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God Bless Them.. and Thank You

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Love doesn't ask why
It speaks from the heart
And never explains
It can come all at once
Or whisper from a distance
Don't ask me if this feeling's right or wrong
It doesn't have to make much sense
It just has to be this strong
Because when you're in my arms I understand
We don't have a voice
When our hearts make the choices
There's no plan
It's not in our hands
Now I can feel what you're afraid to say
If you give your soul to me
Will you give too much away
But we can't let this moment pass us by
We can't question this chance
Or expect any answers
We can try
So let's takes what we've found
And wrap it around us
Because love doesn't ask why

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I love you
I am who I am because of you
You are every reason
Every hope and every dream
I have ever had
No matter what happens to us
In the future
Every day we have had together
Has been the best day of my life
I will always love you
I will always be yours

20 Jan 2013 12:45

Forget what hurt you in the past. But never forget what it taught you.

If I could be anything but what I am, I would want it tomorrow
If I could be what my father wants me to be, then maybe I could stay for that too
If I could be what you want me to be, I'd want to stay
But I am what I am, and all I want,is freedom