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Bookstore Arcade - Crossing the Line

It happened quite some time ago when I was under pressure at work and with a chronically ill wife. I really had no sexual outlet other than periodic masturbation in private, since my wife was unable to participate in sex over a period of several years. Perhaps I should have been satisfied with solo sex, but I felt I needed something more. I did not want to get involved with other women,...Read On



Who is he, and what does he want?

He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Don't get me wrong, he was not one of those androgynous men, those who look like little boys or those who you cannot tell if they are a boy or a woman. No, he was fully male, but with the looks of an angel. He reminded me of the cherubs you see in some religious art, all grown up. He just sat there in a corner, looking around the club with eyes...Read On


Sucking My Neighbors at an Adult Book Store

I fantaszie about sucking cock and end up sucking my neighbors at a glory hole and in our homes.

Our nearly twenty-six years of marriage in Tulsa had been good to my wife Brenda and me, but now that we are in our late fortiess, she has lost all interest in sex. I tried everything to help her regain her interest, all to no avail. Then I started going to porn sites for the first time in my life, and even visited a nearby adult book store (ABS), and I felt guilty about it at first. But...Read On


Massage Relief - Beginnings

This encounter occurred some years prior to my discovering the joys of male sex. I like to kayak and hike, and was on a trip to central Colorado to do just that. I spent a couple of days kayaking on the Arkansas River with a friend I had known since college, and then climbed one of the 14,000 plus foot peaks in the area. It was an arduous climb, even though I was in good shape. I had begun...Read On


The Right Trousers

While being measured up for some new trousers, the tailor gets overly close to my backside...

On Friday afternoon, after meeting a group of potential clients at their Coventry head office, I thought I'd take a walk into the city centre before the shops closed to see if I could find a new pair of trousers. I'd been wondering what I should wear when I met Debbie for the first time the following Wednesday. Should I keep it casual with maybe a rugby shirt and trainers, or show her I wanted...Read On


Pantomime Cow

My son asks if I want to spend an evening with my face pressed into his Physics teacher's bum...

Jake mentioned over tea that the drama department at his college was looking for someone to help out with the Christmas pantomime. It was still early November but rehearsals were already underway. "I didn't think you were interested in drama, Jake." "I'm not actually in it," he replied, through a mouthful of ravioli on toast. "I'm just drawing them a few cartoons for their programme." ...Read On


You Can't Be Mad Forever

Two guy friends have rough and angry sex after one makes the other incredibly pissed off...

Ian glared at the male directly across the table from him as they ate their supper together in the pub, his gaze full of rage. They were tucked away in a dimly lit corner to avoid being bothered by the general public, smiling and talking with each other in a place just for themselves. Well, at least, most of them were smiling and talking. The whole group of close, 20ish-year-old friends...Read On


Online Briefing

After finding a few surprises among e-Bay listings, I order some 'customisable' underwear...

I scrolled down the pictures of men's underwear filling the screen, trying to locate the Calvin Klein boxer briefs Jake prefers. If I bought him the wrong ones, he'd wear them once and then that would be it. He'd say they were uncomfortable or they chaffed at his thighs or they rode up into his arse-crack or some such thing. Then they'd be pushed to the back of his underwear drawer never...Read On


Medical History

My doctor has some theories about why I have become so interested in male-to-male rimming...

"Okay, Rob. What seems to be the problem?" My doctor, James Courtney, threw me a weary look as he sat himself down in front of me alongside his desk. No doubt he'd had his fill of the local hypochondriacs and nutters today. "Well, it's a bit of strange one, James," I said, hesitantly. We had, quite a while ago, despatched with the formality of using each other's surnames after I'd ran into...Read On


My Sister's Boyfriend

My sister's boyfriend seduces me.

Let me start by saying me and my sister are male and female twins. We're twenty-five years old and have been close since we were born. She's been dating her boyfriend since our senior year of high school. My sister is 5'9" with shoulder length brown hair, dark green eyes and a nice, firm 34C chest. I'm 5'10", buzz cut brown hair and the same dark green eyes. Her boyfriend is a year older...Read On


A Walk in the Park

A breath of fresh air in the local park seems like it would be a good idea to help clear my mind...

Early the next morning I was standing staring at myself in the bathroom mirror wearing only my pyjama bottoms. I looked like shit. I'd hardly slept all night, my fitful dreams being such a surreal tangle of male imagery that I kept waking, wondering what the hell was happening to me. In spite of how tired I felt, the irony of what I'd ended up doing in the changing rooms was not lost on me....Read On


My First Time at the Adult Book Store

The thought of having sex with another guy was overwhelming to me.

I have seen this bookstore in passing on the interstate for years. Hearing stories from people that had visited there and reading comments posted on a web site, kept the thought of visiting this place in the forefront of my mind. One afternoon work was slow so I took off early. With extra time on my hands I made the decision to visit my first ABS. The parking lot in the rear of the store had...Read On


White Teen Boy and Man Sucks Old Black Men

I see an old black man pissing at work and flashback to my teen years of sucking old black cock.

My name is Ed, and my wife Donna and I are in our 50s and living in the Columbus, Ohio area. We have two grown children who are on their own and also live in Ohio. Donna is an elementary school teacher and I am the creative director in an advertising firm, which usually requires me to work long hours. One night I was in the office late and went to the rest room to pee, and I knew that I...Read On


Adam and Steve

Time spent with two friends serves to further fuel the sexual fetish that's slowly consuming me...

A few months after Linda had left me, when it was becoming clear even to me that my ex-wife wasn't coming back, I'd signed up to become a member of a couple of online dating sites in the hope that I might yet meet my soul mate. The endeavour had proven largely fruitless as the women who responded to my ad would either turn out to have an aversion towards children-from-a-previous-relationship...Read On


My Entry into Anal

Older man gets fucked and likes it

My anal story begins with me joining a website for mature bisexual and gay men. At first I was only interested in meeting men for mutual cocksucking, but it intensified to more. First some background on me. I'm a married senior citizen whose wife had always refused to suck my cock. By means of the internet I was able to find guys willing to suck my cock, which I thoroughly enjoyed. ...Read On