First Time(1)


Erotic Notion #14: The Ice Cube

A young man has titillating dreams of bikinis, beautiful sweaty limbs and ice cubes.

     Passion is not hot; it is cold. In the languorous summer heat I sit caressing my limbs with lotion as bright bikinis run past and dive into the water. Sunglasses reflect the light but not the heat; I take a sip of iced tea and try holding a book above my head to block the sun's glare. My arm quickly tires. I put down the book, close my eyes and inhale the chlorinated odors of the...Read On



Erotic Notion #7: The Porn Star and the Choir Boy

A student encounters a porn star on campus..and imagines the possibilities

     A well-known porn star visited my college campus to participate in a public debate about pornography. Of course, pornography isn't easy to discuss in public (though raging hormones ensured the undivided attention from students). The woman was well-spoken and smartly-dressed. She made utterances about subjects not even the most liberal among us would mention in mixed company. The...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Erotic Notion #27: Supersex 3000

Comic look at futuristic sex: In this age of virtual fucking, it's still possible to fall in love.

Comic look at futuristic sex: In this age of virtual fucking, is it  still possible to fall in love? . . . "This dream was not so much the dream of a perfect woman As a spectre, sick of unbeing, That had taken possession of his body To find herself a life." (Tales From Ovid, tr. Ted Hughes). "What would...Read On