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I have met some pretty good people since finding Lush but most of all I have found the most amazing man ever, TxKnight. He has taught me how to be a stronger person and has shown me how to be loved and how to love . We have been together over a year now. When he came into my life I was not in a good place but he turned that around by loving me for who I am, he makes me so happy and has made me the person I am today. I love him so very much and can't imagine living a day without him. He is my rock, my love and my best friend. I trust him with my heart to keep it safe and never break it. I belong to him, heart, mind, body and soul.

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08 Dec 2012
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In a Relationship with TxKnight
huntin', fishin', campin', 4wheelin, family, friends, fun....hell just about anything.
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Suspense, true life. Anything but the romance sappy stuff...
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Dean Koontz, Stephen King....too many to list....
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Sixteen Candles, Grease, 8 seconds, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Hairspray...this list goes on and all
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Country, Alternative...about anything...if you cant tell I'm not picky at all.
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Topic: Sleep or Sex?
Posted: 11 Mar 2014 22:36

Sex then sleep then sex again....over and over and over:)

Topic: What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted: 11 Mar 2014 22:33

Talking to my guy right now makes me very happy. He makes me happy and can change my bad moods into good moods because he is amazing like that!

Topic: Happy Birthday TxPrincess
Posted: 10 Mar 2014 15:08

Happy Birthday!
Love Ya Always :)

Topic: Happy Birthday TxPrincess
Posted: 10 Mar 2014 15:08

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
Love Ya Always :)

Topic: If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in ONLY two words?
Posted: 07 Mar 2014 15:24

Think real hard before you make and drastic decisions in your life...

Topic: Flirt Test
Posted: 07 Mar 2014 15:22

80% wow definitely surprised me...Who woulda guessed...

Topic: Are You A Different Person When Drunk?
Posted: 27 Oct 2013 14:57

Definitely a different person when I drink, sometimes it's good other times it's bad...

Topic: Now try your name and see what it is
Posted: 21 Oct 2013 19:17

K: really silly
R: good boyfriend or girlfriend
I: loves to laugh and smile
S: cute
T: very good kisser
A: hot
L: smile to die for

Topic: BDSM 101
Posted: 02 Sep 2013 17:34

BDSM 101 - Answering the ehow

"Gentle" Dominating
·         Push her against the wall/bed/floor/table. Hold down her wrists (above her head, behind her back, by her sides). Lean your weight against her to create the feeling like you are dominating her body. Push your knee between her legs and roughly spread them wide. "Spread wide for me, sweetheart."
·         Manhandle her. Put your hands all over her as if you can't get enough. Grab her breasts, squeeze her ass. Worship her. "God I love this hot/tight ass of yours". "This hot/tight ass of yours is all mine tonight." "You have the hottest/tightest little body ever." "Your body was made to be fucked by me."
·         Kiss her like you need it to breathe. Grab her chin and pull her mouth to yours, plunge your tongue in her mouth.
·         Run your fingers through her hair and pull gently. Tug her hair so that it forces her to look up at you, give her a sexy smirk, and kiss her roughly.
·         Grind your hips against her, let her feel your arousal pressed against her. "Can you feel how hard you make me?" "Fuck, you make me so hard." "I can't wait to shove this into that sweet pussy of yours." "God I need/want to be inside of you."
Getting more aggressive...
·         Light scratching: Use your fingernails and scratch along her back or lightly dig your nails into her ass.
·         Spanking: Slap her ass. Mix it up, don't just spank her a billion times: spank, rub it with the palm of your hand, grip it with your hand, slap it, etc. "I fucking love your tight little ass". "This beautiful ass is all mine...in fact I think I should leave a mark so you'll remember who it belongs toslap".
·         Biting: Bite her nipples, alternate with licking and swirling your tongue around the nipple.
·         Orgasm Denial: "Do you want to cum?", force her to say yes, then "I want to hear you beg for it." She begs. "Louder". She begs some more. "Good girl..." Proceed to make her come. Or tease her some more... "No I don't think I'll let you just yet..."
·         Forced Orgasms: "I want you to cum NOW." "Come for me, baby." Proceed to make her cum after you say these things. After you've made her come, "Have you had enough?...I don't think you have. I want you to come again for me." "I want to feel you soak my fingers/cock/tongue with your delicious juices". "I fucking love making you come, I think I want to do it again..." Make her cum again.
·         Have sex with clothes on. Ideal if she's wearing a dress/skirt - hike up her dress and fuck her like that. If she has pants, rip them off roughly. Move her panties aside (but don't take them off!) and screw her like that. "Look how wet you're making your panties...what a dirty little slut you are."
·         Make her pleasure you. Force her on her knees and suck you off. "Get on your knees now." "You're going to suck me until I'm satisfied." "Suck me with that talented little mouth of yours."

"Consensual Role play"/Light BDSM  - So please, please tread carefully with this section, by "role play" I mean CONSENSUAL with consent, if at any time she says the safe word , STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Pay attention to her body language - if it appears like she is not enjoying something or starting to hesitate, STOP IMMEDIATELY, ask her if everything is okay, MAKE SURE THINGS ARE ACTUALLY OKAY. Again, please DO NOT continue if you have any doubts whatsoever. Constantly monitor her and your actions throughout this - remember your boundaries, STICK TO THEM. If you are interested in these activities, find resources and do your research, consult BDSM subreddits. Please, please play safe!!
·         Gagging: Gag her with a piece of cloth, fuck her with her panties on, take them off, and shove them in her mouth. (Because her mouth will be gagged, you must have a "safe gesture" as a sign to stop if things get too much.) BE SAFE...safe...and safe.
·         Bondage: Buy rope, tape, handcuffs, four-poster bed restraints, etc. OR improvise and substitute with a scarf or belt. Tie up her wrists behind her back (then force her to suck you off), tie her to the bed frame and tease her. Safety point: NEVER leave someone tied up alone in a room (if you need to leave to go to the bathroom or anything like that, make sure you can hear her if she calls out to you. NEVER LEAVE SOMEONE GAGGED AND TIED UP .).
·         Degrade her. Call her a dirty little slut/whore/cunt/bitch. "The only thing you're good for is to be fucked/satisfying me." Make her degrade herself "What are you?" "What are you good for?" "You're my slutty little whore. Say it." If she hesitates, punish her with a slap/spank. "Not fast/quick enough. Let's try again. (Repeat the question/your demand)." If you're satisfied, "Good girl" or "That's better." If not satisfied, punish her until she gets it right. Make her call you "Sir" or "Master". Punish her every time she forgets to refer to you as that.
·         In contrast to degradation: Praise her for satisfying you so well and being your "good little girl/slave". Tell her how pleased you are with her behavior and how good she's pleased you. Reward her.

In BDSM Role play 'The SOUNDS' plays an important part. Let's get to it:

·         Sounds: Moan, whimper, gasp when your man is rough-handling you. Let him hear how turned on he's making you.
·         Beg for it. Vocally: "Oh please" Him: "Please what?" You: "Please, I want you inside me/I want you to fuck me." Gasp/whimper out his name. Body language: show him how desperate you for him, move your hands across his back/chest, put your arms around his neck, press your body tight against his. When you feel his erection, glide your hand down the front of his pants and feel him through it, whisper in his ear: "I want this so badly."
·         Don't let him do all the work: When he's on top, wrap your legs around his back to bring him deeper. If you're not restrained by him, keep your hands on him, run it across his back/chest, through his hair (use light fingernails if he likes that sort of thing).
·         Shy kisses:  I like doing this when my guy is being particularly a bit rough with me. I'll give him gentle kisses, on the mouth, on his cheek, along his neck and collarbone. This feels amazing when he gets more aggressive, it's like the more gentle I try to be with him, the more he'll assert his dominance as if saying "none of that bullshit, I call the shots." So I'll try to kiss him gently, but he'll just grab the back of my head and turn it into an aggressive kiss. Incredibly hot. It's very hard to explain the mentality behind this one, but it's like the more rough he is with me, the more I want to please as if to see if I can get him to be "gentler" when I really want the opposite ;) But it gets me into that nice submissive mindset that I really have no control.
·         Let him dominate you while YOU are on top: Me and my guy like to do a lot of different positions during sex. Often times, he'll just say "Get on top" or "Ride me", and will shove me on him. He places his hands on my hips and controls me by thrusting upwards and shoving me down on his cock. Great position to lean over and moan/whimper in his ear while he's thrusting into you. Other times, he'll make me please him by being on top. "Ride me", then he puts his arms behind his head and smirks up at me, while I do all the work. At this point, show him how desperate you are to please him. This is the time when I really like doing the "shy" kisses cause I can lean over him and kiss him gently on the lips/neck.
·         Being disobedient...on purpose: Sometimes it's no fun being the perfectly obedient little slave...how else am I going to get punished? ;) So often times I will disobey on purpose...I do this by:
1) In BDSM play: Taking too long to obey an order, outright refusing an order ("Please no"), purposely making a mistake (Him: "You're nothing but a dirty little cum-loving slut whose only good for being used. Repeat it." Me: "I'm nothing but a little cum-loving slut whose only good for being used." Him: "You forgot "dirty" "Try again."), not refering to him appropriately (i.e. "Master").
2) In "consensual play": Resisting - try to "fight" him off, struggle. Keep your legs closed tight, this will force him to FORCE them open. Use your hands to push him off - this will make him pin your wrists down. While I'm doing this, I like protesting: "No, please no". "I don't want to, please stop." Him: "Do you think I care what you want? Now shut up, you're here to do what I want."
·         Blowjobs: Suck him off as if there is nothing else you would rather do. Moan while you have his cock buried in your mouth (yes this may be difficult - but is possible when you're just playing with the tip). Use your hands (assuming they are not tied up) and pull his waist to you as if you are desperate to get more of him into your mouth. Do what your guy likes in terms of body language - i.e. if he likes your eyes lowered, keep them lowered, look up only to coyly ask him if you're satisfying him, or if there's anything else you can do to please him.
·         Beg to please him: "Please, I want to suck you off", "Please let me suck you off", "Please, will you cum in my mouth/face/chest/stomach/pussy/ass?"
·         Remind him that he controls your orgasms: Again more begging. "Please let/make me cum." "I need to cum so badly, please master." "I need you to make me cum, please I'll do anything." While saying this, show how desperate you are, rub your wetness against his cock or fingers, spread your legs wide for him.
·         Apologize when you're disobedient: Beg for forgiveness "I'm sorry master. I didn't mean to. I'll do whatever you want, please forgive me." "I won't disobey/forget/struggle next time. Please don't be angry." "I'm sorry master. Please punish me for disobeying. I will be/do better next time."
·         Thank him: Thank him for giving you pleasure/reward. And for letting you please him "Thank you for letting me suck your cock." "Thank you for the pleasure he gave you."

BDSM lifestyle is based on love, trust, respect and consent.

All very good advice. I am always looking for answers to questions and I think you answered everything :)

Topic: How to pick a Master?
Posted: 31 Aug 2013 08:19

What to Look For in a Dom/Master
The skill set required of a dom in a lifestyle D/s relationship is rather different than that for a top in an S&M scene, although there's overlap. The focus of this article is lifestyle doms. (See Relationship Variations article.) Most of these traits are straight out of the best-practices manual for vanilla relationships!

Note: I run the risk of simply summarizing my own style as a dom here. I've tried to look beyond that, and solicited feedback from sub friends.

Honesty and transparency. He answers any question you pose, shares things you should know unprompted, and hides nothing about his life. He's willing to discuss previous relationships in detail, and doesn't blame breakups mostly on the ex-partners.

Has tried kink and craves more. He wants kink for how it makes him feel, not just because you want it. He's not conflicted about it. He enjoys educating himself on the topic, and has kinky friends and/or mentors. (Because it's easier to meet appealing men in ordinary social situations, many sub gals make the mistake of falling for vanilla guys who seem to have dominant attributes. Vanilla boys cannot be converted to doms!)

Vanilla chemistry. You like each other as people, not just as kink providers! He likes you as much as you like him. He doesn't pull you into D/s dynamics until you get familiar with each other. (This can be hard to resist! See D/s Gravity article.)

Compatible life patterns and goals. Some subs, and doms, are more adaptable than others. But in general, chemistry is not enough; you need basic alignment in schedules, habits, needs for solitude & attention/affection & kink/sex, and social patterns (e.g. a social butterfly may not be well-matched to a homebody). Career and family needs and dreams also need to line up, or be adjustable!

Vision and clarity. He has a picture or plan for the future of the relationship. He sees possible paths from the present to that place, and makes the current path clear to his sub. The journey may well alter his vision of the destination, or the route to it.

Emotional sophistication. He's aware of his own feelings and issues, and able to discover and understand yours. He can ask for help when he needs it and lend help when you ask. He's not easily angered or hurt, but will promptly and calmly tell you when he is. He'll call you on your stuff, and allows you to call him on his.

Dedication to self-development. He's constantly working on himself — especially emotional and social skills. He's at peace with who he is, but isn't complacent. He learns from his mistakes. (This trait can fill a lot of gaps if he learns quickly, but it's not a substitute for missing abilities.)

Curiosity and fascination. He's profoundly interested in you, and your dynamics together, and the aspects of himself that you enable him to explore.

Intuition and empathy. He's good at reading you, and eventually predicting your likely responses in key moments. He communicates his insights about you. He has a sense of how you feel, which impacts his own mind-state.

Humility and confidence. He knows his weaknesses and vulnerabilities. He knows his strengths. He takes risks wisely. He doesn't mistake authority for knowledge and understanding. He owns it when he's at fault or has failed.

Sets limits and pushes limits. One point of D/s is redefining both partners' boundaries, emotionally and physically. A dom guides this process, both by setting beneficial restrictions on his partner, and working to dismantle barriers she may have towards him.

Patience and flexibility. He's willing to invest the time and care necessary for a deep relationship. He knows you're not superhuman. He can take "no" for an answer when necessary. He can devise or embrace alternate routes to his objectives.

Appreciation and encouragement. He conveys to you how good he feels with you. He celebrates your talents and accomplishments. He doesn't criticize you unfairly or needlessly. He urges you to pursue your interests, to hone your strengths, to address your weaknesses. (Appreciation can be overdone. A sub should draw greater meaning from acts fulfilling her partner's needs than from praise for performing them.)

Knowledge of the body. He can touch you in an observant way, or a directive one. He learns how to play your body like an instrument. He is aware of his own body. He can sense when either of you needs rest.

Financial stability. He has his own living space. His debt to income ratio is manageable. (Disposable income to spend on fetish gear is nice, but do-it-yourself projects can replicate much of it. Wealth is not essential to happiness, in fact it can get in the way.)

Cares for himself. He's sensible about nutrition, sleep, exercise, grooming, clothes, car, etc.

If you find a gent with all of the above qualities, and he's into you, be willing to bend over backwards and forwards for him daily. He's a rare find!

What's Irrelevant

Looks. How someone feels to you in person — through eyes, voice, energy — is far more important than how statuesque or photogenic he is.

Need for control. Some doms like to supervise a sub closely and often, others do so far less. How dominated a sub feels is not a matter of how often her dom barks orders. Most control freaks don't qualify as doms.

Social and workplace dominance. Romance novels describe heroes who somehow control every situation they encounter. No one does that. Almost all kinky gents are employees of some kind. And anybody is comfortable in certain social situations and less sure of themselves in others.

D/s experience. If a guy hasn't "owned" a sub before, it doesn't mean he's not qualified. Talent and dedication to honing it are more crucial than experience.

Thought this posting could help you out ..

Thanks for the share. This is all good to know and very helpful.

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