Group Sex(1)


The Forgotten Ski Trip

It’s December again… this chilly month must have affected the relationship between Daniel and Claire

Daniel was thirty-five and his wife Claire was just five years younger. Their sex life hadn't been very exciting these past few months. Most of the time, it just followed the ritual of foreplay, oral sex and intercourse and that was it...fine...but...boring!. They wanted to spice it up by having another couple join them. "But who would gladly accept their offer?" they both asked themselves. ...Read On



Graduation Day

Dad Helped Me Become Valedictorian

"Monica! Monica! What's the meaning of this report card?" I could hear Daddy's shouts from across the hall of our house. He must have seen my red mark on math. There's nothing now to do but toface his disappointed, angry face. "Yes, Daddy. What's the matter?" "Monica! What the hell are you doing in school? You know that this is a very important year for you because it is your senior year....Read On