then say so. Then if she still allows it then put an end to it, leave, or shut up. A relationship works both ways. If it makes you happy that you are treated this disrespectfully then no problem. If you are happy I would never judge what is right for you. If you aren't happy, don't put up with it. If she ignores your feelings and has no respect for you, it's not a relationship. It is a farce. She is using you and playing games with you. Don't be a weak person.

Been there. Suffered that. Won't EVER suffer that again.

The closest I am likely to come to you (LittleRed) is a handshake. I have given back rubs to a few women if they tell me it's OK to do it. I seriously doubt you will unless your SO also gets one.

The person who touches me up is probably not going to get a knee to his nuts. Why make him a martyr? Grab the offending hand in both of mine and squeeze it with the full intent of breaking all of his bones; failing that, for him to sink to his knees and beg for mercy. I continue gripping his hand with one while the other gets out my phone and calls the cops

My 2 cents

Topic: For you that voted for Obama...
Posted: 13 May 2014 00:35

I'm not an expert on any of this, but you are arguing about something that seems hypothetical to me. Because of 'Obamacare' I had my first doctor's visit in 5 years. I haven't been able to get medical care anywhere but free clinics and emergency rooms. If you've ever been to a free clinic then you know that most are little more than doing the least possible to help. (Not all I did go to one that was pretty good but it ran out of funding & closed) Emergency rooms aren't made for regular medical needs. They are unbelievably expensive an inefficient for that. They are designed for emergencies not the flu or a sprained ankle. Since I was 15 I've gone about my life knowing I can't afford to get sick or hurt. I'm lucky, I stayed healthy. Is there anyone here willing to tell me the maximum cost allowed for me to have good health. Everyone should have healthcare or has America fallen to a point that only some of its citizens count. This isn't hypothetical or theoretical to me, it's my life. I'm not an expert but now I feel safer.

The only time I went to the ER was for what proved to be diverticulitis, requiring a four-day hospital stay. That was in February 2013, before Obamacare went into effect. My insurance paid for it all.

I take a whole bunch of medications for other conditions, and there was a nasty moment in April 2014 when I thought my insurance plan had been dropped because of the Affordable Care Act. One vitally important med cost me $419.00 for a month's supply. Add that up and throw in some other costs and it spelled the word nightmare clearly. (The diverticulitis had ben triggered in part by not being able to refill that medication and suffering for several days before the attack.) The out-of-pocket expense was due to an error in filing the paperwork, and I'm OK for now. Still, I thought Obamacare would be a case of "Sign Up or Go Without," no third option. My work offers a very good health insurance plan. I've been on jobs where I had weak insurance or none at all, so I can understand the need for a safety net. The launch of healthcare.gov and the glitches involved did NOT endear me to Obamacare. Could it work? Probably. Does it work yet? I don't think so.

Nor have some of his other proposals, like pushing the minimum wage much higher, found my support. I think the unemployment rate would skyrocket as companies laid off workers like me because they didn't have the money and would shut down (I've known several of those) or keep skeleton crews or outsource. I work in a call center and often relay calls to other centers, and there is nothing funny about speaking to someone in Asia with an Indian or Indonesian or Filipino accent (there may be others) who's making a fraction of what I make and not complaining about it.

I live in a very red state with a huge labor supply from high schools and colleges, people who can be easily replaced. Unions are regarded with extreme suspicion and we hear tales of unions bankrupting companies in other states with alarming frequency. Like many people in other states, we intensely resent people getting huge salaries for entertainment and can't understand the dynamics of how the market can shoot up salaries and prices for films and concerts and sporting events. Some people become as familiar to audience members as the President, or more so, so they're OK, but many entertainment figures try to make enough in one year to last their lifetimes, and then extend their contracts far beyond their productive years, getting job security few people in their audience have -- and some STILL manage to squander the money. We like to think that people's incomes are proportional to their work ethics and that prudence (squeezing your dollars) is a virtue. That way you can worship God and Mammon at the same time because you are not sinning according to the Puritan creed and are getting what you are worth. Sure, that's nonsensical in millions of cases, but some of us set our virtue codes by it.

Interesting points you make. You make them well too. Just wanted to put in My 2 cents

Topic: Do guys really imagine having sex with all of their female friends?
Posted: 09 May 2014 00:27

Not really, but we imagine getting close to them and looking them in the eye and enjoying life alongside them.

Topic: Is a passionate sex life important to you and why?
Posted: 30 Apr 2014 01:41

Oh my, yes. If our hearts are both into it, it is wonderful. If she is not into it, then I pull every trick in the book to help her feel something, and many of those tricks are bound to fail. If she loves me, she comes to me, kisses me and shows me just what she wants, often by demonstrating. There is so much more I can accomplish when she is kissing me and hugging me and her muscles respond to my caresses and thrusts. Big Hugs

Topic: Do you pee when your partner is in the bathroom with you.
Posted: 27 Apr 2014 14:54

My last girlfriend, who grew up in an all-female home, used to do that. I hated it.

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Posted: 27 Jun 2014 14:18
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Happy birthday! Sorry couldnt post anything innovative I will always pray for you though.. Whenever i do pray..

Posted: 15 Jun 2014 09:37
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Posted: 03 Jun 2014 22:24
The part of Ohio where I live is not typical of the state. It looks more like a hilly New Englandy village. Its probably the only part of Ohio in which I could be happy! Ohio's only claim to fame these days is its political importance in elections. Its a statistically accurate representation of the demographics of the US as a whole.

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 07:46

Posted: 26 May 2014 11:28

you mean a lot to me xxxx

Posted: 26 May 2014 11:27

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Posted: 12 May 2014 17:10
Adore you and care for you so much...you're a very kind man..
Posted: 11 May 2014 16:32
Purr, I say, and my pet human is grateful too. We the cats improvise our own toys. We don't have the same kind of fun humans have, because Misty and I were part of a buyer's agreement (we did keep our claws though, much to the dismay of our humans and their furniture (I use a scratching post but Mo and Misty don't), and Mo was a rescue cat so he got he same treatment. My pet human Peter would like to meet some females who love their pussies and treat them well.
Posted: 11 May 2014 04:38
your discription is awesome.. I love a little pussy that has a nice pet human. I hope he comes back sometime and returns to chatting. I hope you have plenty of toys and a few mine to keep you busy and happy. I am sure the window is a great place to see so much of the silly things humans do..
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