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Sarah's Quest: Chapter Two

Sarah's sexual adventures continue with an alternate lifestyle in unexpected places.

Sarah is a wife and a mother of two. She has begun a search to clarify her sexual identity. In Chapter One, Sarah tested the waters looking at internet adult forums and participated in cyber sex. With a smorgasbord of sexual opportunities to consider , she is ready to embark on more intimate experiences. The next day I decided to raise the bar. I didn't want to participate in more...Read On


Sarah - Part Eighteen

The start of another night of lust

It was a Friday night in the waning days of the March springbreak from school. Sarah had found her new apartment in upstate New York and had an opportunity to meet the people with whom she would be working. In addition, her last school projects, art and photography portfolios, were completed. The only school requirement that remained for Sarah was one small exam, and then graduation. ...Read On


Jake Gets Bolder

Jake has been getting bolder ever since the day he caught me masturbating at work

Jake has been getting bolder since he caught me masturbating at my desk. Nothing prepared me for the day that he delivered my new copy machine to my office. Jake and two other young men came bounding into my office like a freight train. Jake knows my chat friend and I have a standing date. We call it NPW. For those on the outside that stands for no panties Wednesday. I go without panties...Read On


End Of Day One At The Seminar

Kitty and Red wanted more and they sure found it.

We finished day one of our seminar and decided to hit a watering hole in the French Quarter. Kitty and Red hadn’t brought club clothes but man these woman could work with what god gave them. Kitty donned a low cut blouse and her ample bosom was exploding out. She added some glittery powder and her chest sparkled when light hit it. Red, on the other hand, hiked her skirt up and rolled...Read On


She Was His Last Appointment

Her regular massage came with a very hot extra

Em had been going to Phil’s place for a therapeutic massage every week for a year. He was a qualified masseur who worked from his home a short drive away from hers. She always had the five o’clock appointment on Thursdays and knew he always had another regular client that evening at eight. Em’s massages were ninety minutes and she enjoyed them as therapy. Phil really knew what he was doing. ...Read On


Inhibitions, None


It was late in the morning when Lee sat up and felt the cum drool from his anus. His cock grew hard as his thoughts dwelt on the previous evening. Wow! What a night he thought to himself as he slid over the soft black satin sheets. The large love nest glowed in the warm sunlight that poured into the room through huge patio windows. Lee stood up and let the sunlight warm his body. He stretched...Read On


Trip To New Orleans

I hid under the table, spread her legs and feasted upon her pussy.

Kitty and I were sent to a seminar in New Orleans. We had adjoining rooms and planned to sit together during the class. We arranged a time to meet downstairs in the lecture hall and said our good nights. I got up early and gathered my briefcase and travel coffee cup and secured a table near the back of the room. I got some of the free coffee and a banana and sat at our table. I had a...Read On


Licking Pattie's Panties

Slut Wife Pattie visits her lover

Get over here, Patricia. QUICKLY GIRL! Stand in front of me. Let me look at my Slutty Girl. Pull up your skirt, Little Cunt... Pattie, look at me. DON'T look at the floor girl, look at me. You fucked your husband last night, didn't you? You whore. Did you suck your husband's cock? Don't fucking lie to me, Pattie. You did, didn't you? You licked his balls and then you sucked his cock....Read On


Brittany Stevens Office Slut Part 1

Brittany Stevens has a great time at her Job interview.

Brittany Stevens sat down for breakfast and opened the local paper, flicking the pages to the Staff Wanted section. Brittany had not had a job for almost half a year now, and money was starting to run dry. Sure, her parents had helped her with her rent, her car, and pretty much everything else, but they were threatening to cut her off so she decided it was time to find herself some work....Read On


Teen Diaries 9: Santa's Baby

Jenna gets exactly what she wanted for Christmas

My name is Jenna. I'm 16, blonde, and skinny. My family has fallen on some hard times, with my mom losing her job two months ago. I have a 7 year old brother, so we still put on the Santa Claus charade for Christmas. All of the extra money went towards his presents, so I'm not really getting anything this year. But what I want more than anything in the world is an iPad. On Christmas Eve,...Read On


Teen Diaries 10: Fully Submitting

Natasha is willing to do anything Seth wants

I'm Natasha. I'm 17, blonde, skinny, with milky white skin and 34C breasts. I've had a crush on this guy who goes to my dad's gym for a while. More than just a crush, really. I dream about this guy. He's at least six feet tall, blonde, blue eyes, tan skin, and incredibly muscular. He gets me so turned on when I'm on the elliptical and he walks by. It's always super awkward when my dad comes...Read On


Good Girl Gone Bad Part 4

I reach the next level of being a slut

My big, lovely tits (36DD) get me lots of attention, but I've been told I have a nice ass too. At this point in the story I am 21. The love of my life dumped me because I wouldn't marry him. I was left heart broken and alone. That is when I decide to do something I never would have before. After Jim broke up with me I called a man. An older man. A man that I knew wanted me. A man that used...Read On


Winter At Beech Mountain

One of the best true stories on the net!

You won't find guys like me in the phone book. I work off referrals from the women who have been on my table. I'm in the underground world of Erotic Massage. It is a taboo subject among most professional therapists. I was taught many years ago to give my client what ever she desired, within reason. From the journal of an Erotic Massage Therapist: It was mid-winter here in western...Read On


Teen Diaries 8: Making the Team

Megan does what she needs to do to make the cheerleading team

My name is Megan. I'm 17 and go to West Cumberland High. I'm a skinny Asian with a decent figure and I've been trying out for the cheer leading team ever since I was a freshman. I made friends with a lot of the girls on the team so this year I was certain I was going to make it. Auditions were last Friday after school. I dressed like a school girl in a pleated skirt thinking it...Read On


He Asked if She Liked it Naked

Her winter weekend away suddenly got very hot

Em had decided to treat herself to a winter weekend away. Just by herself, somewhere plushly comfortable where she could unwind for a couple of days. She knew of a nice country spa resort a couple of hours away by car, in some pretty mountain country. It offered the opportunity to relax, some lovely views, and nice warming log fires in the restaurant and club lounge. There was nine-hole...Read On