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The prospect of sex with a man draws a step nearer, just as an offer from a woman presents itself...

"Jake. I'm really sorry about what happened last night." I threw him a glance across the car, as I pulled out of our estate as I drove him to college. He looked over at me and shrugged. "It's not a big deal, dad. You're trying a few things out. I get that." "I need you to know though: I'm sorry." "You didn't have to say it the first time. You've caught me in plenty of...Read On


Road Closed: The Adventure Begins

Back-woods Boys get into whoever their uncle brings home.

I was driving just beyond the city limits, one evening. The darkness felt a little more oppressive than it had on other nights, and I attributed that to the low overcast of clouds. Remembering stories about a supposedly haunted bridge, I didn’t remember just where the bridge had been. I had visited it a few years before, and I was trying to find it again. I had not payed much attention to...Read On


Turned Out by My Best Friends

Sean turns to his best friends after his break-up and they introduce him to homosexuality.

It all started when I graduated college. Now, what should've been one of the happiest times of my life quickly became one of the worst (with my relationship) and then one of the weirdest (with my sexuality). I was ready to face the world. I had my degree, a good paying job and a beautiful live-in girlfriend named Sasha. She didn't go to the same college as me because she had different plans...Read On


The Howling Wind

Two old friends hold each other close at work while someone watches!

I'm not a wild man and I don’t think I've ever done anything spontaneous before. I've been a school bus driver at Lakewind High School District for seven years. Between our four high schools, I've been driving for Lakewind and Heeler High Schools for five years. That job was to keep myself busy after I retired from my huge position at UPS for accounting at their headquarters in Englewood...Read On


Can't Resist the Urge

Sometimes you just HAVE to have a cock to suck!

Ever since the first time I felt the smooth skin and stiff heat of a man’s erection in my mouth I was hooked. When I experienced the taste and scent and throbbing of a cock exploding in my mouth and the pungently salty flavor of cum that first time I knew I would love to suck men’s cocks. I was reluctant the first time and very tentatively took him into my mouth but that all disappeared...Read On


Carried Away

Some internet research on gay sex develops into a sly wank while my son is downstairs...

Pulling out of the car park after meeting Cameron, I couldn't help but marvel at how much nerve he must have. Imagine going back to a stranger's flat and rimming him while his mates looked on! The idea of doing something like that myself was more than a little titillating and could form the basis of many a fantasy, but I doubted I would ever have the confidence to actually do it. Having...Read On


The Taste of Man

What happened when I acquired a taste for cum

I love semen. Cum. Jizz. Whatever name you call it. I love shooting it. Playing with it. Eating it. There's nothing like eating a warm load fresh from a man. I love the smell, and I love the feel of it on my tongue. Nothing compares to the warm feeling I get when I take a man's semen into my body, pleasing him, and making him a part of me. I love it when my fuck buddies come first so I...Read On


Candid Cameron

I finally find someone I can talk to frankly about my interest in getting sexual with other men...

Cameron and I met at The Fawcett Inn, an off-the-beaten-track pub some distance from where we work as we were both obviously keen that our chat should be spared the curious gazes of our co-workers. He ordered a pint but I thought it best for me to stick to soft drinks as I was driving. The place was pretty quiet and we chose a secluded table well away from the other handful of other drinkers....Read On


Questions and Answers

I find an envelope on my desk at work with a note which reads: 'From a fellow butt monkey'...

I arrived at my office the next day to find an envelope on my desk with my name written on it in neat, if rather florid, handwriting. It read "Robert" which was slightly odd because everyone at work calls me Rob. My ex-wife used to call me Robert, although it was invariably done sarcastically, and occasionally Jake might continue his mother's tradition by using my full name as a punctuating...Read On


A Holistic Approach

I go to a 'Men's Sexual Health' meeting for help and advice about my male rimming fetish...

I'd driven up to Leicester after work to attend the 'Men's Sexual Health Issues' meeting which ran at an adult learning centre on Monday evenings. I suspected the title was really a euphemism to conceal the fact it was aimed at sex addicts and fetishists. Men like me, in other words. It took me a while to find the right room (I avoided asking at the front desk for obvious reasons) and...Read On


Personal Ad: Rick

I finally test the waters to fulfill one of my fantasies.

I’ve had some interest in cock since my days of teenage experimentation. I really never had the opportunity to find another guy to explore with until the internet made it very easy to meet like minded people without cruising bars, etcetera. I always fantasized what it would be like to jack another guy off again, or more. While checking out the adult personals, I ran across a post that caught...Read On


Lost in the Woods

Joseph gets lost and finds a new part of himself with Eric in the process.

Well, that did it, I thought as I came into the same wooded clearing for the third time that afternoon. Good going Jo, getting yourself well and truly lost. Since my girlfriend Mary had broken up with me two weeks ago, I'd become increasingly restless and frustrated, so when a buddy of mine had suggested I take up hiking since we lived so close to a national park, I pounced on that idea....Read On


My First Visit to a Massage Parlour

My first experience at a gay massage parlour. This is a true story.

I was in a relationship but had been interested in exploring my bi side, which had been ignited when I got divorced. I had met a nice guy off a chat site for a few meets. He was, however, busy now, and I wanted to explore more. I decided to join a massage parlor site and began to chat with one or two guys online. One in particular seemed really nice so I decided to take the bull by the horns...Read On


Man on Man

John meets a likable stranger and goes all the way

The two middle-aged men sat away from the other people in the coffee place, talking softly over the table and the two paper cups they had their coffee in. The one named Al was talking. “You say you’re not gay. What made you want that?” John thought for a moment, considering his reply. “I was married, raised three kids. Always with women. They taught me about anal sex. I didn’t care...Read On


Good Things Come in Threes

Good things sometimes come in threes, and such was the case with a local guy I met on three separate occasions. I usually can’t meet for play in my home town because of risk of discovery (I am a married professional), but in this case I made an exception. My acquaintance was a senior manager at a local construction company. His wife allegedly had some kind of medical issue that prevented her...Read On